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Vintage Treasures Around the World

May 27, 2014

by Mallory McInnis handmade and vintage goods

Most people have had the superpower discussion. You know the one I’m talking about — “If you could have any superpower, what would you chose?” I always wanted to be able to teleport myself anywhere in the world. BOOM! I’m sitting on top of a pyramid. BAM! I’m eating fish and chips on the pier in Brighton.

Take it a step further: what if you could teleport through time? It would make shopping for your home or wardrobe a lot more fun. With Etsy vintage, you can combine teleportation with time travel to go in search of vintage items from around the world, from Iceland to Croatia to Australia. What tchotchkes were popular in Bulgaria in the 1970s? I want to find out! Join me as I explore Etsy vintage by country.

Image 1

[Russia: Children’s book from Old Moscow Vintage; Portugal: Cork coasters from Portuguese Wonders; Metal door handle from RFRStudio; Norway: Brooch by Arne Nordlie from Vetval; Salt and pepper shakers from FarstadS; Ukraine: Wooden frame from Old Time Goods; Floral crown from Over the Sea; Poland: Movie poster by Ian Mlodozeniec from Art Wardrobe; Spain: Shirt from Bless That Dress; Medicine bottle from Lady Pepis; Germany: Barrettes from German Zeitgeist; Sign at Retro Kombinat; Uruguay: Linocut by Gladys Afamado from Carambas Vintage; Turkey: Rotary phone from Ragmanstore]

Image 2

[England: Squeaky policeman toy from Thrifters; China plate from Magpie & Hen; Brazil: Lion sculpture from Prajna Harmony; Hungary: Embroidered pillowcase from Vintagelinenbroidery; Clock from deeeco; Croatia: Doll furniture from TuttoRetro; Iceland: Lava vase from CodDiva; Indonesia: Cat sculpture from Infinity; Japan: Obi from Seleclectic; Kokeshi doll from Styled in Japan]

Image 3

[Switzerland: Swiss chalet dish from Alpine Finds; Rocking horse from Quintessentia; Romania: Tie from Medreana’s Retro Boutique; Thailand: Ring from Old Varieties; Italy: Dress from Skomoroki Vintage Collection; Coffee maker from I Live Vintage; France: Tray from Le French Bazaar; Bag from bOmode; Sweden: Candelabra by Gunnar Ander at wajretro; Patch from Swedish Vintage Curiosity; Uganda: Mask from Nakiirya African Shop; Estonia: Tin box from Two Red Suitcases; Leather folder from EeTeKaVeLL; Finland: Bear bank from Retro and Design; Plates from Petriberry; Czech Republic: Folk costume from Pretty in Prague; Film poster from Viscount Vintage]

Image 4

[Australia: Ceramic lamp base from That Retro Piece; Desk lamp from TriBecas Vintage; Greece: Toy accordion from The Little Biker; Figurine from The Retroscope; India: Wall hanging from Madame Hall; Brass lamp from Phantom Hands; Israel: Candelabra from Cozy Traditions; Postcards from Shlomis Collection; Mexico: Ring from Jewelry of the Borderlands; Bulgaria: Vase from IvanaS Vintage Gallery; Military flashlight from Biby Vintage]


Image 5


[Netherlands: Tray from HuntersKitchen; Puzzle from Tea(cup) Cake; China: Duck pencil sharpener from The Opposite Shop; Canada: Wall art from Pop Bam Vintage; Dog bank from Pour Toujours; Latvia: Pitcher from Soviet Vintage; Doll from Astra9; Lithuania: Matchbox labels from Matchbox Label Store; Clay set from Vintage From USSR;  Peru: Bag from PeruNZ; Belgium: Porcelain set from Eby Glass Etc; Badges from Hippo’s Dream; Denmark: Wall plaque from Vintage Danish Design; Pendant from Old and Cold]

If you suddenly had a teleporter or time travel machine, where and when would you go shopping?

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