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Getting Started in Video: Audio Options

So you’ve got your camera and you’re shooting some special footage.  How can you make it sound good? MP4 | Youtube | | Subscribe in iTunes If you keep your subject within arm’s length, you can use the onboard (built in) mic to get passable audio.  If you’re recording to tape, you’ll get some…

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Getting Started in Video: Camera Choices

There is something special about video that you can’t get from writing or photographs.  Seeing someone on video is more personal. I really want to see more links to videos on the Etsy site, so I’m starting up this tutorial series to get you started making your own videos.  Making videos gives the world a…

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Podcasting, anyone? DIY Radio tips from the Public Radio Exchange

As part of our podcasting series, we invited some radio producers and youth radio community organizers to share their passion and expertise. Kiera Feldman aka radiokiera and Jones Franzel aka RadioJones will be joining us Wednesday, March 12th, 2008, in the Online Labs for an Online Workshop. They’ll be taking questions about how to get…