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Story Board: Heat Wave

Jun 18, 2012

by Su Wu handmade and vintage goods

On nights like this, the sidewalks give off a slow heat, releasing the energy of the day, and you wonder what happened to the late afternoon, to the 7:30 sunlight that already looks like yesterday, and where all these people on the roof came from and whether they are really having a good time.

[Clockwise from top left: 1940s enamel and amethyst necklace from Mercyvintagenow; Vintage braided puff sandals from 20twentyvintage; Rockabilly ivory dashed sunglasses from HipKittyVintage; Orange and grey Turkish towel from OrganicTextiles4all; Vintage sisal hot pink striped bag from secretlake; Pin-up 1950s playsuit from TravelingCarousel.]

Think about the lovelorn jet stream following the sun, and all the air sinking down into you, and crushed ice with mint, and how no one ever calls a heat wave “the dead of summer.” On really hot days everything slows except for the blood rushing to your skin and the water rushing to your skin, and your organs wake up from a nap and wonder where everyone went.

[Clockwise from top left: Vintage leather short overalls from OakStreetVintageCopper sun necklace from shivikaPrimitive three-legged stool from sevenbcNatural shea butter and carrot oil sunscreen from SoulSisterSoapsMini lightweight charcoal grill from AppagareGorgeous old straw hat from midcenturyzCut-out floral espadrilles from the industry.]

There’s a repressed summer inside, an artificial chill, accompanied by a low wheeze that doesn’t sound like freedom, like nothing is really cool when you have to give up so much for it. They say crime increases when it’s really hot out, and maybe it’s the type of bravery that accompanies discomfort, that nothing sits quite right.

[Clockwise from top left: Vintage Swatch from MimisClayCreations; Vintage Emmanuelle cropped bustier top from MagicPumpkinVintage; Navy star napkins from knifeinthewater; ’80s Geometric shorts from irievibe4201970s table fan from VintageEuroDesignLacquered George Briard ice bucket from blueflowervintage; Yellow and black polka dot flats from SweetLoveVintage.]

Or maybe it’s these summer nights, when the heat has retreated and we’re salt-skinned survivors of the sun. We feel invincible and solid again, the flat-out joy of the faintest breeze, giving off slow heat like the sidewalk.

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  • PopLoveCouture

    Shai Wallach from PopLoveCouture said 4 years ago Featured

    For all the sweat, sunburns and dehydration, there's no time of year more full of fun, excitement and freedom than summer. It's the one time of year where your can wander around in short-shorts and a neon tank top and no one blinks an eye.


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