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Talking Tea: 5 Tips and Trends From the Experts

Feb 3, 2015

by Trisha Lepper handmade and vintage goods

Trisha Lepper works on the PR and Communications team at Etsy Canada. In her spare time, she scours flea markets for antique finds.

When it comes to tea time, there are a few standbys I love to keep close at hand: malty English Breakfast, bergamot-tinged Earl Gray, and classic mint. But lately I’ve been hearing about some new-to me blends that I can’t wait to try, like grassy green matchas, smokey mates, and birthday cake-flavored rooibos (yes, birthday cake!).

Needless to say, there is a whole universe of tea out there to smell, taste, and brew — but where to start, and how to be sure you’re getting the most out of your mug? That’s what we’re exploring today with Kim Wiseman, head of customer engagement at DAVIDsTEA, an innovative tea company based out of Montreal that offers 150 types of loose leaf tea and one of the largest organic tea selections in North America. DAVIDs takes great care in selecting and sourcing their teas, and their appreciation for small batch, artisanal blends is reflected in their thoughtful collection of tea accessories. Through a partnership with Etsy Wholesale, their collection now includes exclusive mugs by Etsy ceramics artists A+J, Akai Ceramic Studio and Calyer Ceramics.

Scroll on for the full list of tea tips from Kim!

A good cup of tea is all about the infuser. Before you consider water temperature or steeping time, the first step is finding a great infuser. Seriously: size matters! For the best possible cup of tea, choose an infuser that’s big enough to let the tea leaves unfurl – the more space your tea has, the more flavorful your cup will be.

When it comes to water temperature and steeping times, different types of tea react differently. For example, white and green teas are best with cooler water and shorter steeping times. A lot of people think they don’t like green tea, but they’ve probably just burned the delicate leaves and maybe oversteeped it. If you want a delicious cup of green tea, try 175 degree (F) water and a 2-minute steep. It should taste sweet and vegetal – not bitter. Black tea, on the other hand, can handle a hotter temperature and slightly longer steeping time. If you’re drinking your black tea with milk and sugar, you’ve got to brew it nice and strong so the tea flavor shines through. Once you get a handle on the basics, you can start experimenting to find out what you like best, whether it’s mixing together a custom blend or whipping up a tea latte.


DAVIDsTEA’s Garcinia Goodness blend.

The big difference between loose tea and tea bags is the size of the leaves and other ingredients. Sometimes tea bags use ground-up tea leaves, so you may lose some flavor of the leaf as the oil dries out. By keeping the leaves whole, all the flavor is preserved in your cup. If you prefer the convenience of a tea bag, look for a sachet with whole leaf tea and larger ingredients inside –  that’s the good stuff. Of course, our favorite thing about loose leaf tea is the theater – the ritual. The whole experience is so comforting and invigorating before you even take a sip!


Mug by A+J.

And speaking of rituals: a tea ritual isn’t just about honoring tradition – it’s about creating special moments. Traditionally, tea is a social drink, and we love that aspect, but we’ve found that tea really resonates with people who want a “me” moment. Creating your own tea ritual is such a beautiful thing: whether you’re taking a quick break at the office or brewing a cup before bed, it only takes a few minutes, but that time is totally devoted to doing something great for yourself. It’s almost magical that with some dried leaves, hot water, and a couple of minutes, you can make something so delicious, and so richly comforting. Wherever you are, a great cup of tea is cause for celebration – that first sip is a moment of pure happiness.


The Grand Cru Matcha blend from DAVIDsTEA.

The big trend to look out for this year is definitely matcha. This powdered Japanese green tea is an all-natural powerhouse, and it’s also a major food and beverage trend – it’s like the new espresso! Matcha is easy to spot, as it has a beautiful bright green color,  and unlike most tea, it’s a fine powder rather than tea leaves. People love matcha for its fresh, invigorating flavor, not to mention the energy boost and health benefits that come from drinking it. Since you’re technically consuming the entire tea leaf, you get even more benefits than a traditional steeped green tea – including every last drop of antioxidants and caffeine the tea leaf has to offer.

  More Tea Tips | Shop Mugs on Etsy

Editorial photos by Liana Carbone, tea blend images courtesy of DAVIDsTEA.


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    stitchduchess from stitchduchess said 6 years ago

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  • WildRoseAndSparrow

    Liana from WildRoseAndSparrow said 6 years ago

    I'm so glad that a fellow Montreal brand such as DAVIDsTea is featured!! There is definitely a strong tea culture here. I love just strolling down the Main and seeing all of the new trendy tea rooms. :) From the enjoyment of the sense of ceremony, of taking the time to properly savor a good cup of tea, whether a having your favorite blend in a special cup or mug or a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, to the olfactory and visual joy of an excellent tisane, there is something special about tea. :)

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    Can the English exist without Tea.............straight answer is NO Our older generation is used to drinking what they call ' builders tea'....that meaning strong, sweet and your choice of milk, whether that be full cream, semi skimmed, or just a small touch of milk. Everyone likes it their own way, and, it has to be made just to their liking, otherwise it just won't do. The younger generation are more adventurous, and drink many of the newer blends that have reached our shores. I agree with Brenda and Noodle ( love Noodle by the way ) to make a really good cup of tea, it is better brewed in the pot, and only drunk out of a china cup. That is not snobbery, thin bone china cups feel so much nicer on the lips and somehow tea feels more delicate. Pottery mugs have a thicker edge, which is great for builders tea, in fact I've never seen a builder drinking tea from a china cup. I'm sure that would be on Facebook. Right I'm off to put the kettle on........digestive or ginger nuts anyone

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  • TheSilverBranch

    Melanie from TheSilverBranch said 6 years ago

    If you don't have a thermometer to get the right temp for green tea, a tip I learned at my local tea shop is to heat up the water until it just starts to form those tiny bubbles (not a boil!). This is the right temp for green tea. I used to think I hated green tea until I was told that boiling water burns the leaves and makes it far more bitter - it's so true too. My favorite tea has to be Quangxhou Milk Oolong. The estate it's grown and cured in steams the oolong leaves over a vat of hot milk and it infuses the leaves with a wonderful creaminess.

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    I'm pretty tea-obsessed and loved seeing this post. I've been drinking matcha for years and am glad to see it becoming more widely available. You can also make a matcha paste and use it as a face mask, mix the powder into smoothies for an antioxidant boost and use it to flavor green tea ice cream! A big jar of matcha is a staple on my Christmas list every year. It can be a bit of an acquired taste so if you have trouble with it at first, try mixing in a bit of honey and sprinkle of cinnamon. Also be sure to whisk it well using a Traditional Japanese wooden whisk to get all the little powder chunks out. If you're looking for an amazing tea with the same amount of caffeine as coffee but without the crash that coffee can give a lot of people, try Guayusa. It's also packed with amino acids and tastes good. It's only a matter of time until it too gets "discovered" and becomes the new matcha. :)

  • bedouin

    Nicole from KarmaCodeOne said 6 years ago

    So inviting ~ I'll have to expand my tea tastes ~ My grandmother and great grandmother used to drink matcha. A little earthy for me though it brings back fond memories. I enjoy the top teas mentioned English Breakfast, Bergamot Earl Gray, and classic mint.

  • snowbella

    Jill Snow from Snowbella said 6 years ago

    My daughter works at Davids Tea. She's a tea encyclopedia now, and we are spoiled with the teas she bring home for us to try. She often asks, "Mom, do you wanna try some new tea!". She prepares it with such enthusiasm, and makes having a tea so special :)

  • lottelettuce

    Lotte Kooijman from paperblooming said 6 years ago

    Great blogpost! My favourite tea has been Matcha for years! It's super cheap and my Japanese family drinks it all the time!

  • twineysworkshop

    twineysworkshop from TwineysWorkshop said 6 years ago

    Great article - I learnt heaps. Thank you so much! Nothing better than a milky black tea or chai tea on a cold day! Don't forget a good cup of tea needs a nice tea coaster! Twineys Workshop has lots of lovely coasters attached to beautiful cards so you can send in the post or give as a gift with a box of tea! Happy drinking

  • AliciaLoh

    Alicia Loh from OpenquoteDesigns said 6 years ago

    This is pretty cool!

  • strawberrycouture

    Lenore Berry-Zaragosa from strawberrycouture said 6 years ago

    I love tea. It calms the nerves. I like to try different kinds.

  • mrdudi

    Mercedes Gazzano Ashkenazi from MERCeJewelry said 6 years ago

    Looove tea!! I take it with milk and no sugar :-))

  • WAXandWANEshop

    Ashley from WAXandWANEshop said 6 years ago

    This makes me want to drink more tea! It's hard to come by flavors I actually like. I am, however, in love with green tea ice cream.

  • suemako

    Sue from SuesAkornShop said 6 years ago

    Love tea!

  • devmuktijewels

    Devmukti jewels from DevmuktiJewels said 6 years ago

    Great article!!! i enjoy it!!!

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