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Three Modern Knit and Crochet Projects

Oct 12, 2016

by Rachel Smith handmade and vintage goods

With cooler weather on the way, now’s the perfect time to pick up a new indoor hobby. Knitting and crochet add texture (and welcome snuggliness) to your craft repertoire, and projects can take less than an hour or keep you busy all winter long. It’s easy to find a project that suits your style, regardless of your schedule or skill level.

Here are three modern and playful projects to get you inspired.


DIY Finger Knit Rope Trivets by Flax & Twine

Elevate your tablescape

Difficulty level: Easy

Finger knitting is a good place to start if you’ve never knit before. These DIY trivets ask little in terms of time and materials — you only need rope and tape, and you’re done in less than an hour. Shop Rope

Crochet Pizza Slice by Studio DIY

Spice up a plain-Jane sweater

Difficulty Level: Medium

Proclaim your love for pizza with this cheeky crochet project. Once you’ve tackled the cheese, crust, and toppings, simply stitch the whole thing onto a sweater using embroidery thread or yarn — and celebrate with a well-deserved slice. Shop Yarn


Plaid Super Scarf by Hands Occupied

Wrap yourself in plaid

Difficulty level: Medium

If this oversized knit scarf doesn’t make you excited about fall and winter, I’m not sure what will. Its large size is perfect for layering and it’s basically a small blanket. Even better, the pattern uses slipped stitches to create a knit plaid that looks like it was created on a weaving loom. Shop Knitting Patterns

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