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A Wonderland of Winter White

Jan 15, 2014

by House of Earnest handmade and vintage goods

As you snuggle up under a handmade afghan and try to escape the cold, be sure to take a look out your nearest window — there are some pretty stellar views to be found in the frigid landscape. Falling snowflakes, ice-covered vistas and even melting snow drifts each capture color and light in inspiring ways. Using a winter-hued palette of white, cream, gray and silver, I’ve put together a collection of modern and rustic Etsy items that are sure to complement your closet or home.


[Clockwise from top left: Scarf  by Lee Coren; Poof Ottoman by Zeldabelle; Felt Garland by Benzie2014 Calendar by The Paperbird SocietyChevron Platters from Nicole Porter DesignEarrings by Lacy LauragrayMiniature Scene from Foxtail Creek Studio]


[Clockwise from top left: Removable Wallpaper from Accentu Wall; Nesting Bowls by Sara Paloma; Dining Chair  by Robrray; Necklace by Aldari Jewelry Designs; Winter Engagement Announcement by Rock Paper Dove; Coasters by Thimble Press; Leather Ballet Flats by The White Ribbon]


[Clockwise from top left: Wallpaper from Wall Plays; Ceramic Antlers by Clark Home Decor; Serving Spoons by Avesha Michael; Winter Wreath by Wild Ridge Design; Coconut Bath Soak by Herbivore Botanicals; Dead Sea Salt Face Soap by Caru Skincare Co; Modern Vases by Sara Paloma; Side Table by inoow Design]

3 Featured Comments

  • susanjizba

    Susan Jizba from AFiresideTale said 3 years ago Featured

    Such lovely winter whites. It reminds me of the rare times when I've been in a place that has a "real winter". On those occasions , I love watching the snowy gossamer flakes drift down, this way and that as I walk in the snow covered woods listening to the pervasive sound of silence. It has such a lovely serene almost ethereal quality, as if I were deep within in a soulful wintry meditation.

  • poplovedesigns

    Andrea Hughes from PopLoveHers said 3 years ago Featured

    There's really something about "winter white" that makes me nostalgic. When I lived in Canada, the whole concept seemed old-fashioned and outdated to me, but now living across the world in a country with no winter, seeing all these beautiful creations makes me long for the slushy, snowy days of January. The blanket of quiet that would envelop my whole town when there was a fresh snowfall... *sigh*

  • pillowlink

    Rosita from pillowlink said 3 years ago Featured

    White winter just came to Lithuania, it was rainy December, rainy Christmas and New Years eve.. This collection reflects very much the mood, joy and soft white snow tale around... Thanks for inspiration!!


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