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UK Edition: Trends With Dan Hasby-Oliver of Last Style of Defense

May 5, 2010

by AmityUK

Dan Hasby-Oliver is a fashion journalist and the voice behind Last Style of Defense — the men’s fashion blog at the fore of the hottest products, fashion news and commentary from London and around the world. He was selected by UK’s Grazia Magazine as the “Style Star of the Future Fashion Front Row” last month for his fashion blogging and also writes for women’s publication The Glass Magazine and men’s fashion website Adones.

There are many trends for Spring/Summer 2010, such as denim, military and asymmetric, for both men and women to embrace. However, one particular trend I have adopted is an unofficial one — the “no trend” trend. 

Last month, Coachella, a music festival in California, came to a close but it sparked the festival-wear season and focused the world’s fashion press onto modern style icons and celebrities at Indio, 156 miles from Hollywood. While many retailers are now promoting their frayed denim shorts, on-trend checked shirts, Wayfarer-esque sunglasses,and plimp-sole shoes, there was nothing as styled as those at Coachella. 
California, in particular Los Angeles and Orange County, has long been associated with artists and musicians, not just actors and Hollywood glamour. Places like Laguna Beach are a haven for fashion-forward artists, and Los Angeles is one of the only cities in the world to have a dedicated fashion district, abound with fashionistas that have come to rival London’s. 
The “no-trend” aesthetic shines through and speaks volumes to me, more so than any look with an expensive price tag from somewhere between Bond Street and Rodeo Drive. I embrace the carefree, effortless style. Shying away from the popularity of catwalk trends, it is a reflection of the fun-spirited attitude of the Californian youth, which is rising up to be a trend in its own right.
This ideology is in the same spirit of Etsy, where there is a creative drive against the popular, mass-produced pieces that are dictated by mainstream trends. Ironically, whilst great time and skill has been put into thousands of items on Etsy, this look requires no time or no skill, just a great sense of self. But sometimes we all need a bit of guidance from the fashion bibles and below are my picks from Etsy that I not only love and would wear, but I hope you would to. Just remember — don’t try too hard and embrace that Californian spirit before the summer is out.  

I like a touch of the abstract in art, in design and most importantly, in fashion. The scientific print on this Ink Blot T-shirt reminds me of going to the opticians when I was younger, but it’s a great piece and will attract a lot of attention. Remember, very few people will have one of these — now that’s the whole basis of individuality of the “no-trend” look. By nonfictiontees, $20.

Pieces that feature detailing for those “in the know” are pieces worth having. Dior Homme, under Hedi Slimane, had two horizontal seams just blow the shoulders on his T-shirts, jumpers, shirts and hoodies, rendering them instantly recognizable. This very relaxed Tank Top has a great little saying in Spanish: “I’ll never leave you. And if you’re sad, I can get you drunk.” By CubistLiterature, $25.

Jean Paul Gaultier showed a selection of T-shirts for his A/W10 collection that were printed as exposed torsos, complete with organs and bones. This T-shirt echoes that trend, but I would customize it into a deep-v vest by cutting away the collar and snipping off the sleeves with quite deep sides. By timburps, $22.


Denim has been seen on every fashionista in single, double and triple layers but denim’s popularity started on the street. Jeans are an item I cannot live without and this pair are a classic slim shape that flatter and will never age. Don’t mess around with jeans by over-customizing with embellishment and faux-rips — let it happen naturally through wear and washing. By whodinihandmade, $149.

Ignoring what I just said about messing around with denim, these Bleach Dyed Shorts are incredible and totally individual. They would not be out of place in London’s achingly cool East End, in West Hollywood, or in my wardrobe. The “in the know” detail of the Ohio State embroidery on the back pocket makes these extra special. By THEBRUSHFACTORY, $68.

This colourful jumper is an essential item for me. It’s fun, carefree and the abstract, asymmetric design makes it that little bit more individual. This is an incredibly visionary, fashion-forward shop that encapsulates everything that is great about Williamsburg in New York — another vibrant place. By ruffeoheartslilsnotty, $75.

PIGEON hoodie really stood out as it is something I have never seen before… anywhere. It incorporates the dye-dye trend of last summer, which will be seen again this season. That alone represents the carefree attitude of the 1960s and music festivals such as Woodstock and Glastonbury. By CloudbringsRainbows, $150.51.

Monochrome may be one of the key catwalk trends for Autumn/Winter 2010, but it’s the simple yet stylized aesthetic of this hoodie that makes it a hit. Great detailing such as the colourful lining and semi-cowl neck gives this piece an added edge. By replicca, $70.

Espadrilles like these are one of my essential items of footwear for summer. As an added bonus, this shop uses 100% sustainable materials. From barrostyle1, $15.99.

Flip-flops and sandals are my number one essential footwear items for summer, and I have several Marc by Marc Jacobs pairs at around £10/$20 each. These Maori Sandals‘s wrap-strap cross over detail gives them individuality and the quality is incredible. From TreadLightGear, $75.

Belts serve two purposes — to hold your trousers up and to make your waist wear look great. This Classic Leather Belt is so stylized and is neither casual nor formal. It is what it is, and it completes the “no trend” look timelessly. By Grey56Leather, $90.

Jewellery is about adorning the body to communicate a message. Diamonds suggest wealth, pearls suggest class, and these cuffs suggest you are switched on stylistically, yet above making an overblown statement. There’s something special about them that suggest a rugged, carefree persona. This entire shop has some really great pieces that are worth a closer look. By bombshellbettsyshop, $24.

Many thanks to Dan for sharing his on-trend, “no trend” Etsy picks with us!

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NEW caged on black aqua large
NEW caged on black aqua large
SPANISH LOVE AND ALCOHOL (grey tank top) (adult medium)
SPANISH LOVE AND ALCOHOL (grey tank top) (adult medium)
White and Grey Man Hoodie \/ by Replicca \/ size Medium
White and Grey Man Hoodie \/ by Replicca \/ size Medium
Help the Planet with our Alpargata.The cool ECO-FRIENDLY shoes...
Help the Planet with our Alpargata.The cool ECO-FRIENDLY shoes...


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  • SewnNatural

    SewnNatural said 7 years ago

    the replicca hoodie is fantastic, and i love your suggestion about wearing in jeans naturally.

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    Visited the LSoD blog and enjoyed looking at what the guys are wearing. Your Etsy picks are just as enjoyable as the blog.

  • breadandroses2

    breadandroses2 said 7 years ago

    Interesting picks. Great to see more men's fashion. That's an embroidered state of Ohio on the back pocket of the bleach dyed shorts, not Iowa, btw.

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    I am all for the "no trend" trend! I have never been one to follow trends and I am proud of my randomness lol! Great post!

  • JoshUrsoDesign

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    We're hoping to pick up one of CubistLiterature's tanks and Bombshellbettsyshop's cuffs. Although we're pretty convinced this rough-around-the-edges stuff is right on with what's fashionable right now in most major metro areas, we don't care if you call it "trendy" or "no-trend." It's hot and a little dirty and we love it. Nice reporting!

  • AnniesWearableArt

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    This is a great and a bit overdue for the fellas! Love the Rorschach test shirt-and going to seek out a pair of those sandals for my hubby. thanks for the article.

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    Hey I'm all for MEN (just ask Vicki at VickiDianeDesigns & ClydeKellers photo shop, LOL). As they say you are never too old to look. These are great ideas and such a warm welcome to have the "MEN" featured here :D

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    I think the only thing my hubby could wear would be the He's a burly big dude close to 40 :) Amity...I want the shoes for me!

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