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Short Stories: Tomato Earrings

Jul 25, 2012

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods

Here at Etsy, we believe that the story behind an object is often just as fascinating as the object itself. Short Stories is our series dedicated to telling the tales behind extraordinary pieces found or created by Etsy sellers. 

We’re getting close to peak tomato season, and while we’ve had tomatoes in soups and salads, we’ve never seen them quite like this. Here’s Real Fruit Jewelry’s unusual listing.

Who knew tomato slices could be so gorgeous?

These juicy-delicious looking earrings are made from carefully sliced real tomatoes which have been expertly preserved and then coated with a clear resin. The detail that’s been captured in these slices is astounding! They are a gorgeous, earthy shade of red, and when held up to the light, these earrings have a translucent stained-glass quality.

A perfect accessory for a gardener, cook, or anyone who loves unique, one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry!

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Have you created or come across an object with an extraordinary story that needs to be told? Email us!

3 Featured Comments

  • VeganAndHealthy

    VeganAndHealthy said 5 years ago Featured

    I really enjoyed this article because it took me back to my summer camp years, where we all made jewelry out of different fruits, veggies, nuts, pine cones and other natural items we found in the woods. It was a lot of fun as young girls to wear that type of jewelry.

  • TheWindowArtisan

    Susan Spurr from InSpurations said 5 years ago Featured

    Y U M M Y ! It amazes me what wonderful creativeness there is in the world. Outstanding colors. Must be a great process to retain the vibrant colors.

  • silviaberrios1

    Silvia Berrios from DesignsbySilvia said 5 years ago Featured

    Fabulous story and items. I want to wear them and eat them all!!! Right now I am harvesting in my orchard 6 different kind of heirloom tomatoes in different colors and shapes!! I just found another good use for them, bravo!!!


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