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UK Style: The Boudoir Beckons

Mar 1, 2010

by AmityUK handmade and vintage goods

I know I’m getting into dangerous style-crush territory when a trend makes my heart beat a little faster. This spring’s lingerie-inspired fashion has done exactly that and I sense I’m in trouble.

As someone who’s recently had a trial run with this style (all in the name of research, you understand), fear not! You don’t have to go all out in Superman pants-on-top-of-leggings mode. Unless you feel particularly daring of course. The easiest ways to wear underwear as outerwear is either layered up with fine knits or in small doses as demonstrated by the flickrites and bloggers below.

This week’s mashup of high fashion and indie style takes a smidge of inspiration from Jean Paul Gaultier‘s infamous cone-bra corsetry ensembles for Madonna on her Blonde Ambition Tour. However, gone is the angular, power-dressing of the 80s — pastel colours, softer fabrics and and flowing shapes take the look to new heights of femininity.

Photos via Elle

First thing’s first, the main man himself, Jean Paul Gaultier. His ingenious combo of military and lingerie styling in tempered, earthy tones is enough to induce the equivalent of a couture sugar coma. Mmmmhh dungarees.

It’s not often you see maternity wear on the catwalk (far right); if that isn’t a celebration of the female form then I don’t know what is.

Military girly open bra corset with braces

By freyagushi, $260.

Green with Envy dress

By attiladesign, $435.

Brown and Silver Silk Tie Front Top

By TheSparklingCocktail, $136.

Short Hip Overbust Corset

By electradesigns, $399.


Photo via The Sartorialist

Straight from the streets of Sydney, Australia, this adorable outfit combines vintage lingerie with a complementary pastel tee. Utterly irresistible and oh so relaxed. I’m also thrilled to see that my tough-girl ankle boots aren’t being banished to the recesses of my wardrobe till next winter just yet. They offset the gentleness of this look in just the right way.

dark pink peach slip

From gimmeNICOLE, $7.

Bloomin’ Bloomers

From SewCharmed, $47.

Vintage Grunge Ankle Boots

From MissShapes, $32.

Lace T-shirt Blue

By HandnShadow, $36.


Photos via Elle

House Of Holland layer up lace in bolder colours than most this spring, proving you can hold onto a little punk if you’re not a girly-girl (or a girly-boy, for that matter).

Vintage ELECTRIC blue LACE tank

From mapetiteamy, $16.

Mens Stretch Lace Body Shirt

By mangelamode, $45.

Fishnet Stockings

By GlorybyJeannieLee, $110.

Thigh High Lace Up Leg Warmers

By Sannica, $150.

Photos via Kingdom Of Style

Brit blogger, Queen Marie of Kingdom Of Style, provides exciting inspiration for two very different looks here. Left, she wears thigh-high garters from our very own SWANclothing, and right in a hot pink bodysuit from Lascivious. What did I mention about being daring?


By SWANclothing, $35.

Nude Lace Bodysuit

By MeowKikiClothing, $95.

  Metallic Elephant Tank Top

By newyorkcouture, $75.

Suspender Cage Garter Belt in Pink

By ClareBare, $40.

Photos via Elle

Vanessa Bruno champions sheer fabrics, fringing and a couple of little somethings known as “kneeings.” I’ve been a legging addict for years now and have a penchant for lacy little socks and leg warmers, so I can’t wait to try these babies out with a pair of denim shorts and a strappy cami.

Creamy kneeings

By fannyalioli, $49.

NEELY Tap Pant

By BoudoirQueen, $225.

Cashmere Cotton Waist Corset

By yearofthegoat, $78.


By artlab, $235.

Photo via kamicha73 on Flickr

Helsinki knitter and Yarned blogger, Jaana, is almost too chic for words. I’m loving the harem trousers teamed with the sexy bodice, structured jacket and killer boots. She’s one half Gautier perfume bottle and one half Marlene Dietrich.

Bow Landlubber TShirt

By isabelamyo, $70.

Costume Top Hat

By topsyturvydesign, $229.

dusty harem jodhpurs

From katemdot, $55.

hourglass valentines corset

By TeaAndCorsets, $175.

Photos via Elle

Let’s not forget lounge-wear while we’re on the topic of lingerie. Also known as pyjamas, but that’s not nearly as romantic now, is it? If you’re after satiny-smooth Hollywood glamour with a good dose of class, then Christian Dior is your springtime muse.

The Satine Dress

By gaudycouture, $130.

So Beautiful

From TavinShop, $850.

Parisian Princess

By clairelafaye, $765.

Truffles and Ruffles Knickers

By littlesisterlucy, $36.

Photo via Style Bubble

Once again I can’t help but go a little squealy over UK blogger Susie Bubble’s masterful ability to put a fashionable, yet 100% individual, outfit together. It’s the colours that really do it for me. I actually hadn’t quite got to grips with last season’s tie-dye fetish, so I’m more than willing to give it a second chance having been well and truly educated.

Blue Tie Dyed Slip Dress

By southernwriter, $20.

vintage happy rainbow flats

From drinkingtea, $75.

Lilac stocking with a cute bow

By yaaranetzer, $32.

Tie Dye Fringe Necklace

By Aragonltd, $80.

Lingerie on Etsy | Style Posts | The UK Edition


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