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Editors’ Picks: Lovable Jewelry

Jan 23, 2013

by Alison Feldmann

  • Sapphire Array Bracelet

    A spectrum of glittering stones in shades ranging from warm rose to icy pink.
  • Tiny Victorian Key Pendant

    Give them the key to your heart, crafted in rose gold and adorned with tiny sparkling diamonds.
  • Sorcha Studs

    For maximum glamour: rose cut white topaz earrings framed by matte yellow gold.
  • Amazonite Shield Necklace

    A gorgeous necklace that can be worn two ways: with the stone forward, or with the hand cut brass setting out.
  • Sapphire Bezel Earrings

    These pretty green sparklers are sapphires, a stone that supposedly brings happiness in love.
  • Moonstone Ring

    A glimmering stone evokes the beauty of a moonlit night.
  • Personalized Necklace

    Tiny but bold, and perfect for layering.
  • Rustic Love Gold Band

    Cast using the lost wax method, this rounded ring has a simple, earthy appeal.
  • Double Spike Necklace

    Beauty with an edge.
  • Three Diamond Engagement Ring

    Three stones to symbolize your past, present and future.
  • Shares Necklace

    A heart you'll want to break: this unique pendant comes whole, but you can snap it in two to share with a friend.
  • 14kt Gold and Green Amethyst Earrings

    Pale green stones catch the light, framed by delicately worked gold.
  • Diamond Star Ring

    As frosty and true as Polaris.
  • Oxidized Silver Crochet Earrings

    Raw rose quartz suspended in a delicate crocheted web of silver.
  • Opal Drop Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold

    Opal's rainbow gleam captured in a dainty and fiery pendant.
  • Herkimer Diamond With Gold Band

    A crystal clear statement stone, framed by a band of pure gold.
  • 18k Yellow Gold Cuff

    An elegantly hammered bracelet is a subtly sophisticated classic.
  • Personalized Ribbon Banner Necklace

    Sterling silver pennants are a charming way to proclaim your love.
  • Custom Bar Chain Ring

    A tiny treasure that can bear your own custom message.
  • Rose Gold Infinity Ring

    For a promise that lasts forever.
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When it comes to jewelry — sparkly, golden, filigreed, delicate, diamond-studded — does anyone really need a reason to shop?

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