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Short Stories: Wendy Gold Globes

Sep 20, 2012

by wendygold handmade and vintage goods

Here at Etsy, we believe that the story behind an object is often just as fascinating as the object itself. Short Stories is our series dedicated to telling the tales behind extraordinary pieces found or created by Etsy sellers.

Here’s artist Wendy Gold.

I have always been drawn to canvases that provide inherent commentary in themselves. My first venture into decorative arts came back in 2001 when, in a burst of inspiration, I started decoupaging toilet seats.  It quickly became a full-fledged business called Art de Toilette. Toilet seats were such an intriguing canvas to me because they were the perfect way to memorialize things you really love, or stuff you really don’t.

After becoming pregnant with my daughter five years ago, I didn’t want to work with all the harsh glues and chemicals that I’d been using for the toilet seats; I wanted something that would be better for me, for my daughter, and for the Earth. At my local antique fair, I came across a vintage globe and immediately recognized my new canvas. In 2010, ImagineNations was born. ImagineNations are whimsical worlds, decoupaged by hand with recycled materials on vintage globes.

A globe can take you in so many directions, both literally and figuratively. It is the best canvas I’ve found so far, but I’m looking to top it.

All artwork and photos by Wendy Gold.

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