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UK Finds: Moving Stationery With Daniel Nelson of mydeco

Dec 17, 2010

by AmityUK

Those with a passion for interior design and furniture might already be familiar with, a British home design website, which also launched a U.S. site earlier this year. Daniel Nelson is mydeco’s Social Media Manager and he also writes for the mydeco blog. He has a huge interest in strong, graphic images and typography, which he reports to find in abundance on Etsy!

Ever since I was young I have kept a box of things that inspire me. Objects that caught my eye and went into the “keep that forever” treasure chest. It annoys my partner who regards it as clutter, but these are really sacred in a funny way. They are memories and they spark something in my mind that might have otherwise never resurfaced.

So finding these items is a joy and a task, but I have tuned my eye to only seek out items that are really and truly going to continue to make me smile. It has taken quite a few years but I know that I am a sucker for typographic prints and objects; the letters are so inviting to read. Twin this with some bold blocks of colour and I am there hook, line and sinker.

Show me an Olivetti Valentine typewriter and I am anybody’s. This typewriter greeting card by ILovePaperHeart would be the perfect thing to live in my box of things. Far too precious to send to anyone, far too precious to leave lying about. Quick, tuck it in the box.

You don’t have to spend much time around me before I utter the words present and correct, and I love their Homework leather pencil case. These guys are doing a fab job of bringing anal retention to my life.

These scrabble tile magnets by ColletteAtHome are a great gift for the fridge or a partner — they work in both situations! Genius idea and would leave me grinning.

A little brutalist architecture can always be softened with a red sky, dontcha think? These London Urban Cards by minimonos are a bit of a bargain if you ask me, and are definitely going in the box.

Having served the masterful Dieter Rams for so many years, this iPhone case by CrankCases is nerdy enough to grab my attention. I’ll be the envy of everyone.

This pencil case by handmadeinhighbury is Cute with a capital C. So simple, so stylish, so very me.

Yes, I am the person who tries to place a wine glass perfectly in the centre of a gingham tablecloth square. Shoot me now. These desk mapping stickers from vicf will save me from my own strange-ways.

I love an old-school ruler on my desk and now I can wear this pin by lucie0ellen on my jacket too. Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

Who wouldn’t like a poster with the words “Gin” and “More Gin” written on them in cute hand-written text? Love this print by StandardDesigns, and I do think it would be useful to have a key for expletives!

And what Social Media Manager would be without this Twitter card by AllHandsOnDeck? Digitally printed (of course) for socialites like us to tweet, tweet.

Many thanks to Daniel for sharing these great picks! You can also check out his personal blog, Atelier Tally.

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