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The Collectors: Jelene’s Nutcracker Suite

Dec 22, 2009

by rikrak handmade and vintage goods

I just love seeing what folks are collecting. I guess I feel it tells us just a little bit about what inspires them, what they love, and what they choose to surround themselves with in their homes. Today, I’m delighted to present the next in an ongoing series here on The Storque: The Collectors. First published on my own little blog, the rikrak studio, it’s 11 and a half quick questions with a wonderful artist on what they’re collecting (apart from their art supplies!).

Hope you’ll just love this festive nutcracker collection with the pop art sensation, jelene.

Woowee! This is such a magical time of the year: beautiful music, gorgeous festive colors, and a little fairy dust that seems to dance in the air everywhere we go. How grand!

For me, one of the most nostalgically captivating scenes of the year shines bright on the stages around the world as Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Nutcracker Suite, thrills children of all ages. This whimsical fairytale, where toys come alive and vivid color swirls all around, tells the story of a world filled with whimsy, festive fashions, and something glorious to capture the imagination of every child.

So here’s the perfect collection for such a magical world. Hope you’ll love Jelene’s festive nutcrackers!

Who (are you) : My name is Jelene Morris — my Etsy shop is

What (are you collecting) : Nutcrackers

When (did you start) : I started collecting nutcrackers when I was a teenager.

How (many do you have?) : I have 25 of them so far.

Where (do you find them) : I collect them from all over. I have some from Germany, some my family and friends have given me.

Where (do you keep them) : I keep them in my doll case, but during Christmas, I have them out on display for everyone to see them.

What (‘s a crazy/interesting story behind one) :  I became fascinated with nutcrackers when I first saw the play The Nutcracker at age 11. I wanted one for Christmas, but they were really expensive… so unfortunately I didn’t get one that year. I think during that time, most of them were around $150 or more. Since they have become more popular with Christmas, now they are easier to find.

What (piece would you like to add): I’ve seen some nutcrackers that have costumes, or ones that look like chefs. Those would be fun to have.

Why (do you love them) :  I’ve just always loved them ever since I saw them as a child. I think of them as dolls, but just in wooden form. Some of them are really detailed. I think it’s funny how originally they were for cracking nuts, but now they are just mainly for decoration.

Which (one is your favourite) and why : My favorite one is the smallest one I have. It’s about a 1/2″ inch tall. I just love it so; it’s so incredibly small.

What (else do you collect) :  I also have tons of dolls that I’ve been collecting since I was a kid. I also love art toys and vintage toys.

How fun! Thanks so much, Jelene.

Continue delighting your senses this season with a visit to Jelene’s bright and beautiful studio, where her pop art playground-of-a-shop is a wonderland for every age. Her fun and festive designs are just the thing for the young-at-heart and sugar-plum fairies this season!

Happy Holidays, nicies!
And may all of your festive dreams come true!

What do you collect? I’d love to hear! Please post in the comments below!

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  • shesbattydesigns

    shesbattydesigns said 9 years ago

    That is a LOT of nutcrackers!

  • spacejam

    spacejam said 9 years ago

    nut knackers are so great!! wonderful collection here)

  • KOALACaddie

    KOALACaddie said 9 years ago

    What a wonderful collection! I also love sallyannk's Nutcracker Man Recycled Handbag and Clutch - so creative. Thanks for a great interview and wonderful etsy finds.

  • pancakeandlulu

    pancakeandlulu said 9 years ago

    Adorable! Just saw the NYC Ballet version--Wow!

  • BululuStudio

    BululuStudio said 9 years ago

    Nice collection.

  • recycledwares

    recycledwares said 9 years ago

    AMCreatures nutcracker doll is just great - nice selections

  • MyMoms

    MyMoms said 9 years ago

    Super duper cute choices!!!

  • alittleVintageShop

    alittleVintageShop said 9 years ago

    What a sweet & upbeat collection :)

  • MinceCo

    MinceCo said 9 years ago

    ;) i adore these, I don't have nearly as many but the penchant is there. Super collection you have there.

  • herbolution

    herbolution said 9 years ago

    Beautiful collection, Jelene! I wish to have one :)

  • kissadesign

    kissadesign said 9 years ago

    My young niece loves her first nutcracker so much that he has had to be put back together with glue on a couple of occasions :) Nutcrackers are a big deal in my family! Thanks for this article!

  • BabbidgePatch

    BabbidgePatch said 9 years ago

    Fab collection! ~ I'm obsessed with thimbles and vintage star wars toys for my collections.

  • ouma

    ouma said 9 years ago

    I love the Nutcracker too! It's the inspiration behind everything I do! Thanks for including my dress. xoxo Monique

  • antiquegrrl

    antiquegrrl said 9 years ago

    My family and I just saw The Nutracker at our local theature. Great collection. Everyone should go to see T The Nutcracker live...what a great story! Merry Christmas! Lisa

  • Aquanetta

    Aquanetta said 9 years ago

    great theme :)

  • beautifulbridget

    beautifulbridget said 9 years ago

    Excellent collection!!

  • PennyFabricArt

    PennyFabricArt said 9 years ago

    Really great article! I've always been a big nutcracker fan, and I love to see both vintage and handmade ones.

  • YayaOrchid

    YayaOrchid said 9 years ago

    Nothing says Christmas like a nutcracker! They're just so colorful and festive and all these are gorgeous!

  • sharonclancydesigns

    sharonclancydesigns said 9 years ago

    How fun, I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • jewelrybyjackie

    jewelrybyjackie said 9 years ago

    quite a collection!

  • oldworldprimitives

    oldworldprimitives said 9 years ago

    Loving your collection! They all look so good together as a group.

  • depuis

    depuis said 9 years ago

    *** I collect old film cameras. Would love to share it with the etsy community. Best wishes, Mina

  • dreamyvintage

    dreamyvintage said 9 years ago

    perfect post, great photos, awesome timing! Happy Holidays everybody :)

  • ljlhdesigns

    ljlhdesigns said 9 years ago

    what a fantastic theme!

  • gullistCraft

    gullistCraft said 9 years ago

    Very nice collection, great story!

  • ScribbleShop

    ScribbleShop said 9 years ago

    Aww....i had wanted to get one from Mooshoopork....oh well...maybe next year

  • Junebug18

    Junebug18 said 9 years ago

    What a coincidence, I collect nutcrackers too! I have about 60 all on one shelf in my room. Glad to see someone shares similar interests!

  • BabyEtte

    BabyEtte said 9 years ago

    What a fun collection! Very pass-down-the-generations worthy. Beth/BabyEtte

  • candythomasgourdart

    candythomasgourdart said 9 years ago

    How wonderful!!Thanks so much for all your work,great job!! :)

  • BlueMoonRose

    BlueMoonRose said 9 years ago

    Nutcrackers and the Nutcracker ballet really capture the spirit of Christmas. Luv the journal from doti.

  • opendoorstudio

    opendoorstudio said 9 years ago

    I love the nutcrackers...each tells a story!Great article! Happy Christmas to all ( and to all who celebrate other things... Happy Holidays to you!)

  • animalcracker

    animalcracker said 9 years ago

    Great story! I collect boats - antique, handmade, and some new for my 5-year-old son. My latest "acquisition" came from a vintage shop here on Etsy. I can't wait to give it to my son for Christmas!

  • animalcracker

    animalcracker said 9 years ago

    Great story! I collect boats - antique, handmade, some new for my 5-year-old son. My latest "acquisition" came from a vintage shop here on Etsy. I can't wait to give it to my son for Christmas!

  • TwistedCrystals

    TwistedCrystals said 9 years ago

    Thank you for sharring! :)

  • earlybirdcreations

    earlybirdcreations said 9 years ago

    Oh wow, the nutcrackers are so visually spectacular! Great collection!

  • FoxsLittlePurpleCow

    FoxsLittlePurpleCow said 9 years ago

    My collection of little purple cows was the inspiration for my jewelry brand - you never know how things are going to impact you later in life!

  • silverdotjewelry

    silverdotjewelry said 9 years ago

    lovely story. Fun article. I collect vintage brooches. I love reading about what people collect. So fun. Oh and I'm in love with that dress from Ooma.

  • monarchlady

    monarchlady said 9 years ago

    If you're ever near Columbus Ohio, come visit the Nutcracker Restaurant in Pataskala (east side of Columbus). The owner is also a collector and has more than a hundred of them lined up along the windows and partitions. It's almost scary with their silly grins; I'd almost be a little spooked out to be in there at night - somebody oughta make a movie out of it!

  • shopbonnin

    shopbonnin said 9 years ago

    Love your Nutcracker story. I also collect Nutcrackers because when I was young I danced in the nutcracker and someone then gave me one. I call my tree a Nutcracker tree, not a Christmas tree. All of my ornaments seem to be nutcrackers too now. I think I'm up to about 50 Nutcrackers around the house too! :D

  • Mimiandlola

    Mimiandlola said 9 years ago

    What a beautiful article! Thank you for sharing!

  • CosplayOtaku

    CosplayOtaku said 9 years ago

    Quite a collection, cute photo!

  • greeneyezdesignz

    greeneyezdesignz said 9 years ago

    Love the nutcrackers! A friend of mine also collects them. I have been a collector for a long time, as my mother was. Her favorite was anything to do with Blue Willow China, which I still collect today. I also collect vintage buttons, jewelry, salt & pepper shakers, blue glass bottles (for my future bottle tree), green depression glass, vintage fabric, vintage toy sewing machines, miniature perfume bottles, and texan items, to name a few! I make one of a kind jewelry with vintage bits and pieces as well as using some of the miniature perfume bottles in my creations. Take a look! Joy to all! Beth

  • econica

    econica said 9 years ago


  • VintagePaperParade

    VintagePaperParade said 9 years ago

    Adorable collection. I love my collection of milk glass and vintage children's books..

  • kirby

    kirby said 9 years ago

    I love The Nutcracker! It's such an integral part of our holiday season for a variety of reasons. (my husband is getting a Rat King nutcracker this year!) Thank you so much for including my Sugar Plum Fairy painting in this lovely selection!

  • maggiemaevintage

    maggiemaevintage said 9 years ago

    I also have a great collection of nutcrackers - from large to tiny - what fun!

  • jelene

    jelene said 9 years ago

    Thanks for featuring me!! Shortly after I wrote this article, one of my smaller nutcrackers fell on the floor and my puppy grabbed it and ate it, lol Merry Christmas! Jelene

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm said 9 years ago

    Nice collection~

  • themefragrance

    themefragrance said 9 years ago

    another fab collection find from rikrak! adore the nutcrackers-have a set as well that make an appearance every year. such characters they are.

  • paramountvintage

    paramountvintage said 9 years ago

    what a neat collection!

  • paramountvintage

    paramountvintage said 9 years ago

    do you only bring them out for christmas or do you display them year round???

  • juliepeach

    juliepeach said 9 years ago

    i collect bears! including some great bear art from etsy. xoxoxo bears!

  • sallyannk

    sallyannk said 9 years ago

    thanks for including me in this collection of nutcracker finds! great article! : ) : )

  • netamir

    netamir said 9 years ago

    Wonderful collection.

  • cottonbirddesigns

    cottonbirddesigns said 9 years ago

    Lovely collection!

  • LittleGreenShoot

    LittleGreenShoot said 9 years ago

    What a groovy idea for a series! (^_^)

  • rakshniyavintage

    rakshniyavintage said 9 years ago

    what an awesome collection - great article!

  • nowonder

    nowonder said 9 years ago

    nutcrackers are so cool! I love the items you added!

  • mythunderstood

    mythunderstood said 9 years ago

    Great idea for a story - what folks collect!

  • DalkullanJewelry

    DalkullanJewelry said 9 years ago

    Such a wonderful collection!

  • CatherinetteRings

    CatherinetteRings said 9 years ago

    Awesome !

  • HoneysuckleLane

    HoneysuckleLane said 9 years ago

    What a fun collection! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • VixVintage

    VixVintage said 9 years ago

    Great collection! Thanks for sharing.

  • tomatored

    tomatored said 9 years ago

    My Dad has been collecting nutcrackers for years- Does keep them out all year!

  • tomatored

    tomatored said 9 years ago

    Love the upcycled notebook!-great idea!

  • ArtisticIntentions

    ArtisticIntentions said 9 years ago

    Fabulous interview! Merry Christmas!!

  • rebeccasanchez

    rebeccasanchez said 9 years ago

    So festive!


    TUMBLEWEEDCOTTAGE said 9 years ago

    I agree with Jelene as I have a nutcracker collection of my own. My grandson calls them soldiers and I started a collection for him this Christmas. I would love to have some of the German nutcrackers in my collection. A Shakespeare nutcracker from Bombay Company is a favorite as well as a George Washington by a cherry tree from the same store.

  • girltuesdayjewelry

    girltuesdayjewelry said 9 years ago

    Great collection!

  • cheekydc

    cheekydc said 9 years ago

    I love that someone else collects nutcrackers! I started my collection when I was about 8 years old. Since then I have accumulated so many I lost count. They are such a great addition to Christmas and reminds me of my favorite ballet too!

  • genisepark

    genisepark said 9 years ago

    Wow what an awesome collection, so festive and colorful. The vintage pair of nutcrackers and the sugar plum fairy have caught my eye.

  • bytheway

    bytheway said 9 years ago

    Puts my poor, little, utilitarian metal nutcracker to shame... But what a great article for this time of year!

  • polkadotsandblooms

    polkadotsandblooms said 9 years ago

    I've always found nutcrackers very fascinating, already as a little child, so this is such a lovely story for me, bringing lots of good memories back. Thank you!

  • blythehopesvintage

    blythehopesvintage said 9 years ago

    I collect 1920s dresses and vintage lingerie :) Those nutcrackers are awesome!

  • xosewspecial

    xosewspecial said 9 years ago

    What an impressive collection of nutcrackers. Collecting is such fun. I collect teddy bears & pottery piggy banks. Love Lavendersundesign's Nutcracker Snow King fine art photograph. Very nice!

  • bstrung

    bstrung said 9 years ago

    Love them.

  • inwiththeold

    inwiththeold said 9 years ago

    what a great idea to feature collectors and their collections! The nutcrackers are adorable! I collect turquoise mccoy pottery- I have over 60 pieces! I also collect putz cardboard houses, ball pitchers, watering cans and old woven wicker bottles. Yes, It is a "sickness" that I just love to display and hunt for :) Yea to all the collectors!

  • brynnalex

    brynnalex said 9 years ago

    Jelene, what a fun collection to have!

  • frenchtown

    frenchtown said 9 years ago

    I love collections. I collect weird little creepy Santas. Plastic ones from the 50's really get me. I also collect Lefton Christmas Ceramics. I collect large (over 1 gallon) spring water bottles, from before 1903 (They invented the automatic bottle machine in 1903) I collect Hull Mirror Brown dishes, just like my Nanny had. Should I keep going???

  • PreciousPromisesAust

    PreciousPromisesAust said 9 years ago

    It brings back memories of when I visited Deutschland.

  • Iammie

    Iammie said 9 years ago

    Cute collection!

  • kateendle

    kateendle said 9 years ago

    I fancy myself as a collector of collections. My biggest collection is probably 400+ kokeshi dolls. Kokeshis are Japanese wooden dolls. That collection lead me to collecting Japanese wooden folk art toys, which then lead me to Japanese contemporary woodblock prints. I also have a large collection of primitive and outsider art. The list goes on and on- sea glass, drift wood, wooden birds, Jonathan Adler pottery, advertising dolls from the 40's,50's and 60's, anything owl (but I'm picky about my owls!) exotic house plants, antique and tin toys, cork, etc, etc. You'll see inspiration taken from the above list at my Etsy store where I sell my original art and prints.

  • mulberrymuse

    mulberrymuse said 9 years ago

    Thank you for including me in the Nutcracker finds:) Beautiful collection!

  • kathiroussel

    kathiroussel said 9 years ago

    i love this series-- super fun collection-- and such great work rikrak-- and what i want to know is -- how many bags of nuts?

  • anemonecomms

    anemonecomms said 9 years ago

    haha i love their creepy buck teeth

  • Thepaperboat

    Thepaperboat said 9 years ago


  • cosmicsurflove

    cosmicsurflove said 9 years ago


  • MintyFreshFusions

    MintyFreshFusions said 9 years ago

    Aww, my daughter is obsessed with nutcrackers lately, come to think of it, her dad really likes them too, but we only have 3 I collect vintage Virgin Mary planters, and vintage elephant planters, and ok, a few other old planters! I haven't photographed them in awhile though- I didn't know there was a collectors series in the Storque, now I'll be looking for it!

  • steinschmuckdesign

    steinschmuckdesign said 9 years ago

    Such Fun!!

  • babook

    babook said 9 years ago

    i collection all of looking worth and vintage with those lovely collection ; )

  • dafnadagan

    dafnadagan said 9 years ago

    Great collection

  • CocoHoney

    CocoHoney said 9 years ago

    Lovely collection...

  • ForestCreations

    ForestCreations said 9 years ago

    what a collection! I collect cheesy souvenir spoons from all over the world.

  • TutusChic

    TutusChic said 9 years ago

    I love to collect lotzz of thing too! For our Christmas time, we bring Madame Alexandra dolls out of their old boxes. My favorite is the ballerina in the antique tea rose tutu. Of course, the Nutcracker was my first ballet but I don't collect them! Thanks for the interesting article.

  • yenjewelry

    yenjewelry said 9 years ago

    my mother has a huge nutcracker collection, so this is a neat read. i have a sizable collection of royal doulton character jugs. i would love to share pictures in a future installment!

  • lifeofcolors

    lifeofcolors said 9 years ago

    I don't really have any collections... but I think nutcrackers are cool! :-)

  • klacustomcreations

    klacustomcreations said 9 years ago

    I collect nutcrackers too, and my collection may be even bigger!

  • NoisyButterfly

    NoisyButterfly said 9 years ago

    l love nutcrackers. Love the collection.

  • lavendersundesign

    lavendersundesign said 9 years ago

    What a beautiful collection!! Thanks for including me!

  • doti

    doti said 9 years ago

    Thanks so very much for including my notebook into this wonderful collection! I purchased the record album hoping to be featured somewhere on etsy during the christmas holidays! So thanks for making that happen:)

  • LoveYourBling

    LoveYourBling said 9 years ago

    I just bought my son his first nutcracker this christmas, he loved it

  • scrappypenguen

    scrappypenguen said 9 years ago

    i know its just a wonderful time of the year for these great characters my husband loves them ,but we have 1000s from 1 inch to 4feet tall we love them so much . they stay out all year long and christmas thy come down and get all kinds of designs of hats beads they are so much fun. to see.

  • JenniferRydinDesigns

    JenniferRydinDesigns said 9 years ago

    I collect Steinbach Nutcrackers ~ I love them because I was a ballerina when I was younger and played the part of Clara in the Nutcracker. It's a meaningful to me. :) I have the Nutcracker Ballet collection. :)

  • retroattack

    retroattack said 9 years ago

    Love your collection!

  • sunflowervalley

    sunflowervalley said 9 years ago

    they are so full of color and character , nice collection

  • TheIDconnection

    TheIDconnection said 9 years ago

    Cute Stuff - Love it! TheIDConnection

  • Wholesaletoys

    Wholesale Toys said 4 years ago

    Nice post,lovely collection.

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