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Untying the Knot: Macramé Then and Now

Oct 24, 2012

by Lisa Butterworth handmade and vintage goods

I have an affinity for all things ’70s. But amidst the heaps of olive green Pyrex, orange enamel fondue pots, and trippy floral-printed everything is a particular type of item that smacks of the era more than any other: macramé. As a child growing up in the ’80s, the textile-craft created by knotting twine, cord, or hemp — often in the form of hanging plant holders and intricate wall hangings — was already a vestige of a past era, mostly relegated to reruns of Three’s Company and my aunt’s outdated living room decor. As far as I knew, it was something uniquely ’70s, but as it turns out, macramé was around long before. In fact, this textile art has a rich and varied history that involved ancient weavers, crafty sailors, and lace-loving Victorians before it made a pop culture comeback in the days of Chrissy, Jack, and Janet.

Even better, sometime between then and now, macramé became cool again, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Home design bloggers are posting about their vintage macramé finds, crafters are creating knotted DIYs, and a few contemporary artists are even taking the technique to the galleries.

Andy Harman

Artist Andy Harman’s take on the iconic macrame owl, on a grand scale.

But to understand where macramé is, let’s take a look at where it’s come from. According to The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework, the word itself is derivative of the Arabic term migramah, meaning ornamental fringes and braids. Back in the 13th century, Middle Eastern weavers were knotting “the excess thread and yarn along the edges of hand-loomed fabrics into decorative fringes on bath towels, shawls, and veils,” according to Reader’s Digest Crafts & Hobbies. Following the Moorish Conquest, the technique made its way to Spain and was introduced to England by the 17th century. That’s where British sailors picked up the practice, and according to Mod Knots: Creating Jewelry and Accessories with Macrame, helped spread macramé around the world. It makes sense that knotting would appeal to a sailor, and they supposedly made belts, knife handle covers, and even hammocks.


Antique piece of sailor’s macramé; ca. 1800s-1900s.

Not only was macramé popular with the seafaring men of the era, but Victorian ladies were also all about the knotting, particularly since macramé provided a cheap and easy way to make lace. In the 1882 tome Sylvia’s Book of Macrame Lace, the author purports that “materials are inexpensive, and the lace lasts almost for ever [sic].” She goes on to say that the craft “can be unhesitatingly recommended as a pleasant occupation and pastime” while touting the refreshing lack of materials needed: “not even a thimble and needle are wanted to produce the charming effects of our macramé work.” Lace trimmings adorned nearly every dress, curtain, and pillow, and macramé parasols were all the rage. But shortly after the art form went dormant until the 1970s, when it was revived with a boho vibe by the decade’s hippies eventually making its way into nearly every home in America.

These days, macramé has returned to a place of clout thanks to design-savvy bloggers with impeccable taste, whose stunning photos make knotted décor items seem like a necessary addition. (I’m talkin’ about you, The Brick House!). Vintage macramé wall-hangings and plant holders are the perfect accents for the mid-century modern aesthetic, adding just the right amount of earthiness without feeling retro or kitschy. Throw a succulent in a hanging macramé plant holder and you’ve got instant desert chic.

While vintage macramé finds are being touted around the blogosphere, plenty of artists and crafters are updating the ancient technique. At the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs, CA, interior designer Michael Schmidt created an impressive macramé installation in the lobby — a decorative hanging curtain of knotted rope. Michigan-based fiber artist Sally England creates gorgeous wall hangings, room dividers, plant holders, and even lampshades that look as natural in a gallery as they do in a home. Australian designer Sarah Parkes is also getting attention with her modern take on macramé housewares and jewelry under the name Smalltown. Etsy, of course, touts some pretty fantastic contemporary macramé as well. Kitiya Palaskas adds pops of neon to her knot work to make it feel fresh, and the simple, natural pieces designed by Emma Radke are stunning — I’m completely in love with this hammock, but her delicate garlands are perfect for a more subtle touch.

If you feel like getting knotty yourself, you’re in luck. The simple side of the macramé spectrum is relatively easy to learn (generally all you need is some twine or cord and a desire to tie it up!) and there are some awesome DIY projects you can try. Heather Moore (better known as Skinny laMinx) has a tutorial for a lovely hanging garden, and Honestly…WTF’s take on a macrame bracelet moves the art form out of the ’70s and puts it squarely in the here and now — right where I like it.

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  • WhisperingOak

    Quality Handmade Items from WhisperingOak said 6 years ago Featured

    Macrame is a beautiful craft. I love to see the way it lends itself to be formed into differenet shapes and uses

  • ButterflyMoon

    Jennifer Robison from TheHempButterfly said 6 years ago Featured

    Great article. I am also a macrame artist. Macrame is funky, fun and fashionable. Recently saw some dresses on the runway. I'm loving that people can see how versatile it is.

  • ebkriley

    EBK Riley from DeeAndFee said 6 years ago Featured

    I am of the generation that learned macrame in art class at middle school, so I loved this piece. I still use a lot of the knotting and beading skills I learned back then in my work now. I guess, for me, macrame was a "gateway" craft! Thanks for the post.


  • twolefthands

    twolefthands from TwoLeftHands said 6 years ago

    Macrame is a facinating craft, I did it myself in the 70's. I have two of Paula and Marianna's (macraMe) fabulous owls and I love them dearly!

  • alittlelessmundane

    JoAnn from BookstoreCafe said 6 years ago

    Great article!

  • SYTJewelry

    ElleJay from SYTJewelry said 6 years ago

    By the time I graduated from college in '77, the macrame crafting trend was pretty much over. Some of my dorm mates did macrame, though, and none of us mistakenly believed that the craft was a brand new revolutionary 70s thing.

  • stmb

    Evan and Steph from MyrtleBrown said 6 years ago

    Macrame and Three's Company totally go together in my head too! How fun- great article. Thanks

  • GracefullyGirly

    Kimberlee from GracefullyGirly said 6 years ago

    This brings back memories of my mom making macrame to hang plants and I'm sure she made other things that I just don't remember any more. I loved learning the craft as a child! It was so fun and creative. It required some forethought to where you placed the knots so the piece could be functional, so it was a great challenge too.

  • volkerwandering

    Jess from volkerwandering said 6 years ago

    My macrame purse is so sturdy and goes with everything! Love it!

  • Leatherworks4U

    Leatherworks4U from Leatherworks4U said 6 years ago

    I used to do this and enjoyed it. I wonder what happened to all of my pattern books??? I may have to dig them out again! Thanks for the nostalgia!

  • CraftyWoolFelt

    Claudia from CraftyWoolFelt said 6 years ago

    Love this article... and I was very happy to see ~ macraME~ in the front page!! I love your work ♥♥

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  • Jashme

    Jen Tracy from JenTheTracy said 6 years ago

    My grandmother's house is covered in Macrame plant holders. As a child I always loved them. I am so excited this stunning craft is making a come back!

  • mattyhandmadecrafts

    Matejka Max from NattyMatty said 6 years ago


  • dizhasneatstuff

    deb fearon from dizhasneatstuff said 6 years ago

    My macrame wall sampler got an A in art class . 1974!

  • WhisperingOak

    Quality Handmade Items from WhisperingOak said 6 years ago Featured

    Macrame is a beautiful craft. I love to see the way it lends itself to be formed into differenet shapes and uses

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie said 6 years ago

    This craft is so beautiful!

  • regiooaksartist

    Regina from regiooaksartist said 6 years ago

    WOW..I am one that did it in the 70's and still do to this day. It is something that your fingers can do and your mind can either relax or wander off. Great article.

  • tammyann343

    Tammy from TammyannsTrinkets said 6 years ago

    I sell vintage and see a lot at auctions. I am glad they are coming back. :)

  • ThePolkadotMagpie

    Polkadot Magpie from ThePolkadotMagpie said 6 years ago

    Andy's owl is epic!

  • savoirfairehats

    Ann McMahon from savoirfairehats said 6 years ago

    Well THAT was fun!

  • cindyjune10

    Cindy Hanson from VintageVarietyValues said 6 years ago

    Loved this article and comments! I, too, made tons of macrame items in the 70's. Every room in my apartment had a large cup hook some where so I could hook up and work wherever I was!

  • Motleycouture

    Motleycouture from Motleycouture said 6 years ago

    Very creative! Love macrame items!

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    Tom's Grossmami from tomsgrossmami said 6 years ago

    I forgot about macrame. Thanks for remembering me :)

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    Vanda Fashion from VandaFashion said 6 years ago

    I love Owls!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  • HandmadeHandsome

    Tryntsje from HandmadeHandsome said 6 years ago

    This is great. I used to macrame in the seventies as a girl and it's lovely to see it back in old and new versions. I love the neon colors and the owl is cute.

  • macraMe

    Ana Paula from macraMe said 6 years ago

    How nice is to find our owl illustrating this very interesting post about macrame. We wonder why macrame isn't in any category in Etsy! It is really nice too find comments of our wonderful Etsyfriends telling such lovely things! Thank you very much Liza and thank you dear friends! xoxo Mariana and Paula

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    what a timely article (for me anyway). i've been testing some macrame designs to include in my 2013 Summer collection. thanks for sharing!

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    Nice!!! Love the Bold Macrame Hanging Plants Designs!!

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    It looks so complicated to me- I'm intrigued now that you say it is not so hard to learn...

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    I liked this article, and all the samples you chose were wonderful. Using the quote about, “not even a thimble and needle are wanted " hit a cord with me. Macrame is simple and affordable. Nice work.

  • BambuEarth

    Amber from BambuEarth said 6 years ago

    You just brought me back. I used to do macrame. Love this post, and I'm really in ♥ with the plant hangars!

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    Gina from ArigigiPixel said 6 years ago

    lovely crafts, and great photo from macraMe

  • rivahside

    rivahside said 6 years ago

    I did not realize macrame had been around so long. I never made anything using the technique but was given 2 items, in the mid 1970's, by my progressive-thinking great aunt. One was a choker/necklace that was about 12 inches long and the other was a matching purse with straps so long the purse itself hung below my hip. The fringe on the purse hung to my knees. The workmanship was beautiful and she used a very expensive rope with a sheen to it to make them a little dressier. Though I appreciated the time and effort put into making them, I thought they were hideous.

  • kmaskreations

    kmaskreations from kmaskreations said 6 years ago

    Love this article and have always loved macrame but never had a chance to do it. I was in my 20s in the 70s and thought it was a beautiful art with unlimited possibilities. It's time to try it. Thanks for sharing :)

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    I love macrame! I am amazed at that grand scale macrame owl .........thanks for sharing the story of my craft of choice! Keep on tyin knots!

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    What a cool technique!

  • CaliforniaSweetPeas

    CaliforniaSweetPeas from CaliforniaSweetPeas said 6 years ago

    I LoVed making macrame plant hangers as well as bracelets and necklaces in the 70's!! I had a cool book which I learned from and I am so glad macrame is making its well deserved comeback : )

  • silke5763

    Silke Jordan from howcroftjordanwork said 6 years ago

    GREAT article - brings all my child memories back . Thanks !!!!

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    Nice, great article, I did it myself in the 70's!

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    I have a great vintage seafoam bag that I totally love glad to hear it is actually making a comeback and I don't just look crazy using it.

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    Lisa LaConfiseuse from PamplemousseSucre said 6 years ago

    My mom did macrame ~ and we had a macrame owl in the house growing up...this was awesome, brought back memories! :D

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    That owl is HUGE! Very cool.

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    Great article.. .we welcome it back with a NEW twist.

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    Hui Boon Khor from HuiBs said 6 years ago

    Remember friendship bands? ..... Macramé! Used to sell those when I was in high school to 'enhance' my allowance and my friends bring it up every reunion! My yearbook would have said - Most likely to set up an Etsy store - if there was an Etsy then;)

  • Ellareki

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    i have amazing vintage macrame plant holders throughout my house. i love the bright updated colors in this article. and using them to hold mason jars is a great idea too :)

  • SoftForest

    Betty Heppner from SoftForest said 6 years ago

    My dad used to do MaCRAme emphasis on the second syllable, during WW11 when he was in England. He made string shopping bags for spare change. He taught me in the 60's. Thank you for the arabic word for it, I always wondered why he pronounce it with the accent on the second syllable and not the first as it was in the 70's! I haven't done any in years now!

  • FunkyJunkyVintage

    FunkyJunkyVintage from FunkyJunkyVintage said 6 years ago

    I really hope that my multiple posts in the forums about adding macrame as a search category will be taken to heart. My first shop on Etsy was macrame based, and while gathering lots of comments and "hearts", it did not do very well as per sales. So, I've merged my macrame into my vintage shop and have sold a few pre-made and I've been lucky to have had many custom order requests. but it's still frustrating to go to list and not find much in the way of choices as how to categorize things. Is it art? Housewares? Home decor? I've listed my things under all 3. Thankfully, people have found me. I really love the craft, I'm aware of my parameters and somewhat stick to the designs that come out of my head (i.e. no huge light installations, wall hangings, etc.) and the process is very therapeutic. Now, if I can just get those wrinkles out of my backdrops....

  • TinasBeadMind

    Tina Francis from TinasBeadMind said 6 years ago

    Fascinating article. Back in the 70's I made macrame beaded necklaces and I'm sad to say that I sold almost every one of them and only have two left. I get compliments on them whenever I wear them and there are some very talented jewelry artists today who make beautiful macrame jewelry. I'm sure there are some right here on Etsy. I love the pieces in your photographs and can't wait until I have time to visit the shops you have mentions. Perhaps I'll try my hand at it again. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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  • SteampunkRelics

    Kevin Cooper from SteampunkRelics said 6 years ago

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    BrightFireBeads from BrightFireBeads said 6 years ago

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    Nicely written article! Late 70's child here, so got my share of the era. There was a long time I honestly detested brown (the sofa had that colour), but now it's one of my go-to colours. Macramé was mostly around on the balcony as a pot thingy, I got a book on the subject and have been on the fence for a decade or so - should I learn the craft or not? I always associated it to the beige stuff, but this is mind-blowing really. I see some macramé in my future, me thinks!

  • smithmeme

    Meme Smith said 6 years ago

    Andy you are one seriously talented guy. Being able to do not only Macrame, upholstering ie the burger etc and jewellery your skills are wide based. I love them all but I must say my personal favourites are the owls and the bangles. Love, love, love your work. Judy

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  • ButterflyMoon

    Jennifer Robison from TheHempButterfly said 6 years ago Featured

    Great article. I am also a macrame artist. Macrame is funky, fun and fashionable. Recently saw some dresses on the runway. I'm loving that people can see how versatile it is.

  • ebkriley

    EBK Riley from DeeAndFee said 6 years ago Featured

    I am of the generation that learned macrame in art class at middle school, so I loved this piece. I still use a lot of the knotting and beading skills I learned back then in my work now. I guess, for me, macrame was a "gateway" craft! Thanks for the post.

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    As someone who thinks a little bad taste can be a good thing, I will definitely be giving this a try!


    Clarice Booth from RECCIEatETSY said 6 years ago

    Absolutely love the hugh owl! I have always liked macrame. I remember my sister constantly macraming . She kept a hook at the top of a door frame in her livingroom with her latest project hanging from it. I still have macramed side table she created in the 70's in a bright burnt orange.

  • Cumba

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    Very nice article on macrame. I macramed long ago and love that I can do it again with all the great beads, cords, etc.and I especially love seeing great macrame artisians on Etsy.

  • Knotgypsy

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    Or how about another new trend in macrame - micro macrame beaded jewelry? Here are two of several shops now exploring this version of macrame: My shop: And another shop:

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  • Vanthia

    Vanthia said 6 years ago

    my mom did macrame back in the 70s, but passed a love of it down to me... and I still do it though I think a large number of women might be surprised to learn that they actually already know some macrame - girls of my generation, especially fellow girl scouts, were making friendship bracelets all the time (especially me), and it took me a few years to find out that that was actually macrame. all those fancy patterns for doing friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss - macrame. (at least all the ones I have are, and I collected as many free patterns from the embroidery floss display as I could back then) also, you mention lace in the article, and since I just started learning it I've gotta say - tatting is essentially macrame's other half. there are some techniques unique to it, but it doesn't have the variety of knots that macrame does (and macrame is the opposite - it has more knots, but is missing certain construction techniques from tatting).. knowing both I can't help but think they just go together and are the same thing but somehow got split in half over the centuries (maybe due to some of the disconnect between women making lace and sailors making things out of rope?)

  • Vanthia

    Vanthia said 6 years ago

    I apologize for the blob of text...apparently the comment editor doesn't acknowledge line breaks (or at least they're not showing up for me in the comment I just made). was supposed to be three paragraphs, so if a few sentences seem like they blend together, that would be why.


    LaECLECTICa from Laeclectica said 6 years ago

    I love buying macrame pieces, but admit it seems very overwhelming to try and learn the craft. My hats off to macrame artists, great post!

  • zizolabel

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    Wow, look get the Macrame detail. So, brilliant. Love the bag and owl. Is gorgeous:) Double like it;-)

  • SewSimplyFresh

    Kim Opoku-Ansah from StitchLightly said 6 years ago

    Beautiful. Those who can do this amazing craft are very talented!

  • suncitydesigns

    Lynn Walburg from SunCityDesigns said 6 years ago

    I have always loved macramé. Great article.

  • bohemiancat

    Linda from Bluebohemia said 6 years ago

    I enjoyed reading. In the 70s I made macrame items and sold them and used them myself! This inspires me to give it another try. Thanks for the article.

  • VintageLoot

    Jennifer Johnson from VintageLoot said 6 years ago

    My Mom was really into that. Good times. I have to say, some of it was hideous. Love the new neons!

  • deannaphonehome

    Deanna Johnson from LoveYourVision said 4 years ago

    Love that macrame is coming back. Seeing updated versions of the same plant hangers and bracelets that my mom used to make, is giving me huge inspiration for the bracelets that I make. So excited to try some new ideas!

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