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Style Your Shelf: 66 Objects to Adorn Your Home

Jul 11, 2014

by Mallory McInnis handmade and vintage goods

As a book lover, I firmly believe that literary objects should be the focal point of shelves. However, a wall with books alone is a bore — why not liven up your resident bookshelf with a little styling? Simply add your favorite collections — be it pottery, miniatures, sea creatures or glassware — and you’ve got an inventive assemblage that speaks to your taste.

And while you’ve undoubtedly taken (or at least heard of) a selfie, have you ever snapped a shelfie? Like the selfie, it’s a type of self-portrait — only instead of a picture of your face, it’s a shot of your collections displayed on a shelf. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite imaginary shelfies composed of beautiful objects found on Etsy, along with tips on how to style your shelves. Share your favorite Etsy collections by uploading a photo to Instagram with the hashtag #shelfie and @etsy.* 



1. Alarm Clock from Euro Vintage
2. Serving Tray from Le French Bazaar
3. Ice Cream Sundae Cookie Jar from Modish Vintage
4. Table Light by DAMM Design
5. Trinket Dishes by The Lulu Bird
6. Bookshelf by East Oak
7. Alpaca by Cat Rabbit
8. Cactus by Sian Keegan
9. Wooden Pins from M.D. Quality Goods
10. Wooden Mushrooms at Msmichiganroux
11. Cat Planter at The Recycleista
12. Ceramic Selfie by Charlotte Mei

Turn your shelves (and fireplaces, credenzas, and end tables) into petite galleries by displaying artwork and collections. Tip: Add depth to your shelves by layering objects vertically and horizontally, creating tiers with books.


1. Red Head Vase by Laura Bird
2. Houseplant Ornament by Decoylab
3. Lamp by Worley’s Lighting
4. Wolf Dish from Now Vintage
5. Shelf Unit by M.D. Quality Goods
6. Telephone from Nell’s Vintage House
7. Beastie Bud Vase by Jen E.
8. Pink Cloud Pillow by Maija Elizabeth
9. Black Lion by Rose de Borman
10. Cup Planters by Elizabeth Benotti
11. Walrus Dish from Pop Bam Vintage
12. Bath Salts by Mullein & Sparrow
13. Plant Pot by Nam Nam Ceramics
14. Banana Holder from SURPRISEU
15. Camera from Horses for Courses
16. Mushroom Lamp from The White Pepper

And your shelves don’t have to be just for books and decorative objects. Try adding in functional pieces like lamps, potted plants, or your favorite vintage camera.


1. Screenprint by Sue Jean Ko
2. Viking from Mid Mod Mom
3. Ceramic Cat by Barruntando
4. Carrot Plushie by Pretzel Pretzel
5. Globe from Cartographics
6. Salt Cellar by A MANO
7. Bear from Curial Vintage
8. Bookshelf from Fabitecture
9. Teak Ice Bucket from Barking Sands Vintage
10. Lamp from Bingo Box

Who says artwork has to hang on a wall? Integrate your favorite prints and paintings by propping them against books or hanging at the center of your shelf.


1. Lampshade by Most Likely Shop
2. Soft Sculpture by Jess Quinn Small Art
3. Color Wheel Test Machine from Agent Gallery
4. Little Mushrooms by Mir Dinara
5. Succulent Planter by Half Light Honey Studio
6. Squirrel Soap by Imaginary Animal
7. Pottery Bowl Set by Viruset Studio
8. Child’s Plate from Kitchen Table Vintage
9. Pull-Along Poodle from Two Red Suitcases
10. Plastic Letters from Bingville
11. Salt and Pepper Shakers by Bar Ceramics
12. Wood Shelf from 86 Home

Is your home feeling a little stale? No need to rearrange the furniture; create a fresh look and feel simply by mixing up one of your shelves.


1. Lamp by Ariel Zuckerman
2. Owl Sculpture from Moth-Eaten Deer Head
3. Wall Hanging from Danish Mood
4. Chef’s Hat Container from That Retro Girl
5. Vase from JC Modern
6. Vase from Apartment 528
7. Jewelry Dish by Calyer Ceramics
8. Metal Horse Head from Little Dog Vintage
9. Brass Fish from Generation Restoration
10. Bowl by Sheila Ross
11. Snail by Willowynn
12. Fox Bookends by Graphic Spaces
13. Horse Pair from Junk House
14. Camper from Franz66’s Eclecticism
15. Alpaca Bowl by Alex Sickling
16. Shelf Unit from 506070

Yep, a well-edited shelf is a beautiful thing. How do you showcase your collections?

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