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Surprising Anniversary Gifts to Impress Your Better Half

Aug 4, 2015

by Shoko Wanger handmade and vintage goods

Just as there are many ways to get married, there are many ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Much like a white dress and a tiered cake aren’t everyone’s idea of perfection, we understand that many couples care more about finding the just-right romantic gift for right now than they do about locating a traditional paper present for the first year or a wood gift for the fifth (no matter how clever the twist). With that in mind, we’re sharing 16 items, from a dapper leather travel bag to a Napoleon-approved ring, that are sure to delight old-fashioned types and modern lovers alike.

For Him

Commemorating the occasion with a getaway for two? Set out in style with an elegant weekender crafted of whiskey-brown leather ($360).

Bathtime luxuries shouldn’t be limited to the ladies. These handsome, handmade linen robes ($114) are cut to fit a variety of figures — and are completely free of frills.

Swap tried-and-true truffles for another ultra-decadent chocolate treat ($8.50 for four), made even richer with espresso and dulce de leche.

For Her

Toi et moi rings — “you and me” in French — are characterized by two adjoining stones that symbolize the union of two souls; this one, made with opal ($430), dates back to 1905. The rings’ passion-filled past, it turns out, is far-reaching — the diamond-and-sapphire stunner that Napoleon used to propose to Josephine in 1776 likely initiated the trend.

For the underwear aficionado who has (almost) everything: a pair of cashmere and merino briefs ($19) that are soft as silk, comfy as cotton, and luxe as lace — but 10 times hipper.

This 14k gold pendant ($186), accented with a single diamond, serves a daily reminder of the ultimate wish come true.

For You Both

As their clever creator says, these crocheted slippers ($55 for two pairs) are the ultimate antidote to cold feet.

Because just knowing they exist puts a sparkle in your eyes, here’s a fitting pair of star-themed tees ($48 for two).

The symbol of love you wear around your finger can also infuse your morning ritual with meaning; a set of simple stoneware mugs ($55 for two) adorned with hand-painted rings is like a sentimental secret in plain sight.

Stamp-maker Sachi transforms sweethearts’ snapshots into custom stamps (from $79) bearing their (uncannily accurate) hand-carved likeness.

For Your Home

Honor Cupid’s expert aim with a colorful set of 1950s archery arrows ($39), which make for playful, punchy home decor.

For lovers whose partnership was written in the stars: a personalized print ($18) showcasing your cosmic compatibility.

In celebration of a bond that only continues to grow, here’s a miniature planter in the shape of a happy home ($20).

What’s dreamier than rainfall on a lazy morning in? For peaceful rest no matter the weather, treat yourselves to satin cotton bedding (from $159) patterned to resemble precipitation.

A nod to animals who mate for life, this set of handmade porcelain swans ($69) will sit side by side evermore on a desk or windowsill. (Other ideas inspired by lifelong lovers: a pair of silver penguin studs; this loyal owl; and these wide-eyed, screen-printed turtle doves.)

For couples whose canine cohorts are their best friends (and bedmates), a colorful print ($36) that’ll hit happily close to home. (Cat owners, rejoice: There’s a version for you, too.)

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