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Steampunk Halloween Ideas, from Etsy &

Oct 28, 2008

by Vanessa Bertozzi handmade and vintage goods

Etsy is partnering with for the DIY Halloween Costume Contest, and we’ve both noticed the Steampunk trend.  Members of Instructables are offering up some mind-blowing costume ideas — feats of DIY engineering, really — and Etsy sellers are making some creative items that would suit these costumes and theme parties. Here are 5 picks for Halloween-related projects, along with some related items from Etsy. And hey, remember to enter the contest — entries due November 9th, 2008!

 Steampunk chicken-walker mech by Bug

For the Star Wars fan/steampunk in all of us.

Some items you might need:

A white blouse by adarie 

Vintage black boots from ZucchiniFlourVintage 


 Raygun — Steampunk Defense by aintMichael


If you like this project, you will definitely love buildersstudio‘s sweet raeguns. He makes them in both tiny pendant size and full prop size. There’s quite an array of choices.



Haunted Ouija Board by askJacob

Spooky! TwinPondsFarm offers an original Spirit board in case you need one. 


Low Cost Jacob’s Ladder Made From A Salvaged Oil Transformer by bloomautomatic


Another marvelous, ingenious prop for a killer Halloween party. If you’re not confident about your playing with electricity skills, you should check out sksullivan667‘s shop, offering lamps with that raw metal, gear-clad look, perfect for a mad scientist’s laboratory. 

Realistic Steampunk Airship Goggles by greensteam

There are some very cool Steampunk goggle options on Etsy too, such as these by NEVERWAS


If you want to learn more about the fashion sense behind Steampunk, check out this slideshow on the New York Magazine site. It features photos from a recent fashion show organized by Etsian Kathy Malone aka fofolle. We blogged about the event here.

Steampunk & Twilight Gift Guide | Posts about Steampunk | Costume Contest Info

Ouija Board Pendant and Necklace
Ouija Board Pendant and Necklace
Busty Magnum Retro Ray Gun FULL Life Size Classic Serial Type Science Fiction WOOD Replica
Busty Magnum Retro Ray Gun FULL Life Size Classic Serial Type Science Fiction WOOD Replica
$69.00 USD
Silent Mauser Retro Ray Gun FULL Life Size Prop Science Fiction Wood Replica
Silent Mauser Retro Ray Gun FULL Life Size Prop Science Fiction Wood Replica
STEAMED - 6.5 - Artistic STEAMPUNK wire ring with MOONSTONE bead
STEAMED - 6.5 - Artistic STEAMPUNK wire ring with MOONSTONE bead
Pearl Bridal Choker
Pearl Bridal Choker
Black Crinkle Leather Spats for High Heels
Black Crinkle Leather Spats for High Heels
Coffin Sleeves satin Steampunk shrug
Coffin Sleeves satin Steampunk shrug
$50.00 USD
afrenzy bobbs-spooky-TWO
afrenzy bobbs-spooky-TWO


  • dogties

    dogties said 8 years ago

    Amazing, We love it all! Totally awesome.

  • LushPunk

    LushPunk said 8 years ago

    Oh wow - there's awesome stuff in here! That pendant light makes me wish I had a mad scientists' lab - and the black crinkle boots? *drool*

  • studiocvh

    studiocvh said 8 years ago

    wow, the crinkle boots are amazing...

  • BargainHeadbands

    BargainHeadbands said 8 years ago

    I love those afrenzy bobbs-spooky, and the bridal choker

  • CatherinetteRings

    CatherinetteRings said 8 years ago

    Thanks for including my Moonstone ring ! Those rayguns are really Awesome .

  • NicoAndMooMoo

    NicoAndMooMoo said 8 years ago

    steampunk clothes are quite sexy, no? ;-)

  • modadesigns

    modadesigns said 8 years ago

    Steampunk rocks! Since I discovered it, I haven't touched any other medium! I used to be a gemstones only all I make are Steampunk jewellery like the dragonfly ring in my avatar!

  • LiteArt

    LiteArt said 8 years ago

    Thanks for the collage. I liked wire ring with MOONSTONE bead.

  • Heterodyne

    Heterodyne said 8 years ago

    Fantastic! Wonderful to see so much steampunk!

  • sojourncuriosities

    sojourncuriosities said 8 years ago

    Viva la steampunk!!!!! For more steampunk items on Etsy be sure to search "steamteam". If you're in the Sunnyvale, CA area, check out the Etsy Steam Team booth at the Steam Powered Convention!

  • Corpseknit

    Corpseknit said 8 years ago

    Halloween is the perfect chance to dip into a little Steampunk! Thank you for showcasing some of the wonderful Steampunk pieces here on Etsy, and for including my leg warmers in your collection!

  • FatalAttraction

    FatalAttraction said 8 years ago

    Great collection of steaminess, Vanessa! Do a search for Steamteam on Etsy for more awesome steam driven goodies!

  • nullalux

    nullalux said 8 years ago

    The Etsy Steam Team has over 100 active members! Check us out at, and search for 'steamteam' on Etsy. ~Emily Theriaca Fina

  • Wenchie

    Wenchie said 8 years ago

    Fun article thanks for laying on the steam!

  • LegendaryTigerHero

    LegendaryTigerHero said 8 years ago

    Such wondrous curiosities and oddities to ponder!!!

  • lifesprototype

    lifesprototype said 8 years ago

    This was pretty cool. I like the videos that are put in it, VERY helpful. I'm still lost as to what I want to be dressed as for Halloween.

  • CutieDynamite

    CutieDynamite said 8 years ago

    Gorgeous! Love that bolero!

  • Room3designs

    Room3designs said 8 years ago

    mmmm...steamy steamy steamy

  • ashesandempires

    ashesandempires said 8 years ago

    thank you for featuring our leather crinkle spats! yay!

  • sweetlilnothings

    sweetlilnothings said 8 years ago

    This style has really taken hold within the last few months, I can't get enough of it myself. At my school, there have already been several art projects created in this style, I almost got to do character and layout designs for a steampunk game someone was creating in Game Design. (I'm an animation major...who sadly got very ill and couldn't participate). Anywho, I'm very interested in this and would love to see more!

  • garconniere

    garconniere said 8 years ago

    i've always been into vintage clothes, especially flappers, and i love the steampunk spin on spats! thanks for sharing such great finds with us...

  • mixeralex

    mixeralex said 8 years ago

    Its the next trend keep it going!

  • festiveflamingos

    festiveflamingos said 8 years ago

    love this style! It sort of reminds me of one of my favorite films, City of Lost Children! Amazing work all of you :)

  • BusyBeeBumbleBeads

    BusyBeeBumbleBeads said 7 years ago

    This will be fun!!!

  • DreamSteam

    DreamSteam said 7 years ago

    I had barely entered into the world of Steampunk jewelry-making at the time this article was posted last year, but I have always appreciated the ingenuity of others in this aesthetic! (Translated: "squee! pretty!") =) ~ DreamSteam Proud Member of Etsy Steamteam

  • misfitchic

    misfitchic said 7 years ago

    I love Steampunk! Try reading "The Anubis Gates" by Tim Powers for further inspiration.

  • LondonParticulars

    LondonParticulars said 7 years ago

    Such a great genre, going to make some goggles now!

  • HoudiniCards

    HoudiniCards said 7 years ago

    I LOVE steampunk - and have used it's influence in some of my handmade cards and photographic settings - please take a look ;-) Houdini x

  • EnRapturingReVisions

    EnRapturingReVisions said 6 years ago

    Very cool! Love the steam punk era!

  • 1StopSteampunkShoppe

    One Stop Steampunk Shoppe from OneStopSteamShoppe said 2 years ago

    Awesome Steampuk DIY!! Cheers

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