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Vintage Finds and Indie Lines

Feb 20, 2013

by sovereignstyle handmade and vintage goods

Mariah Golden Palmer is the creator of Everything Golden, a blog about independently crafted style, design, art, wild places and animals, and anything that inspires. A nature lover to the core, she’s happy at home in Bozeman, Montana, with her laser physicist husband and a smarty-pants border collie. Check out her blog for more style inspiration, DIY art and craft projects, and other creative wanderings.

I am constantly searching for beautiful, functional things. To me, beauty is deeper than simply a visual quality — it comes from history and creative process. Whether it is a serendipitous vintage find that allows me to imagine another time and space, or a treasure created by a soulful maker with a story I connect to and am inspired by, here is where the joy lies. The endless discoveries of vintage gems and independent makers is what makes Etsy one of my greatest loves.

I’ve compiled some looks with this inspiration and philosophy in mind.

[1. Tank from barkdecor; 2. Necklace from BoutiqueMinimaliste; 3. Skirt from MardyStark; 4. Boots from VintageUrbanRenewal; 5. Scarf from russkk; 6. Hat from RabbitHouseVintage; 7. Blazer from mituvintage; 8. Bag from 86Vintage.]

A classic, vintage black blazer is a great staple; add artsy elements and earthy textures for extra personality.

[1. Dining table from HedgeHouse; 2. Cactus illustration from Ocean Swept; 3. Herb drying rack from lessandmore; 4. Plant hanger from HRUSKAA; 5. Chair from sweetmodernseat; 6. Birch lamp from urbanplusforest; 7. Pillow from sukan; 8. Rug from ffogshop; 9. Ceramic cellars from RossLab; 10. Soap from Herbivore Botanicals.]

Furniture made with integrity, by real craftspeople, allows you to feel proud of your purchase. Thoughtfully select vintage accessories and handmade goods that really speak to you, and your home evolves into a beautiful expression of yourself and your family.

[ 1. Camera from Just Like New; 2. Scarf from KarinaManarin; 3. Bag from sketchbook; 4. Hydrate skin toner from Herbivore Botanicals; 5. Travel Soap from Herbivore Botanicals; 6. Sunglasses from BodiGlasses7. Hat from abbeysccessories; 8. Journal from Heyer Designs; 9. Map from GraceArchives; 10. Watercolor from JustSmashingDarling.]

You have a heartfelt home and a shining sense of style, now fuel your adventurous spirit and take your style on the road!

Do you ever dream of purchasing your entire favorites library? That would be the ultimate shopping spree, wouldn’t it?

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2 Featured Comments

  • WoodlandCottage

    WoodlandCottage from WoodlandCottage said 7 years ago Featured

    Thank you for sharing finds that show such a deep respect for the past and for nature, as well. I am fascinated by the thread that weaves its way through time and through objects--objects that were once loved and valued by someone before us, creating a deep connection to us. So often these days, such items are discarded because they don't "fit in" with a certain lifestyle, a certain look or a certain image we wish to project to others. You, however, obviously appreciate this connectedness. Thank you so much!

  • NinaRaizel

    Nina from NinaRaizel said 7 years ago Featured

    Lovely picks. Your collection reminds me of a walk on a beach in uncharted territory. You never know what you're going to come across!


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