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Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Success: Item Listing Makeovers

Daniellexo reviews a clothing designer’s listings and shares her top tips for being found on Etsy.

Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Success: Make Your Shop More Relevant

Optimizing your item listings for relevant search is a breeze with this handy catalog of tips.

Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Putting Your Shop on Top: Etsy’s Most Relevant Search

We’re letting you in on how things work under the hood so you’ll understand some of the mystery of why and how items show up in search results.

Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Community Advice: Tagging Woes

Look no further than your fellow Etsians when you run into a road block. Today we receive an intuitive lesson in keywords.

Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Success Tips: Increasing Your Item Views

How do you get your Etsy items found by many? I started a dialogue to help answer this common question in the Etsy Forums, and the the resulting thread took on a life of its own, with sellers offering stellar tips too good to not share. For example, Etsy seller Shalana of Greendale, Wisconsin-based shop shalana suggests, “The… Continue reading

Etsy Guide to SEO

Attention, sellers! The Etsy Guide to SEO is here! UPDATE: Daniellexo has made this handy video from Rand’s first Online Lab chat. We suggest watching it over at Vimeo, where you can see the screenshots a little bigger.  [The following was originally published on September 24, 2009.] SEOmoz, the Search Engine Optimization consultants we’ve been… Continue reading

Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Seller Workshop Recap: Tags, Titles, Descriptions and Most Relevant Search

Thanks to everyone who came to our May 28, 2009 Online Lab on Tags, Titles, Descriptions and Materials and the new Most Relevant option in Etsy’s Search. We had some great questions come up, and we wanted to make sure we shared the answers with those who couldn’t make the workshop. Here’s a quick Q&A…. Continue reading

Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Seller How-To: Optimizing Your Etsy Shop for Search Engines

UPDATE: Please see the most recent information on this topic in our Help section. Click here! We’ve been making some changes around the site that we hope will have a big impact. Over the past several months, we’ve implemented a series of changes to improve Etsy’s SEO (search engine optimization). Improved SEO means that it’s… Continue reading

Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Seller How-to: International Tagging, Yeah Baby!

How can thousands of items boost their visibility? Why would most British men steer clear of your handmade suspenders? Why is my mother blushing at your listing for a fanny pack? scatterboxoriginals, one of Etsy’s growing number of international members, invites you for tea, cucumber sandwiches and a lesson in the wonderfully weird world of… Continue reading

Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Writing for an Online Audience: How-To

Hi! My name is Deanna Roux, aka FancyFreeMe on Etsy. My last job was for a corporate communications department, in employee communications. I was assistant editor for an employee magazine and online publisher for an employee intranet.  My experience granted me some valuable knowledge on the difference between writing for a print publication and an… Continue reading