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Noted: Bartering for Knowledge

At an educational space that’s spreading across the world, artists and thinkers are invited to determine what their skill is worth.

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How Much Is Your Wedding Photography Worth to You?

In what is described as a “social experiment,” a Seattle-based photographer invites her clients to pay what they think their wedding photos are worth.

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Noted: What It Means to Unconsume

In an an economy where a company’s mere name can add value, author Rob Walker invites everyone to contribute to the first brand that has no products.

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Unboxing Desire: The Psychology Behind Packaging

Like shiny jewel boxes containing precious treasures, the PVC prisons of our consumer goods trigger our innermost emotions.

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The Story of Supplies

In the crowded marketplace of Yiwu, one crafter seeks out the past lives of her materials.

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Local Living Economies

Judy Wicks grew her restaurant into a model of sustainable business practices, and then realized she couldn’t do it alone.

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The Shopping Haul Phenomenon

Turning on your webcam and showing off your new shoes might be a simple idea, but for a growing group of teenage girls, it’s a money-making empire.

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Noted: Attack of the Endless Receipt

As annoying as it may be, there’s a reason why stores like CVS and Walgreens think we need a mile-long record of a transaction.

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The Tyranny of Trends

Hello Etsy speaker Charty Durrant delves into the ramifications of fast fashion, and the pressing opportunities for mindful shopping.