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Elevate Any Basic Banana Bread With This Tasty Trick

The secret to making this classic comfort food even more warm and inviting? Topping it off with a fruity flourish.

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Make an (Edible!) Haunted House

Looking for ways to make Halloween at home extra-sweet? This DIY dessert doubles as decor, and is as fun to make as it is to eat.

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Punch Up the Outdoor Fun With This Festive Summer Refreshment

Add some pizzazz to your punch bowl with an easy-to-make (and entirely edible) block of decorative ice.

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Whip Up Delicious Homemade Dip in 5 Simple Steps

Elevating your family’s next barbecue night is as easy as following our recipe for fresh and flavorful herb dip to serve on the side.

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How to Make Picnic-Perfect Icebox Cakes

Whip up some joy in a jar with this simple recipe for mini, minty cakes the whole family can enjoy in the shade with a spoon.

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A Colorful DIY Dessert to Make Easter a Little Sweeter

Even if the neighborhood egg hunt is off, you can still fill their baskets with a one-of-a-kind treat using this surprisingly simple homemade recipe.

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A Crowd-Pleasing Apple Cake From Thalia Ho of Butter & Brioche

This holiday, add a subtly seasonal apple-and-almond-topped olive oil cake from desserts expert Thalia Ho to your sweets spread.

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Show Your Pride With DIY Rainbow Cookies

Bonus: They taste as good as they look.

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Bake This: Butter Cookie Owls

Send your guests home with something sweet and creative, like these tasty butter owl cookies by Heather Baird.

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Make Ice Pops for Your Pup

Help your dogs keep their cool with a tasty pup pop recipe from Heather Baird of Sprinkebakes.

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A Fantastical Fairy House You Can Eat

Build a magical (and fully edible) hideaway using pantry essentials — and a dash of creativity.

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Make Coloring Book Cookies

Two stress-busting activities (baking and coloring) come together in a cookie unlike any other.

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Make Matchstick Cookies This Valentine’s Day

For the one who lights your fire.

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Warm Up With Scandinavian Glögg

Serve this Scandinavian spiced wine at your next party for maximum holiday cheer.

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Make Pretzel Broomstick Party Snacks

Wow your party guests or add some magic to snack time with witchy broomsticks by Heather Baird.

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Clever Twists on Classic Mother’s Day Gifts

Creative takes on tried-and-true gifts for mom.

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Smells Good Enough to Eat: the Perfume Cake

Scent, taste, and memory are inextricably linked, which is one reason this historic cake recipe (the secret ingredient: perfume!) is so intriguing.

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Last-Minute Valentine Treats and Printables

Pressed for time this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered with easy DIY lollipops and adorable download-and-print valentines.

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DIY Valentine Treats for Your Dog

Don’t forget your furry BFF this Valentine’s Day! Say I love you with this recipe for colorful conversation heart dog biscuits.

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Decorate Your Next Dessert With Spun Sugar

Create a candy garnish sure to add drama to any dessert.

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Make Adorable Acorn Cookies

Whimsical and woodsy acorn cookies will delight dinner guests – and they’re delicious, too.