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Fan Art and Fair Use: One Truth and Five Myths

As we can see from You be the Judge articles, news stories, and even Law and Order, there are at least two sides to every legal dispute. Sometimes a seemingly clear cut case can get turned on its head by a legitimate excuse, which makes the behavior perfectly legal. In the case of an allegation…

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Etsy, I See Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is a hot topic on Etsy and in the media. As we see in the You be the Judge series, there are always at least two side to any infringement story. Many artists, lawyers and even judges may disagree as to what constitutes copyright infringement and alternatively what should be deemed fair use…

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Internet Safety: Don’t get Caught in the Web

Etsy would like our community to be safe, both online and offline. When using the Internet we should all take precautions to ensure our safety and privacy. Here are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind when using Etsy and the Internet in general: Personal Information: Take care when posting personal information about yourself or…

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Using Fabric in your Creations: Not All Fabric is Created Equal

SarahSays will be writing a series on Using Fabric in Your Creations. I have seen a lot of forum debate on the use of fabric in creations.  I hope to shed a little light on this complicated topic. *Not all Fabric is Created Equal:* When discussing United States copyright and fabric, usually someone brings up…