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The Great Mother’s Day Gift Hunt

May 1, 2014

by Mallory McInnis handmade and vintage goods

My mom is one of the greatest gift-givers ever.

She puts an abundance of consideration into every item she chooses, and she brought me up to put just as much care into present-procuring. Don’t just grab something to get it done (horrible!), seriously think about the person and what they love (not what you’d love) and find something marvelous. With Mother’s Day approaching, I need to put her techniques to good use and hunt down a gift for her — a rather daunting task (knowing her present skills), but easy enough with some thought and so many fantastic items to choose from.

Let’s go shopping for our moms…


[1. Grower’s journal by Bread & Jam; 2. Succulent planter by Viruset Studio; 3. Earrings by Stefanie Sheehan; 4. Gardener’s soap gift set by Caru Skincare Co.; 5. Flower hat print by Matte Stephens; 6. Shirt by maryink; 7. Garden apron by Claudia Pearson; 8. Marshmallow necklace by Elaine Ho.]

For the mothers who are happiest covered in dirt and plants, adore pushing their feet into a pair of hiking boots, or staring at the fire as they perfect their marshmallow toasting technique.


[1. Old books candle by Frostbeard Studio; 2. Book shelf print by Justine Ellis; 3. Owl yarn bowl by Hadley Clay Studio; 4. Evie print by Mint Parcel; 5. Bookplate rubber stamp by Hunter & Co. Designs; 6. Book pin by Lucie Ellen; 7. Cross stitch kit by Maudstitch; 8. Bookmark by farebene; 9. Knitting pattern booklet by goodnight, day; 10. Sewing print by Steph Says Hello.]

For the mom who has enough books to build a house, constantly clacks knitting needles, or stitch-stitch-stitches her evenings away.


[1. Keychain by Cut Path; 2. Earrings by That Old Blue House; 3. Necklace by Austria Brass; 4. Plate by Irana Douer and Dog ring by Rachel Pfeffer Designs; 5. Lisa Larson cat from Danish Design Vintage; 6. “Ask Me About My Cat” tee by Kin Ship Goods; 7. Treats jar by Leah Sheely; 8. Veronica print by Jordan Grace Owens.]

For mothers filled with fondness for their canines or felines.


[1. Pouch by Jenna Rose; 2. Snow domes print by Amy Walters; 3. National Park print by Ello There; 4. Pack your bags notepad by 1canoe2; 5. Bike cup by Molly Hatch; 6. Mother’s Love print by Happy Doodle Land; 7. Denim duffel by Bow & Arrow; 8. Bike pillow by Nicola Rowlands.]

For mothers with oft-used passports, ever-emptying tanks of gas or well-worn bike tires.


[1. Reusable beer or soda carton by Walnut Studiolo; 2. Denim wine tote by Good Denim; 3. Whiskey print by Mary Kate McDevitt; 4. Espresso mug by Jode Pankhurst; 5. “Put the Kettle On” print by This Paper Ship; 6. Coaster set by Jonna Saarinen;  7. Lady print by Milk and Cookies; 8. Teapot by Celinda Designs; 9. Vintage fish bottle opener from Planet Utopia; 10. Summer cocktail zine by Jordan Kay.]

For mothers who start the day with the scent of percolating coffee, plan their vacations around wineries or breweries, and have kitchen cupboards busting forth with tea.

What’s the perfect gift for your mom?



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