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A Dressing Room With Vintage Flair

Mar 27, 2013

by Meghan McAndrews handmade and vintage goods

Editor by day and the voice of High Plains Thrifter by night, Meghan McAndrews is known for her weekly nacho night get togethers and ongoing commitment to bringing big hair back. In her free time, she can be found scouring church-basement rummage sales, cooking in her kitchen or daubing it up at the bingo hall. 

Isn’t it strange how people can disappear completely from your life, but the smallest details remain burned into your brain? I lost my Grandma Mary many years ago, but the memory of her walk-in closet and vanity area remains vivid to me. The feel of the thick white carpet between my toes. The lingering scent of Chanel No. 5 in the air. The glittery baubles, and hushed, practically sacrosanct vibe. As a little girl, this space — her space — was a wonderland. Below you’ll find a few of my picks for creating your own lady lair, inspired equally by Naples, Florida, circa 1977, and femininity’s golden age of the 1940s and 1950s.

[1. Emerald glitz turban by RaynaJaye; 2. 1960s Lounge set from RanchQueenVintage; 3. Vintage gold mules from worldmarketproductio; 4. Bamboo-patterned Bakelite bracelet from GingerJindo; 5. Navy paisley boho caftan from GingerPeachTree; 6. Two piece mod jumpsuit from LuvStonedVintage; 7. Gold and brocade wedge from alleycatsvintage; 8. Lilly Pulitzer 1960s neon green maxi from violetvillevintage.]

Ladylike loungewear doesn’t involve sexy stockings, your significant other’s sweatpants or frumpy house-dresses. Comfortable confidence is the name of the game, so invest in pieces that make you feel good when you put them on. Personally, I find it hard to resist exuberant patterns and unique details, like a nipped-in waists and convertible bottoms.

[1. Hollywood Regency wall hanging from tatterandfray; 2. Polaroid by shehitpausestudios; 3. Vintage yellow bedside lamps from mothrasue; 4. Billy Balls print by POPbyTS; 5. 1970s Brass double heart frame from PaleLip;  6. Sophie print by PeggyWolfDesign; 7. Vintage waste basket and organizer from alwaysmaybevintage; 8. 1940s Found photograph from Passager; 9. Smile print by MMHouseDesign.]

Once you’ve slipped into something more comfortable, tackle the walls. How alluring is this combo of personal snapshots, slightly sexy prints and posters aimed to make you smile (literally)?

[1. Vintage vanity mirror from SadRosetta; 2. Vintage rhinestone pineapple trinket box from cynthiasattic; 3. Pink glass perfume bottle from ClassiqueStyle; 4. Vintage alarm clock from CirceCollectables; 5. Vintage ceramic bust planter from DigsnThreads; 6. Alligator ashtray from ClassicMemories; 7. Filigree hairspray cover from funfinds; 8. Bohemian Malachite glass trinket box from CzechVintageGlass; 9. Rose container from BrownEyedRoseVintage; center: Porcelain lady lipstick holder from cocoandroo.]

If it’s not pretty, it has no place on your vanity, simple as that. Don’t worry about being chic! Surround yourself with items that pack a pretty, yet utilitarian, punch. To me, an emerald-green jewelry box (to stash false lashes), a kitschy alligator ashtray (to hold hairpins), a bust vase (for makeup brushes) and a floral vase (to store Q-tips) all fit the bill.

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