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Story Board: Factory

Jul 16, 2012

by Su Wu handmade and vintage goods

On the very best nights, when we’ve danced enough and the floor is still full of other people, we’ll find a smaller room off to the side that feels like a secret and create a personal balcony, walled off by our breathlessness, the urgency of barely heard conversations and outfit assessments, of the flattery we don’t know how to take. Some guy just asked me, “Do you love anybody?” and I freaked out and turned completely around so that I was standing in the same spot, just with my back to him. You need to tell me it’s okay that the answer is no.

[Clockwise from top left: Red abstract vintage milk glass mug from myshewasyarAwesome striped vintage Norma Kamali bolero skirt suit from StatedStyle; Oval mod eye brooch from persnickety vintageTwo-tone clear jelly shoes from OiseauVintage; Aldo Rossi for Alessi tea kettle from runthemilldesigns; Young Versace pencil skirt from IngridIceland.] 

Clockwise from top left: Vintage iridescent pouches from TheeOJvintageBlue, pink, black ascot tie blouse from TheRetroPanda; Pointy cut-out Norma Kamali oxfords from thevintageage; Vintage Lisa Frank stickers from vintage 23Airbrushed ’80s circle earrings from kokorokoko; Squiggle print neon pink shorts from dirtybirdiesvintage; Kimono coat black and white print from BrightCloset.] 

[Clockwise from top left: Custom encaustic triangles from SewingMachines; ‘80s neon sports bra from whatezekielsaw; Vintage carrera red sunglasses from bettiecoutureVintage Beverly Feldman Keith Haring-style espadrilles from VintiqueLA; Rosenthal salt pepper shakers by Dorothy Hafner from afterglowretroPurple Conair alarm clock from funretro;  XL handpainted canvas tote from Trustfund21; Vintage Espirit geometric scarf from piscesvintage; Light summer yellow stripe skirt from missmanda44.] 

[Clockwise from top left: Salt-n-Pepa colorblock shorts from kokorokokoMetallic Comme des Garcons shoes from JettVintage; Early 90s Cross Colors snapback from saintgabardine; Red leather finger gloves from newbodyshopBodycon vintage Moschino hands dress from Aquanetta.]

There are still fights to be avoided tonight, and compliments to be paid in the bathroom line, and if you crawl beside the garbage cans again and just sit there, under the bar, I’ll join you without a word, the remains of the evening loosening into a sort of intimacy, of being gross together.

There’s no one here who wouldn’t take you home tonight. But first let’s walk down the side streets and bump around, and snake the long route as though we’re escaping tomorrow, but mostly to avoid the lights of minimarkets, and stop at least twice and refuse to go on. Let’s forget there’s anywhere else but this bit of curb, and gasp with real and exaggerated enthusiasm at how no one else in the whole world has noticed the stars yet tonight, and how beautiful they are.  


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