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7 Care Package Ideas to Thank Our Everyday Heroes

Apr 10, 2020

by Aravis Moore

They show up every day to keep us all fed, cared for, and safe, and every night, in cities all across the world, we thank them with a standing ovation. Chances are you personally know and love one or two of these hardworking healthcare pros and pharmacists, grocery store clerks and delivery drivers, firefighters and police—and right now we’re willing to bet they could use a little extra TLC. Whether it’s an uplifting virtual greeting or a self-care package curated just for them, sending our friends and family members on the front lines a few small comforts is one heartfelt way to remind them just how essential they are to us—today and always. Below, we’ve rounded up seven thoughtful ways to express our gratitude and help them decompress after a long day.

A cozy layer

Make their home base more homey with a soft knit throw that will function as the long-distance equivalent of a hug when they return from a tiring day.

A hydrating hand cream

A botanical hand cream from Shop Among the Flowers
Botanical hand cream from Shop Among the Flowers, from $10; shop more hand cream

For a bit of practical pampering, try a moisturizing lotion to soothe their well-washed hands. Even better? Choose a scent infused with essential oils for an aromatherapeutic after-effect.

A personalized playlist

One comforting companion for a wearisome daily commute? A custom soundtrack filled with their all-time favorite tunes that will instantly elevate their mood.

Snuggly slipper socks

Make sure they have something soft to slip into when they return home each night (or morning). A cushy pair of slipper socks offers relief for sore feet. 

A calming craft

A floral DIY embroidery kit from Namaste Embroidery
Floral DIY embroidery kit from Namaste Embroidery, $37; shop more DIY kits

To help them decompress during whatever precious downtime they get, a relaxing activity makes for a meditative distraction they can look forward to. A few of our faves? Needle felting, embroidery, and grown-up coloring books.

An encouraging recording

Gather your household to record a special video message emphasizing how much your loved one’s work is appreciated, for a personalized pep talk that’s ready whenever they have time to press play. 

A thoughtful token

Whether it’s an engraved keychain, a positive pin, or a sentimental note to slip into their wallet, an inspirational token they can carry with them serves as a daily reminder that you’re always with them in spirit. 

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  • esani

    Gillian Northcott from Esani said 1 year ago

    A big thank you to everyone who is working and helping to keep us safe. Cannot thank you enough.

  • gilliannorthcott

    Gillian Northcott from esanivintage said 1 year ago

    Lovely to see some embroidery.

  • carolynngolder

    carolyn golder from BodyBathAndBeyond said 1 year ago

    What a wonderful thought and such a nice way to say thank you.

  • x8qnpozo

    Anna from LissiKids said 1 year ago

    These are great ideas to Thank Our Everyday Heroes. But the biggest gift for them is to stay at home and not go out to the streets without special need🙏

  • bedouin

    Nicole from KarmaCodeOne said 1 year ago

    Lovely items ~!~ and Thank You to everyone doing their part ❣

  • lavkach

    Olga Chakhlova from LavkaCh said 1 year ago

    Each of us needs care. Thank you for a wonderful selection!

  • pxg8sqib

    Ronda Bowen said 1 year ago

    Thanks to everyone who's still out there working to help others in this time including myself...God is our keeper...and hope this all passes quickly n soon...God bless u all! Happy Resurrection day everyone!

  • x1q1odrw

    valentina makovkina from x1q1odrw said 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot to these people for showing everyone that life goes on. The one who conquers fear survives The one who continues to enjoy life survives. The one who believes in Light, Love and Independence survives.

  • debbielbeckner

    Debbie said 1 year ago

    Wear a mask,,not just at work or shopping, wear it when you go out the front,back or side door kill this virus,never to return again.

  • christinepich125

    christinepich125 said 1 year ago

    I work in a nursing home during this horrific times and I really do appreciate any and all of the thank you's and appreciation! Remember we are all in this together

  • soesbakz

    Valentina said 1 year ago

    A big thank you to everyone who is working and helping to keep us safe. I really do appreciate any and all of the thank you.

  • gyjydpzb

    Diane from JewelsAndJade said 1 year ago

    A big shout out to all the nurses, doctors, and ALL hospital personnel down to the housekeeping employees. I worked in a hospital unit for many years and it takes every employee working together to help save lives. God bless you all!

  • bddteuo0

    Jeffrey knight said 1 year ago

    I just like to say, thank you to every person who has to work every day at their job, risking their own health. Please everyone, stay home and respect the people who can't be at home. Wear a mask when you shop, say thank you to that person who is willing to risk their health for ours. And what a wonderful way to say thank you, women are awesome, always caring and stepping up to the plate, I thank god for the women who do the right thing, I tip my hat to all of you women

  • krfjesez

    Linnea McGrath said 1 year ago

    Collect those little lime juice squeeze bottles and make some home"aid" hand sanitizer for purse or pocket. Alcohol, aloe gel or glycerine and a dozen drops of essential oil (your choice of scent). Will be a nice part of a little gift bag for our hard-working healthcare workers!😷😘

  • 4swcjhpy

    Nadin from NadinArtCraft said 1 year ago

    Very nice embroidery!

  • andreapeterfly

    Andrea Peter Fly from MyPhotographyArt said 1 year ago

    What a wonderful post ! We all need some positivity and love right now! ❤️

  • BrooklynLotus

    Padmini Persaud-Obasi from BrooklynLotus said 1 year ago

    Beautiful. Love them all. What a great feature.

  • kmjoy17

    kimberly Rush from MindsetGym said 1 year ago

    These are beautiful. Thank you so much to all of the Etsy shops supporting our front line workers!

  • prbaby001

    prbaby said 1 year ago

    Thank you for helping us relax and see distress with your help and products. We love you.💓

  • ckmocycj

    Natalya from LadiesDressingRoom said 1 year ago

    I very like this ideas))) Thank you!!!

  • pkekzgui

    Lesya Baryshnikova from moolesya said 1 year ago

    Thank you for such an important thought at this difficult time. Really amazing ways to say THANK YOU to those who protect and save us. My favorites are embroidery and enamel pin. They are beautiful!

  • TheFunnyStitch

    Cait D. from TheFunnyStitch said 1 year ago

    Awesome suggestions- I am so grateful for everyone doing their part during this crazy time. <3

  • estee30

    Gia from LuxeBrilliance said 1 year ago

    I want to say thank you to every single worker who has to go to work and risk it all being there for others!! God bless everyone, may you, and your families all remain safe . We will all get through this.

  • wbo2pwwo

    Darcy Brambrink from LakegirlstudiosArt said 1 year ago

    I am truly thankful to everyone out there who is taking care of us during the Covid19 outbreak. I am so thankful to my grocery delivery that comes fast and with smiles....

  • anagomez2102

    Ana C. Gomez from MixBerryDesignsShop said 364 days ago

    These are great ideas to bring some comfort and peace to those whose working hard at this moment. Now I´m just thinking about how can I help from my shop to make this battle less stressful. Thanks to the essential workers!

  • tteyu8fu

    Joann said 364 days ago

    Thank you for making care packages. I work at safeway as a checker in san Francisco. Thank you again.

  • Eilorendil

    Vy from LiteraryLipBalms said 364 days ago

    Such thoughtful gifts! I'm hopeful that people will care more for supporting independent businesses and value the quality of handmade <3 Stay safe and a big thank you to all makers out there.

  • jstylesformoi

    jstylesformoi said 363 days ago

    Thank you for your positive creativity. Everyone on the front lines of this pandemic: doctors and nurses, the persons preparing and delivering our goods and services, cashiers, and transportation workers, etc. are richly deserving of self care, both emotionally as well as physically. I particularly like the “Today I am Hopeful” button. Thank you. Judy S.

  • angelamariahernandez

    Angela Johnson from AngieDesignsStudio said 344 days ago

    Thank you for sharing ..:)

  • PorcelainPlumelet

    Olga Mironova from PorcelainKingdom said 342 days ago

    Such am amazing ideas! I suppose this is really important now to show some love to people who work day and night for others. Self care products for relaxing and some diy kits for emptying the mind should be a perfect combo.

  • smjrx7

    Stacie Skinner from AlluringWreathDesign said 342 days ago

    These things are nice, but as a healthcare worker, I really appreciate a simple and personal.. Thank You.

  • 6mgtaahz

    Karen from FrontDoorFloral said 340 days ago

    I haven't seen embroidery in years. Very pretty. I did a bit of it as a young girl. A relaxing activity!

  • staffingprof

    MB Custom Gifts from MBCustomgifts said 329 days ago

    Great Ideas to show them how much they have done.

  • qppq320k

    Mariya from MagicArtForYou said 329 days ago

    An amazing way to say thank you for the work of these brave people! Low bow to You! Thank you for being there! It is great that there is this article with great ideas, signs of attention is very important!

  • seruva14

    Carolynne DeLisle from NonnasNuttyKrafts said 321 days ago

    Every Christmas we gather some kids and decorate cookie for our local fire and police departments. Then we deliver them and sing Christmas carols to them. The smiles it brings makes it all worth it. so yes, don't forget our heroes.

  • marshaleneveu

    Marsha LeNeveu from ShilohRanchDesigns said 315 days ago

    Such great ideas! As a nurse, I can tell you that this would be so appreciated by any healthcare workers in your community!

  • nlcbuptn

    shilpi akther nayana said 315 days ago

    Wow, a calming craft is a nice design. awsome hand embroidery work thank you.

  • xfpucjij

    Gina from GinaBogomolArt said 197 days ago

    So lovely! Thank you! Thank you!Embroidery's very nice, love it!

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