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Shop Local: Poland With patkas

Mar 26, 2010

by patkas handmade and vintage goods

In the continued spirit of Euro Week, patkas takes us on a tour of Poland. On-board the Shop Local train, we stop off to visit a handful of her fellow Polish artists who graciously share their favourite spots and local knowledge.

patkas: I lived in Warsaw for many years, but I always dreamt about living on the coast. My dreams came true when our family moved to a little village near Gdansk. Now we can often go to the beach — my girls love to swim and play in the sand. In the centre of our village we have a beautiful lake with a lovely little family restaurant. We love to go there for a walk and eat something delicious like an apple pie or a Polish pierogi. The lake is still covered with ice, but spring is coming very quickly and I hope that by next Sunday the swan family will have returned.

MadameVu: Here I am on my boyfriend’s balcony in Sekocin Las, which is situated in a forest just outside the boundary of Warsaw. It’s March now, the snow has just disappeared and the forest is becoming greener every day. I come here to rest from the busy city and to hunt for new inspiration.


celapiu: I live in Cracow. I like it here — the town is very beautiful, very old and has a very long history. Lots of tourists come to visit, but when you know where to go you can find quiet, deserted passages at the very heart of it. I seek these still roads and cycle through them every day.


malarys: I come from the South of Poland, but the place I love best is a city on the north coast called Gdynia. I dream about living there and I will one day! This picture was taken in front of the art school in Gdynia, which specialises in wood carving. Gdynia is part of “Three Cities”: GdaÅ„sk, Gdynia and Sopot, all of which are located at the beautiful Baltic coast. I’m inviting you all to come and visit!


madebyagah: I live in the southwest of Poland in a city that used to be the country’s coal mining centre. Once the mines were closed, the city started losing its splendour, and I cannot call the city anything but ordinary. However, located in a picturesque landscape of mountains and hills, Walbrzych is still worth visiting. Even though I am thrilled by the foreign cities I visit now and then, I cannot imagine living anywhere else but here. This photo was taken in my mom’s magical garden which makes a great escape for me, my husband and our two little ones.


sisicata: This photo was taken on the roof of my workroom. In the distance is the most famous building in my country — the Palace of Culture and Science. It was a controversial gift from the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to the people of Warsaw in Poland, which at the time (the 1950s) was a satellite state of the USSR. The love-hate relationship of the native Varsovians with this building reflects the ambivalence of their relationship with their own recent history. Nowadays the building divides Varsovians into two groups — those who demand its demolition and those who admire it. Either way, the palace is an irreplaceable part of Warsaw and the only landmark for the lost tourist, showing him or her the way to the city centre.

Have you visited Poland or do you live there? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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LAST ONE Foks in Aqua, short
LAST ONE Foks in Aqua, short
Enchanted pendant with Matylda
Enchanted pendant with Matylda
ESSI tote in black
ESSI tote in black
Fuchsia - crocheted layered thulian pink and lavender arm warmers cuffs
Fuchsia - crocheted layered thulian pink and lavender arm warmers cuffs
dyed and shredded indigo tank top
dyed and shredded indigo tank top


  • masaoms

    masaoms said 8 years ago

    Amazing selection, some of my favs are here!! ;-)

  • polkadotmagpie

    polkadotmagpie said 8 years ago

    Beautiful piece on Poland. My good friend just made pierogis for us. Mmmm. Welcome!

  • heatbria

    heatbria said 8 years ago

    Poland looks so beautiful! I love that street in Cracow. Sisicata I adore your necklace do you sell that? The felted flowers are gorgeous too!

  • louloudo

    louloudo said 8 years ago

    looks amazing, I've always wanted to visit Cracow

  • lazygiraffe

    lazygiraffe said 8 years ago

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    CarryTheWord said 8 years ago

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  • lovelygifts

    lovelygifts said 8 years ago

    Grea article! Very interesting.

  • SchneiderGallery

    SchneiderGallery said 8 years ago

    fantastic, greetings from Poland to all :) and thanks for incuding my Lord of the Rings, I'm so proud to be among these wonderful items!!! Pozdrowionka i serdeczne podziekowania!!

  • Ayca

    Ayca said 8 years ago

    Looks beautiful! Great article


    HAREandDRUM said 8 years ago

    Pozdrowienia z Montany dla wszystkich krajanek! Super artykuł!

  • RenataandJonathan

    RenataandJonathan said 8 years ago

    Awww......I miss Poland. I love your blog. Thank you for the little piece of my homeland! Renata

  • craftylittlecritters

    craftylittlecritters said 8 years ago

    It's so beautiful and so many areas to explore!


    HAREandDRUM said 8 years ago

    By the way, my mom who embroiders for our shop lives IN Poland, in a village near Łódź.

  • adrienneaudrey

    adrienneaudrey said 8 years ago

    Very cool,lots of places I would love to visit. Great article!

  • katherynmd

    katherynmd said 8 years ago

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    njurdesign said 8 years ago

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  • martice

    martice said 8 years ago

    lovely article :) and I love poland (I've only seen Warsaw and Gdansk)

  • candacejean

    candacejean said 8 years ago

    I LOVE reading seller's descriptions of their homes that (to me) are in faraway places. "Picturesque mountains and hills, near the forest, the frozen lake, an old town full of history, the family of swans..." SIGH. Poland sounds magical. Thank you for sharing!

  • VelveteenHabbit

    VelveteenHabbit said 8 years ago

    I would LOVE to visit Poland and all the Eastern Euro countries! While visiting Paris, we met a Polish couple-her name was Moniqua and she showed us around-so friendly, warm and fun!! Cheryl

  • annawoz

    annawoz said 8 years ago

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    SeaFindDesigns said 8 years ago

    Such amazing talent! LOVE those bags!!

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    NinaMarieDesigns said 8 years ago

    I and my family are from Nowe Miasto, Northern Poland and was excited to see my fellow Poles exhibited so nicely. Wonderful creations! Great job!

  • danielabesso

    danielabesso said 8 years ago

    beautiful article thanks !!

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    sweetcarolinadesign said 8 years ago

    This was awesome. You never really hear anything about Poland. My family is from Poland, so it's nice to learn a little bit about the art that is from there.

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    cukierki said 8 years ago


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    nomadcraftsetc said 8 years ago

    WOW! What a fun bunch of sellers! I always think it is amazing that we can converse and interact with people as far away as Poland! Thanks etsy for showing me these amazing sellers! Everyone of them is beautiful!

  • SchneiderGallery

    SchneiderGallery said 8 years ago

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    girltuesdayjewelry said 8 years ago

    Beautiful article, photos and snippets from these artists from Poland. This was a welcome escape. Thank you!

  • patkas

    patkas said 8 years ago

    to może Anna skoro zaczęła wątek:) Great to hear all this nice words from you about polish team:) Greetings from Poland POZDRAWIAM:)

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    galit said 8 years ago

    Great article! I love Patka's work!

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    Beautiful work and thank you for sharing a little bit of Poland with us. It reminds me of the handiwork my Babcia (Grandmother) did when she was alive. She came to the USA from Poland in the early 1900's.

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    Great article and so true! I'm a native to Warsaw, but I studied at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow so I have a soft spot for the city. It really is breathtaking! It is so photogenic! Look into my shop for some really great night photos of Cracow! Living in Warsaw, you can really see the city getting lovelier and more metropolitan year after year. It's a must see for anyone travelling to Poland! Love the pink carnation tote! Pozdrawiam!

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  • patkas

    patkas said 8 years ago

    Thank you all for nice words about Poland and our work as well. Poland is really nice place to visit. We have a lot of beautiful places to visit like, lakes, mountains, wild forests, and some lovely cities.

  • Simonka

    Simonka said 8 years ago

    Great article and great talents :) I'm half Polish and spend most of my vacations in Poland. It's a wonderful country and definitely worth visiting ;) My favourite places: Three Cities (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot), Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Cracow. Pozdrowienia z Niemiec! Simonka

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