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There’s No Place Like Here: Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab at the Rhode Island School of Design

Jul 15, 2009

by objecked

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(Music by Boolar, The Give, animation by JuliaPott)

Walking into RISD’s Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab is an awe-inspiring experience. From the images that I had seen online, I was somewhat prepared for what to expect when I went to shoot this video, but like many that enter the Nature Lab for the first time, I did not anticipate being able to open the cupboards myself, and pull out anything I wanted to look at. The visceral experience of touching a lobster claw that is larger than your own arm is truly a profound thing.


Click on the image above for more of my photos from the shoot.

A Brief History of the Nature Lab

In 1922, Edna W. Lawrence began a long career teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she eventually founded the Nature Lab in 1937. After graduating in the class of 1920, Ms. Lawrence had traveled the world and drew people in their natural surroundings from the West Indies to the Mediterranean. Edna returned to RISD as a drawing instructor and the Nature Lab grew organically in the room where Edna taught students to draw from specimens of the natural world. The Nature Lab flourished with the help of her personal additions to the collection as well as the contributions of the student body, faculty, and staff that amassed during her almost forty years of teaching in that room. Since then it has grown to fill the better part of the Waterman Building, which was RISD’s first schoolhouse building.

Upon Edna’s retirement in 1974, RISD found it appropriate to hire successors  — in the form of curators — of the Nature Lab. Ms. Lawrence’s position, after a string of marine biologists, is now held by Karen Idoine, an Agricultural Entomologist. Karen, who thinks of herself as a general naturalist above all else, has held the post for 15 years, and she estimates that, while the official number hovers around 85,000, there are probably over 100,000 specimens in the Nature Lab. Karen is aided by two assistants, Abigail Karp and Rachel Atlas, as well as a host of student aids who keep the Nature Lab ship shape.

All in all, There’s *really* No Place Like Here, so, should you find yourself in Providence, Rhode Island, keep in mind that the Nature Lab accepts weekday visitors by appointment.

While you may not have time to collect over 85,000 specimens, or have room for 10 full size skeletons, much less a mounted moose head, you can still enjoy the antiquated aesthetic that hybridizes biology and art. Check out some of these items to give your space that Nature Lab feel. Similar to the taxonomy of the Nature Lab, I’ve organized the items here into the 5 Kingdoms of Life as described by Robert Whittaker, for your scientific pleasure.


The Kingdom Anamalia

Personally, my favorite line from the video is when Karen exclaims, “…so that people understand that insects are animals, and that spiders are not insects, just that sort of thing.” Yup, we’re animals, people, and so are the red wiggler worms that wiggle around in the dirt all day. Our DNA structure is only marginally different, which is why we are said to belong to the same Kingdom.

1906 Mammoth And Deer Skeletons

From SurrenderDorothy, $14.89.

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Unmatched Octopus Tentacle Earrings

By OctopusMe, $75.

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Victorian SCARAB Beetle

By nouveaumotley, $50.

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Bugs and Beetles By piddix, $3.

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Tiny Real SNAKE BONES By LondonsGate, $29.

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Wise Owl By dsbrennan, $30.

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Handmade bracelet with insects By bayly, $45.

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Realistic ceramic miner human skull By mudpuppy, $60.

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ray’s 66, beaver utah By tomfowlks, $25.

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Queen Magdalene Taxidermy
By lovedtodeath, $495.

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I have been fascinated by the concept of Wunderkammers, or Cabinets of Wonder, since I was in college. Popularized during the Renaissance, Wunderkammers were dedicated to the collection of things found in nature and often, things *not* actually found in nature. Cabinets of Wonder were really more museums than cabinets, and were in part inspired simultaneously by the popularization of the surviving works of the Ancient Greeks, the expansion of the mercantile industry and the ruling class gift exchange, and finally the fruits brought to bear in the colonization of the New World and the many wonders found therein.

The Nature Lab is very much reminiscent of such a place, but with the twist that even though all the objects are coveted, they are exclusively available for artistic inspiration and interpretation. The Nature Lab also contains some specimens that bend the rules of nature a little bit: for example, a lizard with bat wings and a raccoon with a zipper pouch for a stomach. However, this is all but a part of the imagination inspired by the Nature Lab and just as much an element as the fruit flies and the cockroaches.

The look and feel of the Wunderkammer is alive and well here on Etsy too, in fact there is even a Cabinet of Curiosities street team dedicated solely to the preservation of all things curiouser and curiouser.


The Kingdom Plantæ

Successor to Aristotle, Theophrastus ought to be personally thanked for his surviving works Enquiry into Plants and On the Causes of Plants, which are in part responsible for some of the grand traditions of observing, recording, preserving, and using as medicine, the plants found in our natural world. There are many specimens of plants throughout Etsy, so you could think of it as an Herbarium in the Cloud.

botanical By swallowfield, $18.

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From the Dream Book Nr. 6 By DearDodo, $15.

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Roots Photo Blank Greeting Card By Fitzgeraldpowers, $2.50.

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Raven Under The Lucky Tree By doodlebirdie, $16.

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Colorful cactuses and birds print By joojoo, $20.

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Drop Leaf Ceramic Necklace in Green By surly, $18.

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Curl By eyeful, $30.

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Life Forms Spring (11×14 print) By madebykim, $20.

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Ulisse Aldrovandi was an Italian naturalist with a special interest in philosophy and logic. In 1595, Aldrovandi said this of his collection:

“Today in my microcosm, you can see more than 18,000 different things, among which 7,000 in fifteen volumes, dried and pasted, 3,000 of which I had painted as if alive (‘al vivo’). The rest — animals terrestrial, aerial and aquatic, and other subterranean things such as earths, petrified sap, stones, marbles, rocks, and metals — amount to as many pieces again. I have had paintings made of a further 5,000 natural objects — such as plants, various sorts of animals and stones — some of which have been made into wood cuts. These can be seen in fourteen cupboards, which I call the Pinacotheca. I also have sixty-six armoires, divided into 4,500 pigeonholes, fruits, gums, and other very beautiful things from the Indies, marked with their names, so that they can be found.” (Quoted in Merchants and Marvels, a collection of essays edited by Pamela H. Smith and Paula Findlen)

Is Aldrovandi suggesting here that the artistic renditions of specimens are as important as the actual objects themselves? Is art as a formal study of biology and the natural world in fact just as vital to the total catalog of things as nature itself?


The Kingdom Fungi

Mysterious, sometimes adorable, sometimes disgusting, the fungus is among us. Some say their spores can travel through space and transcend time, while others say they are delicious on pizza. While we typically think of fungus as mushrooms, when we see a mushroom or cluster of mushrooms, the actual vegetative heart of the fungus is often a network of mycelium that can span for miles underground. Fungus is an important part of the life-cycle of plants. For example, the mycelium feeds on the nitrogen found in the lignin in solid woods helping the fiber, which would otherwise resist the breakdown, decompose back into soil (with the help of some bugs and worms from the Animal Kingdom I suppose.)

Baby and Momma Mushrooms

By LittleSparrowNest, $65.

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Set of 3 Sculptured Mushrooms By thebrickkiln, $15.

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Amanita Verna
By sushipot, $15.

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Brown Russala Mushroom By MarthaLand, $5.

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Mushroom Family By beadstyle, $15.

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Wild Mushrooms Moss Terrarium By Greenbriar, $42.

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Fungus Forest By tabidesigns, $15.

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Vintage Magic Mushroom Coffee Mug By SofaCityVintage, $5.

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The Kingdom Protista

Think of Protista as many kinds of seaweed. Seaweed is often confused with plants; however, much of it has a different type of cellular structure. Some seaweeds are only one cell thick, while others have a colonial structure, and others still are multicellular. (That does not mean that they have two cell phones!) My favorite phylum from this kingdom are called Zoomastigophora, namely because it has the word zoom in it, but some people call them Zooflagellates, a name I tend to find a little degrading.

Seaweed Bouquet

By AlgaNet, $10.

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Seaweed/Coral British Illustration

By petitepaperie, $2.95.

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Unicellular Textile

By bizarregalah, $25.

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Plocamium cartilagineum

By delesseria, $45.

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Seaweed No.1 8×8

By johnwgolden, $20.

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By bbusbyarts, $1500.

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Interstice bracelet (white or black)

By nervoussystem, $75.

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ORGANIC V necklace in Grey

By giia, $55.

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The Kingdom Monera

I blame the soap and hygiene advertisements (not you, Etsy Soapers) for giving bacteria a bad reputation. Some say that there are so many normal “good” bacteria that exist in our intestines that they make up a majority of the cells in our entire body. Bacteria can be both good and bad; it can make you sick, or it can make dinner for members of the Protista Kingdom. (Heck, it can even make dinner for us, the animals!) People have been using bacteria to help preserve food products for centuries, just ask my old pal Louis Pasteur.

ultimate silver matrix ball bracelet By discomedusa, $450.

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Colony – Original Oil Painting By OrbisOrbis, $120.

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Haze – Original mini painting By organicadia, $18.

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The red and green pod collection By JennSki, $78.

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Science Bacteria – Upcycled Magnets By PigseyArt, $7.50.

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Protozoans 1 – Original Card By animalgam, $25.

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Bacteria By AlloverArt, $14.

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Lovesick ACEO Original Collage By dadadreams, $6.

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