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Noted: How We Save Our Food

Artist Jihyun Ryou invites communities to gather oral traditions about preservation and storage for optimal freshness.

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Noted: Creating a Zero-Waste Garment

In a challenge to maximize every inch of a single piece of fabric, a group of students discover the benefits of limitations.

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Billboards: The Next Green Home?

A Thai design studio is proposing the next big thing in subsidized housing, and it comes with really great views.

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Noted: Brown Is the New Green

Color is the latest tool in the battle to attract eco-conscious shoppers. Are we better off with mocha-hued toilet paper?

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Noted: The Incredible Hotel Built in 15 Days

China’s efficient architectural strategy may be poised to solve the housing drought, but can this foundation stand the test of time?

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Who Put Americans in Jeans and T-Shirts?

Today’s casual styles may seem like a development in cultural taste, but corporate manufacturers might be the ones calling the shots.

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Noted: The Depaving Movement

Grab your pickaxe and sledgehammer and join the fight to free the soil trapped under our abandoned parking lots.

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Saving the Planet One Photograph at a Time

Throughout the years, one artistic medium has proved why our natural environment is worth saving.

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Adding Value to Small Farms

When the traditional agricultural model can no longer support a family farm, innovators transform commodities into artisanal success.

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Noted: The Town That Recycles Christmas Tree Lights

Through an incredibly resourceful process, the afterlife of our holiday refuse finds its way to the feet of China’s communities.

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The (In)Efficiency of Local Food

When calculating the economical value of the locavore movement, are we missing the point?

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Noted: Fake Fir, Real Problems

An artificial Christmas tree may seem like the eco-friendly option for your holiday festivities, but an expert wants you to consider the real deal.

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Noted: The Microbial Home

Going above and beyond energy-saving lightbulbs, Philips designs a domestic ecosystem full of beehives and bathroom sensors that monitor your health.

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Green Shipping Materials for the Holidays

Alternative packing methods, such as organic popcorn and recycled encyclopedias, can be used to cut down on unnecessary waste this holiday season.

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Noted: Hire Your Own Eco-Concierge

Tired of separating paper and plastic? Wish you could find a vegan hair salon? Help is but a phone call away — if you can afford it.

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Poco Dolce: Guilt-Free Chocolate

Halloween is around the corner — do you know who made your candy?

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Breaking Local Bread: Wild Hive Farm

By bringing grain back to the Hudson Valley, Don Lewis is helping people develop a taste for their own neighborhood.

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Eating Insects: The Key to the Future?

Once considered a novelty, insects have now been proven as a sustainable alternative to meat. Are you prepared to eat a mealworm to save the planet?

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Leave No Leftover Behind: The Story of Food Waste

Melon rinds and stale bread seem destined for the compost heap — but they don’t have to be. Embrace your food waste and make your meals last longer.

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Visiting the Farm

Farm stays give families the chance to leave the city for a night and experience rural life firsthand.

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Noted: Mannequin Madness

Retailers are giving their plastic humanoids a life-like makeover that they hope will attract shoppers. Just try to avoid the cold, creepy glare.