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Summertime Brights

Jul 18, 2012

by chelseacosta handmade and vintage goods

Chelsea Costa is a musical theatre performer by day and a blogger by night — or sometimes vice versa. Her blog, Lovely Indeed, focuses on a DIY lifestyle, and all of the happiness that comes along with it. After five spectacular years living in Manhattan, she recently relocated to her home state of sunny California with her husband, Ryan. They now reside in Los Angeles and spend their time diligently becoming familiar with every shop, restaurant, beach, and flea market within a 50-mile radius.

Summer is in full swing, and I’m loving every second of it! There’s something wonderful about summer that brings out the best in the world, if you ask me: the sun is warmer, the birds sing more sweetly, and there is color everywhere you look. If you’re needing a little color inspiration, look no further than some of the staples of summer time; sunsets, surf, and sweet treats are just a few of the summery go-tos that are making my head swim with color. Thank goodness for the fine Etsy folk featured below. They’ve got these summery brights down to a science

[Clockwise from top left: There Is Thunder In Our Hearts tote by field guidedRetro Red Striped Thermos by King-Seeley by BrightWallVintageSweetheart Sunnies by countoncuteVintage Chinese Red Halls Ironstone Ball Jug Pitcher by highstreetmarketYours Til Niagara Falls  by BROOKLYNrehabIcing Coral Bead on Gold Filled Chain Necklace by edorVintage Crepe Paper Garland by ethanollieAcrylic Molar Ring  by theTriangleOfBears.

I dare you to bite into a piece of watermelon and not have it taste like sunshine. These gorgeous pinks and reds have me daydreaming about that first juicy bite, when it’s nice and cool and maybe a little bit messy. Backyard picnic, anyone?

[Clockwise from top left: Chicago Architecture Floursack Towel by girlscantellHand-Dyed Silk Top by xsilkInky Blue Abacus Table Napkin Pair by skinny laminxSea Glass Original Painting by LouisestArtSpace Pebble Stud Earrings by theTriangleOfBearsPerfect Hair Ties in Santorini by ThePerfectHairTiesFeather Watercolor by rakla.] 

Pretty much any day of the week, I’ll tell you that my favorite place is beside the sea. The shades of blue that you can find there, if you really look, are endless.  But the one I’m loving the most this summer is the dark, inky blue, where the water is the deepest.

[Clockwise from top left: Marimekko Picnic Blanket by SewnNaturalFrench Macaron Coin Purse by BubabubaYellow Leather Card Case by sidneyannVintage Fiestaware Pitcher by highstreetmarketCrochet Bow Pattern by byaccessoriseCylinder Kewpie Cabeza by CircaCeramicsKnitted Mohair Shorts by theknitkidChevron Pixel Pot Holder by PigeonToeCeramics.] 

One of my weaknesses is a kid at a lemonade stand, and these yellows are just about as good. Punchy and bright, it’s the perfect go-to color if you’re feeling happy and carefree — just like summer should be.

[Clockwise from top left: Mesa Skirt by DamselflyOrganicsAgrotera Series Braided Linen Moonstone Necklace by IWASANDWILLBEHot Pink and Orange Wrap Bracelet by delmarladyCarstens Tonnieshof Ceramic Vase by FoundVintageStylePleated Orange and White Tote Bag by byMARTTurkish Bath Towel by bath style.] 

And at the end of a perfect summer day, there’s nothing like the perfect sunset to finish it off. My favorites are the bright, burning orange ones. They kind of sneak up on you, and sometimes flame out before you know it. But grab some orange goodies like these to keep you company, and hang on to the sunset for a little while longer.


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