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The Pixel Painter

Jul 26, 2013

by Jeremiah Glazer

“It’s never too late.”

This was my first thought as I watched Josh Bogdan’s touching story of 97-year-old Hal Lasko and his shockingly intricate, pointilist Microsoft Paint art. Hal spent his life as a graphic artist — “a letter man” —  back when everything was done by hand. Now living with a condition that causes partial blindness, Hal thought that his painting days were over. However, when his grandchildren introduced him to the Microsoft Paint application, he quickly embraced the program as an important element in his artistic toolkit, creating complex works that take years to finish. It’s amazing to see what a creative (and patient!) mind can do with a such a simple tool.

3 Featured Comments

  • lkmccray

    Linzee from lkmccray said 7 years ago Featured

    So wonderful to see that a passion can sustain a person for decades and can take many forms. Hal's attention to detail, his seriousness of purpose, and his willingness to learn a new technology so that he can continue doing something he loves reminds me to not make assumptions about aging, and gives me hope for my own journey.

  • petitemignonette

    Lisa from TheCreativeHearth said 7 years ago Featured

    Wow! What a spirit! Truly, there is always a way to move forward if we have a willing and positive attitude. What a remarkable, inspiring man. And what a loving supportive family, as well. I'm sure that is a result of his influence and, in turn, contributes to his success. Bravo!

  • JacyDesign

    JacyDesign from JacyDesign said 7 years ago Featured

    When you're an artist, you'll always find a way to create your art, your bliss. If you don't honor this in yourself, it keeps coming up until you do. I can somewhat relate to Hal. I worked as a typesetter and paste up artist way before the appearance of the great graphic programs we have to use today. It's wonderful to see this sweet man is still creating and bring joy to those who view his art! Peace, Harmony and Happiness to all!


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