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Let’s #StandWithSmall Together

Apr 1, 2020

by Valerie Rains handmade and vintage goods

At Etsy, small businesses are at the heart of everything we do. If you’re an Etsy shopper, chances are good that supporting independent makers, artists, and curators matters to you too. 

Whenever you come to Etsy to give your home office a little love, upgrade your loungewear collection, or send a thoughtful gift to a friend who could use a pick-me-up, you can feel good about supporting independent sellers while also bringing more goodness to your everyday.

This is a challenging time, and many of us are looking for new ways to stay creative and inspired at home. As always, we’ll continue to bring you original DIY projects, compelling maker interviews, and creative inspiration every week here on the Etsy Journal. Etsy’s Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest feeds will keep surprising you with small moments of all-too-welcome delight (like this behind-the-scenes glimpse of how a pressed-flower wall hanging from kmpressed comes to life). And our sellers will continue doing what they do best: capturing our imaginations and pushing our favorites lists to the limit with their irreplaceable creations.

Let’s stick together in the coming weeks, and #StandWithSmall whenever we can. 


  • x8qnpozo

    Anna from LissiKids said 299 days ago

    Thank you very much for supporting a small business during this difficult time!!!It is very important for us!

  • andreapeterfly

    Andrea Peter Fly from MyPhotographyArt said 299 days ago

    Lovely post <3 ! Appreciate it as a seller, and definitely agree as a buyer too!

  • BellaRosina

    Carey Ann from BellaRosinaJewelry said 299 days ago

    Excellent video. Make sure to get the beekeepers too! "Handmade is Forever."

  • darinandrews1

    Darin Andrews from DarinsCouture said 299 days ago

    I'd like to thank Etsy for there understanding at this difficult time. I'd like to say we are back in business of selling again and stocks will be replenished.

  • PegandAwl

    Margaux and Walter Kent from PegandAwl said 298 days ago

    I love this montage! Thank you for supporting all of us, Etsy!

  • ysib9ldx

    Kelly from CedarMillStudio said 298 days ago

    Thank you so much for the support. Love this community!

  • agirlwithfeathers

    Carolina from Agirlwithfeathers said 298 days ago

    Thank you Etsy for supporting small business. We’re encouraged knowing that we are not alone in this time!

  • LadyInPurple

    Jennifer Tyson from LadyInPurpleBoutique said 298 days ago

    Feeling the love!

  • taj2tuuw

    BlueCaterpillarDesignStudio from GreetingCardsBlue said 298 days ago

    What an awesome article ! Thank you ! Very much needed and appreciated. LOVE and virtual HUGS to all !

  • cherryZO

    cherryZO from cherryZOvintage said 298 days ago

    How sweet! This post is exactly what I need right now. Thank you.

  • kosmetika1972

    Tatyana Sokolovа from BalticAmberJewelryRU said 297 days ago

    Thanks to Etsy for supporting the small business. It's very kind of you.

  • valezhki

    V from valezhki said 296 days ago

    Thank you Etsy-community! It so great to feel love and help in this challenging time. It is always name, smile, creativity and a lot of work behind every item in every shop!

  • EdoImperialMarudai

    Neysa Russo from TapestryNeedleFelt said 296 days ago

    Thank you all for your orders! This is my only means of survival right now. STAY HEALTHY and enjoy felting!!!!!

  • TheWoodMaid

    Valeria from TheWoodMaid said 295 days ago

    Etsy is the ultimate site to get new ideas to try to be creative and busy or just keep boredom at bay in this uncertain time. Myself is trying to hone my baking skill. Trying out and recording new recipes for rustic breads or sweet pastry dough. Stay busy and healthy y'all! Thank you so much for the support!!

  • jdgk4v9r

    Sandy Dove from DoveCreationsByDove said 293 days ago

    I answered your call to all etsy sellers in regards to making face mask to help with the short demand. I have had some amazing customers share their current stories with me and it breaks and fills my heart at the same time. To Etsy, fellow sellers and customers, kudos for looking out for and supporting each other through this challenging time. And thanks to our 4 legged children who we can still snuggle and hug.

  • tazfan101

    tazfan101 from CollectiblesByTaz said 292 days ago

    Good article and video, Thanks

  • MashaCreate

    Mariia Shevchenko from MariUkraine said 291 days ago

    Thank you! Just started to make pdf tutorials for my dear customers

  • 5hstugjo

    Watts DryGoods from WattsDryGoods said 291 days ago


  • Lonstere

    Loni Conte Everson from EmeraldValleyGifts said 290 days ago

    I am Super excited and I appreciate this video and article so much.... This puts small businesses on the right trajectory! I am inspired and uplifted. I Appreciate it Etsy!

  • lilspry

    Michele Spry from MidwayMercantileCo said 289 days ago

    Thank you! It's nice to see good things going on and how Etsy supports small businesses during this unknown and uneasy time. Much appreciated!

  • khwoyazt

    Sandra from SHDesignsFinds said 289 days ago

    Thank you so much for all your support. I have answered your call to make face masks to meet the demand. To help our community I will also be donating them to local hospitals and retirement homes - to protect our heros and vulnerable. And to all our first responders : Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! Stay safe and God Bless !!!

  • hofssues

    Marlene from marlenekennedystudio said 289 days ago

    Thank you so much for emphasizing and supporting our small businesses!

  • riverstar

    Tina from sierramoontreasures said 289 days ago

    Thanks to all Etsy shops ! This is our time to thrive.

  • qri8mlt0

    Анна Иванцова from ZHARKIKH said 288 days ago

    Thank you so much for all your support!

  • ahhso8pw

    Olga from BloomThrough said 288 days ago

    Thank you Etsy team for hard work and dedication!

  • hqdepcyv

    peace.detour from peacedetour said 288 days ago

    Thank you for supporting small businesses. We are so lucky to have this platform during this time. Sending love and light to everyone all around the world. Stay Safe. #StandWithSmall

  • BrooklynLotus

    Padmini Persaud-Obasi from BrooklynLotus said 287 days ago

    Most of my supplies are purchased from Etsy shops! Love this!

  • CocosCosmeticsTM

    Helen from CocosCosmetics said 287 days ago

    No one can imagine how it's happened to us all, just one moment and we thought that it was the end of our work, but wait don't forget we are all heroes of these days with Etsy together stand tall! Thank you All guys! You are really help us!

  • 6cpawqkk

    Tanya from KottoshStudio said 286 days ago

    I 'm very happy to be a team boy. Etsy thanks🙌🏻

  • bronwenjean

    Bronwen from DeepRootsWoodcraft said 286 days ago

    Thank you for supporting small businesses during all this crazy! Etsy is a wonderful community and the shoppers are the best :D

  • prettyhappygirl

    Gillian Silver from PrettyHappyVintage said 282 days ago

    I’m so grateful to still be able to sell on Etsy during this difficult time and I’m trying to help support other Etsy sellers by buying from them when there are things I need (and sometimes things I don’t need but can’t resist!) Thank you Etsy for the opportunity and the support.

  • fkqvodrf

    QVN Creation said 279 days ago

    cảm ơn các bạn - tôi đã tìm thấy nguồn cảm hừng riêng cho mình

  • gepm4hjr

    ComfortTex from ComfortTex said 276 days ago

    Together we can do everything!

  • 4uuinnnp

    Alina from EarringsWithFlowes said 268 days ago

    Thanks for the support. We continue to create beauty. In my business, the season begins, I collect flowers for future products.

  • mr2gpw4p

    Miranda from TheMeshyLife said 266 days ago

    Loved this! Thank you for supporting small businesses and ultimately their families!

  • smjrx7

    Stacie Skinner from AlluringWreathDesign said 266 days ago

    Thank you for the article! It's so important now to stick together and help each other.

  • 8vwdlgny

    Barb from Blingyourdoorandmore said 265 days ago

    Thank you for the supporting small businesses during this stressful time.

  • bunnyluv0

    Kimberly Nolen from wingsofhopecrafts said 264 days ago

    Truly appreciate the support behind all of our small businesses at this time. Creators work hard making their masterpieces and it is great to see that what we do is valued, especially during this time.

  • staceyamaro

    Stacey Amaro from AllThingsAmore said 263 days ago

    Thank you for your continued support of small business!

  • ecarneiro

    elizabeth carneiro from LittleSisByElizabeth said 258 days ago

    I appreciate the wonderful Etsy commercials I've been seeing. I've just opened my shop because I am a substitute teacher with no opportunity to work currently and I really appreciate the advertising! I love the creativity of Etsy. So many talented people and products to share.

  • seruva14

    Carolynne DeLisle from NonnasNuttyKrafts said 241 days ago

    I'm a small business owner and appreciate all who purchasde from me. One thing I do is write a hand written note that goes in the package to the new owner. To me it shows I care and appreciate them. so thank you to all who supports us.

  • seattleoriginal72

    Philip Abbott from ABBOTTpainting said 200 days ago

    Great post! Thank you! Wishing success to all!

  • MysticalRaindrops

    Jeannie from MysticalRaindrops said 127 days ago

    Small business to help us get through.

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