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UK Edition: Choosing a Background for Product Photographs

Jun 21, 2010

by heidiadnum handmade and vintage goods

Heidi_bio.jpgAustralian expat Heidi Adnum lives and works in London as a photographer of children and families, though she takes any opportunity to photograph food. She has two shops on Etsy heidiadnum and hellodarlingvintage. She also runs a photography and inspiration blog, La Isla Blogita.

Hello again, fellow Etsians! This is part two of your product photography questions answered. Find part one, covering colour, light and reflection here. Once again, we’ll look at some excellent product photographs and I’ll be offering some tips and advice to help solve sellers’ most common and specific problems — this time on backgrounds, props, composition and scale. My suggestions are straightforward and you don’t have to have a fancy camera or a huge budget to make them work for you.


Natural, neutral and simple “everyday” backgrounds work best. You probably have more suitable backgrounds in and around your home, garden, or local park than you realise. These include floorboards, decking, walls, wooden tables and chairs, laminate, firm flat fabric, tiles, bricks, stones and plants…the list goes on.

If you can’t find anything around the house, then make your own. Rescue an old piece of wood from a friend’s house, or even a builder’s skip!

Photo by PAWLING

Grab a pot of enamel paint, a piece of MDF and you’ve got an instant surface with a lovely sheen in the colour of your choice. Lay a sheet of glass or Perspex over a piece of card, felt or foam for an instant high-shine surface. Another low-cost way to achieve a high-shine surface is a sheet of tile/panel board, an off-cut of laminate or even a plain tile.

Photo by jessjamesjake

Bright white and jet black might sound like the perfect neutral backgrounds but they are very harsh and the high-contrast can be unflattering. The best way to use white as a background is to either shoot from a distance or put distance between your product and the background. This will make the white background look slightly grey. Light grey is easier on the eye than bright white and will be more flattering on your product.

Make your own white studio background using a sheet of thick white paper or matte white linoleum taped to the wall and draped down onto the floor. This creates a “runway” for a seamless effect. White fabric can also be used: however it is very important that the fabric is kept perfectly still and is free from any creases. The purpose of a plain, white background is to keep all focus on the item and not the background at all, so creases or marks are distracting and can look unprofessional.

Photo by Hindsvik

The best way to use black is to choose an “almost” black background, preferably with texture, such as a charcoal-coloured card.

Photo by locallibrary

Subtle patterns can be pretty and may complement your product.

Photo by sweetestelle


I love props. They’re bold and fun and can really bring photos to life. All you need to do is consider the look and feel of your shop and prop accordingly.

Photo by HelenRawlinson

Remember that models and dress forms are props, too. Using real models and dress forms can bring clothing to life and can seem more luxurious and inspiring to customers than dummies. If you’re selling a premium item, then your photos should reflect that. It might be worthwhile to invest in a trusted professional photographer and model to give your photos a sumptuous feel.

Photo by Hopeless


Grouping your products together can make them more eye-catching. This is especially true for small items.

Photo by byrdandbelle

Get up close and straight-on to your product. This perspective makes products look bold and impressive.

Photo by RoseLullabyDolls

Select an unusual crop or a particular detail and use this as your headline image. Potential buyers will be intrigued!

Photo by ThePaperAddict

Use depth of field to your advantage. Simply put, a blurred background, or foreground and background, takes the eye straight to your product. When you background is blurred you can use almost any background setting you like, as long as the colours complement your products. Try your macro setting to achieve this. Alternatively, if you are trying a manual set-up, select a small/shallow depth of field. For example, a low F-stop number, perhaps up to f5.0.

Photo by michellechangjewelry


The best way to show scale is to photograph your product in situ with a universal reference. I love in situ shots. They can really inspire potential customers. If you’re using a model, remember that they need to look comfortable and confident whilst using your product.

Photo by PegandAwl

Using the same space, crop or perspective for all of your product shots can also create scale. This can be achieved by simply using the same room or angle for every item and can be perfect for large items or supplies that you want to “stand alone” in the photograph.

Photo by michaelarras

Universal props to show scale include flowers in a vase, books, a children’s toy, a beautiful pencil or even your business card.

Photo by Ninainvorm

If you’ve got a good photo of your product showing its size and scale, but you want a great photo for the headline image, zoom in and get close up to the detail. This could be the arm of a sofa or the detail of a chair leg.

Photo by Bombus

Need Help?

Don’t be intimidated by fancy cameras that do everything except make you dinner — your trusty little digital compact “point and shoot” should serve you well. However, sometimes, whether due to its age or capacity, your camera simply may not be able to deliver the clear, sharp and vibrant product shots needed for success and you may have to upgrade. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. There are a number of excellent digital compact cameras on the market for under £200 — shop around and you might find one on sale for as low as £75. Hopefully you will make your money back through increased product sales!

Check out Heidi’s Photography Tips Part 1, which covers light, colour and reflection here.

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    awesome, great tips

  • AmesHandmade

    AmesHandmade said 7 years ago

    Thanks you SO MUCH for this! I've always wondered how people get such amazing pictures for their shops :)

  • VintageStyleJewelry

    VintageStyleJewelry said 7 years ago

    I use my window and a light tent but still not happy with pics!

  • zuzushopuk

    zuzushopuk said 7 years ago

    I don't think it even matters if you have an etsy shop every wannabe photographer should read these guides

  • igorz

    igorz said 7 years ago

    I love photography.


    PRIDASH said 7 years ago

    thanku for tips. saved me alot of time i the long , trying to figure everything out.

  • heatherscholl

    heatherscholl said 7 years ago

    Great tips!!

  • rockabybabybydebby

    rockabybabybydebby said 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for the helpful tips! I will be using them for my business!

  • vintageprecious

    vintageprecious said 7 years ago

    Thank you! The sheer fabric tip is the 1st I'm going to use, no more fear of afternoon photography! ~vintageprecious

  • hedgehogandrabbit

    hedgehogandrabbit said 7 years ago

    Setting too high of standards for the average crafter yet again. Hire a professional model? Buy a better camera? You'll make it up in sales? I'm super confused about these points, because I've seen amazing shops, with amazing products and amazing pictures, with hardly any sales in their years on Etsy. Is there an article on how to get the best results with the camera you have? That would be ideal, since this is Etsy and not your own hosted website.

  • ShiraMazor

    ShiraMazor said 6 years ago

    thank you for great tips!

  • LeMariageDePapier

    LeMariageDePapier said 6 years ago

    Great tips! I'm off to get some large sheets of paper right now!

  • littlebridget

    littlebridget said 6 years ago

    This is so helpful! I need to change my black to charcoal and blurr my backgrounds. I can't wait to see if my views change!

  • joyceseymour

    joyceseymour said 5 years ago

    I am so happy to be here with your group. I thank you so very much for all the education and eye opening tips. I am anxious to get started.

  • OldLadyWhite

    OldLadyWhite said 5 years ago

    What setting do you recommend I use on the pixels? I am using a Pentax digital camera. Some of my photos take a long time to load on Etsy and I rarely get a good pic the first time. I am photographing jewelry indoors with plenty of light on a white felt background. Thanks!

  • chancekatz

    chancekatz said 5 years ago

    this was easy to understand. I really appreciate the examples with each suggestion. I am ready to get out my camera and start shooting!

  • ginalolalola

    Carol from VintageWearTreasures said 4 years ago

    I am a new store and appreciated all the tips.I am experimenting with different ideas you suggested. Great tips. Thank you!

  • Innytoes

    Lizzy from StudioFroezel said 4 years ago

    I love seeing clothing and accessories on a model. They don't have to be super skinny high fashion models, because let's face it, it's not like I have a high fashion model figure, so I still wouldn't know if the item would fit me. Scale and size is super important, especially when sellers don't have cms in their listing (and I'm only going to get out the online calculator if I'm really, really interested in buying, because I am lazy.) Good pictures help with that!

  • jadeehandmade

    jadeehandmade from jadeehandmade said 4 years ago


  • jilyoung

    Jil Young from camerabagstraps said 4 years ago

    thx a lot

  • mariagraziameneghett

    Mariagrazia Meneghetti from Stendbyme said 4 years ago

    Grandioso :)

  • MoreEthicalDesign

    Antonella Abbrancati from MoreEthicalDesign said 3 years ago

    You never stop learning, and those who had thought about the proportions ... thanks!

  • hectorpereda

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  • patandtracey

    Tracey and Pat Garrett from VeronicasVintageETC said 3 years ago

    Every time I post one of my photos on Etsy it is side ways. I don't see an option for rotating a photo on Etsy. Help !!! My photo is straight in my picture file before I post it to Esty grrrrr.

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    Thanks, very useful and practical information

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