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The Art of Virus Crochet: It’s Infectious!

Sep 6, 2007

by lepetitbijou handmade and vintage goods

I started making viruses last year. I am a virologist by day, so it was a natural subject choice for me. I started out with flu (which is what I work with), and then moved on to other viruses. At this point, the HIV viruses have been the most popular. A part of the proceeds goes to a charity whose goal it is to improve the quality of life and healthcare for Africans with HIV/AIDS.

I am thinking of other viruses I can crochet – chicken pox may be next.

– Naomi of

Organic cotton catnip toy - mouse
Organic cotton catnip toy - mouse
On sale - Ebola Amigurumi Virus
On sale - Ebola Amigurumi Virus


  • SweetWolf

    SweetWolf said 13 years ago

    Crocheted viruses...virusi... (what's the pural??) Very clever and oddly inspiring! Thanks!

  • dismantled

    dismantled said 13 years ago

    This is such a great idea, and I love that you're donating part of the sales to an HIV related charity. I also love your Ebola virus...I've always had a fascination with Ebola (blame The Hot Zone & all of those other books).

  • aephemera

    aephemera said 13 years ago

    I'd like to see the Hepatitis C virus. Do you do them custom?

  • IzabelDesigns

    IzabelDesigns said 13 years ago

    That's one virus I would like to give for Xmas this year ! A fun gift+ a donation to charity= good for every body :)

  • stephpeachey

    stephpeachey said 13 years ago

    what a fab idea!! keep up the good work!! and im with Dismantled on Ebola...fascinating thing.

  • sarabands

    sarabands said 13 years ago

    Naomi, I teach Middle School science. These are so cool!

  • SweetMeats

    SweetMeats said 13 years ago

    Have you ever seen these? Great minds think alike!

  • PaganoDesignWorks

    PaganoDesignWorks said 13 years ago

    What a wonderful intersection of art and science...great ideas DO grow in petri dishes!

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa said 13 years ago

    giantmicrobes are so crazy.

  • beadbooty

    beadbooty said 13 years ago

    The others may be cute and cuddly but I think the ebola is my fave! I love your viruses!

  • jenerator5000

    jenerator5000 said 11 years ago

    Love it! So cute!

  • LondonParticulars

    LondonParticulars said 11 years ago

    You really can find every ting on etsy, now we just need a code write to crochet a computer virus!

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