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Imagine: You’re packing the car for your Christmas road trip when the realization sets in that you didn’t have time to find gifts for that cousin who loves miniature mid-century furniture, or the aunt who adores donning her feline friends with cat hats. Never fear, because Etsy will be there to save the day, even when you think there is no way an item will reach you before Christmas morning. How, you ask? By shopping locally, of course.

That’s right, you can search for Etsy shops located in your holiday destination — meaning that instead of biting your nails and wondering if the gift will show up on time, you can rest assured that this parcel won’t be crossing oceans, mountains, or customs to reach you. You can even try contacting a local seller to arrange a face-to-face pick up. Discover the possibilities with the Shop Local tool or use the Local Items filter in the left sidebar of your search results!


Now you have no excuse to show up empty handed! In honor of the spirit of local gift giving, the Etsy Admin share their holiday plans, as well as some of their favorite items located in the city, state, or country they will be visiting this year.

fox stuffie . organic

By birdmafia, $12.

SALE: Maple Creme Cookie Balls

By BurningKitchen, $10.

Handmade Bottle Stopper

By ASHWoodshops, $26.

Yosemite (series 2) 5×7

By msbama, $7.50.

Michelle, a.k.a. HeyMichelle: Monterey, CA

I’m going to Monterey, California for Christmas to visit my family. I plan to eat and drink heartily and often. My mom is a fabulous cook, and my dad is the drinks grand-master — his coffee is on point, and he gets the red wine flowing every night. They live on top of a mountain where you can see the moon and the stars clearly, so we’ll sit in the hot tub and gaze up in wonder (to the soundtrack of my mom’s go-to easy listening love songs radio station). My brother and I are planning an expedition to discover lost Norse civilizations in North America, so I can’t wait to sit by the fire and plan our adventure!

Meander cushion cover – red on grey

By mengseldesign, $50.

Knitted Bear A3 Print

By Juliapott, $25.

Side Plate – The Sandwich Defender Bear

By jimbobart, $37.50.

I Miss Being A Small Girl lasercut

By misterrob, $125.

Georgina, a.k.a. GeorgieUK: London

I live in London and will spend the holidays at my sister’s house, which is a ten minute walk from my flat. It’s just as well, really, because we’re forecast to have snow — my first white Christmas! The UK shuts down when we get even a sprinkling of the stuff, so travelling to else in the UK is unlikely to happen. My parents will be joining us, and my flatmate too, if she is stranded and can’t get back to Dublin. I have a feeling that we may pick up a few waifs and strays along the way, but who doesn’t like a big Christmas, hey?

Cleveland Neighborhoods (13×19)

By smalltower, $30.

Antique  found object collage

By DanaDepew, $90.

Vintage Wooden Tool Box

By JoieDeCleve, $24.

SALE- Second – Water Lily Jar

By mnjohn, $13.20

Eli, a.k.a. egoodman85: Cleveland, OH

I’ll be driving from New York to Cleveland, Ohio with my wife and her brother. Anyone have any good audiobook recommendations? Her aunt and uncle live there, and it’s a logical midpoint for relatives coming from the east and west coasts. One nice thing about Christmas there is that, instead of giving each other gifts, we lead each other in an “experience” that is meaningful to us (read a favorite poem, talk about an issue that is important to us, perform a song, etc.). I’m not totally sure what I will do yet…

Poemes d’automne (collage)

By flowingmoments, $20.

Sweater Cowl Neck Tunic Soft Grey

By isabelamyo, $99.

Sauniq – tiny tattooed bone necklace

By dianepaganpoetry, $41.03.

2 Prints (clothes/laundry)

By aviewto, $6

Amelie, a.k.a. AmelieFrenchie: Bordeaux, France

It’s been six years since I began living in my dream city — Paris! It’s a delightful place duringamelie_bw_small.jpg the holidays. But for me, Christmas takes place in my beloved hometown of Bordeaux in the southwest of France, where we make the best wine and foie gras in the world. I always spend my beautiful Christmas holidays surrounded by my family, next to the cozy fireplace. There may be no snow outside, but there’s always good food inside!

5×7 Magic Mixtape Print (Customizable)

By thespottedfox, $10.

Yee Haw notecards, set of four

By juniperberry, $9.

Orange ceramic serving set

By jemporium, $29.

At the Fair – 8 x 8 Print

By spectacleworks, $19

Julie, a.k.a. julieincharge: Nashville, TN

This year I’ll be traveling to my hometown of Nashville, TN, a small city thriving with art, music, old school letterpress, and my very favorite popsicles. My family’s holiday traditions meld the traditional and the wacky. On Christmas Eve there is an annual viewing of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, while on Christmas morning we eat homemade cinnamon rolls in our PJs, open gifts by the tree, maybe play some Scrabble, and then nestle in to watch Men in Black. You know, the usual.

1962 LET’S COOK It Right Vintage Journal

By renovatedbooks, $35.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

By SugarandSaltKitchen, $4.50.

vintage PLAID zip up flannel JACKET

By CairoVintage, $62.

Mini Art Prints – Seattle Signs

By ImageNationphoto, $10

Andrew, a.k.a. AndrewMPetterson: Seattle

I’m traveling back to Seattle from Brooklyn for the holidays. I’m very excited because I was out of the country last year and missed Christmas with my family for the first time in my life! Then it’s back to the East Coast for New Year’s in Miami to see my alma mater beat Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl!

Brown/Tan Stretched Linen World’s Fair Wall Hanging

By sheepshead, $40.

Doodle Puff

By virginiakraljevic, $25.

International Dateline Frock

By iheartfink, $125.

Woodland Chic

By BROOKLYNrehab, $22.

Kimm, a.k.a. Alfonzi: New York City

Unlike most “New Yorkers,” I was actually born here — the Boogey Down Bronx, to be exact! So I have the great pleasure of experiencing New York in that mystical time when everyone leaves for the holidays. I will be curling up with my new nephew, Lucas, my family, and best partner in the world for eats and general merriment, which usually means a few rounds of Rock Band.

Vintage Cowboy Boot Size 5.5M

By TXvintagebootsshoes, $60.

little red secretary. doll necklace

By goldenstiletto, $20.

Dulce de Leche Brownies 

By saoirseangel, $10.

golden feather on gold chain

By Garden22DesignStudio, $30.

Brittney, a.k.a. sohappyrighnow: Houston, TX

The snow makes it feel like Christmas to lots of people, but it doesn’t fully feel like the holidays to me until I get home to balmy Houston, TX. My mom doesn’t play around with Christmas decorating — she’s all business. When we were kids, she’d do up the front entryway and then hide at least ten little elves among the decorations that we’d try to spot. Now it’s little cake plates and pedestal dishes all over the place with cookies, candy and other treats in them. It’s a wonderful Christmas present to come home to.

Flannery O’Connor, set of six cards

By WLFTN, $9.

Giant Chocolate Pretzels

By PernillasSS, $7.45.

Skewed Double Eggs

By phlaznatch, $125.

Hula Hoops

By AgeBeforeBeauty, $48.

Alison, a.k.a TeenAngster: Iowa

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a trek to the frigid terrain that is Iowa. My family’s traditions have evolved in recent years as my sisters and I moved out of the house. We still decorate with our ancient aluminum Christmas tree and oscillating color lamp (trippy, yet festive), hang a ragged collection of felt stockings at the mantle and gather for a slovenly movie marathon of A Christmas Story. However, current custom dictates that we also indulge in Pink Squirrels and a mountain of custard pie, drunkenly start a bonfire by our frozen creek bed and break something in the backyard before Christmas has adjourned. I can’t wait!

Bamboo Soap – Natural Unscented

By RockyTopSoapShop, $6.

la foret 3

By aliette, $24.

SUSHI CAT Picnic Suprise print

By bluebirdiesinger, $25.

Mussel Tea Towel-Organic Linen

By madderroot, $18.

Chris, a.k.a. chrisfairbanks: Maine

I’m heading up to coastal Maine for a couple days at my parents’ place. I’m planning on spending a lot of time sitting by fireplaces and staying out of the cold!

Ben Weaver CD Release poster

By dwitt75, $25.

Crochet Garland in Natural

By reraeshop, $40.

Local is Lovely Necklace

By ekate, $48.

Set of 5 – KNUCKS Note Cards

By henhousepress, $10.

Mark, a.k.a. ThisIsMark: Minneapolis

I grew up on Christmas Lake (really), a small, heart-shaped body of water just west of Minneapolis. As always, I will be headed there for the holidays. The Twin Cities has just survived the difficult beauty of a historic snowstorm. But as trying as cold weather calamities can be, Minnesota is sure to be full of artists using the weather-induced house arrest to build a surplus of handmade items for the holidays. Comfortable in that knowledge, I’m holding out for my arrival in Minnesota to do some last-minute shopping for locally made items.

Two Tier Circlets

By ZariiDesigns, $28.

Vintage ceramic match box holder

By thecupcakekid, $14.

Chester Arthur

By ElizabethGraeber, $100.

Obama Vs. Zombies Unisex Shirt

By tinaseamonster, $20.

Matt, a.k.a. matt: Washington D.C.

I live in Berlin, Germany, and I spent the last 12.5 years in Brooklyn, but if anyone asks, I am a Washingtonian. In fact, I am a third generation Washingtonian — a very rare thing indeed, considering that D.C. proper is only about 140 years old. Growing up in The District of Columbia was wonderful: it is a green and lovely city, filled with interesting people from around the world. You go to school with the children of politicians and world leaders, and you get days off for things like political demonstrations that close the streets or pose a hazard to the civilian population. My son, born five weeks ago in Berlin, Germany, may not by a Washingtonian by birth, but I will make sure that he too will play amongst the marble columns of our Nation’s Capital.

factory trails. 8 x 10 .multiple exposure photograph.

By FieldsOfAphelion, $14.

The Messenger – in hunter

By moop, $131.

Sergio (Original Illustration)

By PerfectCursive, $25.

Slouchy Beanie in Gray

By starrcrunch, $12.

Lauren, a.k.a. ExtraLauren: Pittsburgh, PA

I’m headed home to Pittsburgh for the holidays for the first time in a while. With a big family scattered all over, we change our holiday destination almost every year. Last year was desert Christmas in Phoenix, AZ. I grow prouder of my hometown every year I am away. Many of my friends who still live in Pittsburgh are part of the vibrant and, no pun intended, close-knit DIY scene. When I left 10 years ago I swore I would never have a reason to go back. But my hometown has proven me wrong.

tandem bicycle wall hanging

By heatherjeany, $25.

The Giant Fox

By LaurenMinco, $275.

I Love Rhode Island – print

By capow, $25.

Providence, RI – Postcard Set

By GoodbyeBuildings, $12.

Sean, a.k.a. sean11: Rhode Island

I’m headed to the very special State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (the official name, still!) to see family. There will be drinking of Guinness, eating of oysters, and probably a trip to Craftland in Providence for last-minute gifts. My family’s holiday traditions include covering doorways to the living room with newsprint to tear through triumphantly on Christmas morning (I still do this) and an annual surprise family trip.

Jeannette Swirl Cup and Saucer

By jaditekate, $20.

Vintage ceramic Mexican painted owl

By highstreetmarket, $28.

reusable produce bags, set of 3

By fabrik, $6.

Sterling Silver Earrings, Evergreen

By michabella, $32.

Meg, a.k.a. OMeG: Philadelphia, PA

My husband and I will be spending Christmas in southeastern Pennsylvania with my parents, their cats, and the cats of my brother and his wife. My traditional holiday “task” is to put all the lights on the Christmas tree — I come from a family of gardeners, so I’ve been taught well — and then the others will join in to smother it with ornaments while watching The Muppet Christmas Carol, wine glasses in hand.

Are you planning to pick up some last minute, locally made gifts this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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