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Shop Live: ExtremeCraft’s Picks

Dec 9, 2008

by daniellexo handmade and vintage goods

Last night, in Etsy’s Virtual Labs, Garth of Extreme Craft (and his lovely wife and Etsy seller joyceclaire) played records and showed us all their favorite “extreme” Etsy items.   If you like these picks you really should checked out, for more wild craftiness.

A big thank you goes out to Garth, who had the whole VL room spinning and laughing/pulsating.

If you were there, let us know what you thought in the comments below. And don’t miss tonight’s guest, American Craft Magazine, who will be sharing his picks with us live at 7pm EST in the Andrew Wagner from Virtual Labs.  Be sure to tune in!

See the complete Shop Live schedule here.


  • JustFeltHungry

    JustFeltHungry said 10 years ago

    I wish I could have been knitting in biology!

  • LaCometaLab

    LaCometaLab said 10 years ago

    It was such fun to be there!!!

  • nat1489

    nat1489 said 10 years ago

    I wish I could have been there too! This playful jumbled up letter necklace would have fit right in:

  • michellekeller

    michellekeller said 10 years ago

    This looks like a page out of my favorites, that was fun, thanks :)

  • maybeads

    maybeads said 10 years ago

    Great stuff! This mooning gnome by StudioMarcy would fit in great with this funny bunch!

  • ThePeachTree

    ThePeachTree said 10 years ago

    I'm such a doofus! I can't believe I missed this one!

  • WinchesterLambourne

    WinchesterLambourne said 10 years ago

    It was hilarious. I also loved the one with Matt and his brother, and the curly hair. *giggle*

  • weirdwolf Admin

    weirdwolf said 10 years ago

    Garth need his own show in the virtual labs! Amazing host!

  • christinececelia

    christinececelia said 10 years ago

    was at work so I missed it :( The beard bandana is super funny!!!!

  • soap

    soap said 10 years ago

    LOL, LOVE this.

  • EJPcreations

    EJPcreations said 10 years ago

    the knitting biology and the catnip tampons made diet coke come out my nose.... well done!

  • 1920

    1920 said 10 years ago

    Love the Maggot.

  • pinkshowercurtain

    pinkshowercurtain said 10 years ago

    love the birth control wreath, and the beard bandana.

  • smashgirl

    smashgirl said 10 years ago

    this was fun, wish I could've stayed for the whole time Garth rocks!

  • RocketScienceShop

    RocketScienceShop said 10 years ago

    This was super fun!

  • Thomasina

    Thomasina said 10 years ago

    I'm so glad that my first Virtual Lab experience was with Garth from Extreme Craft! He has such incredible taste! I just bought that steak heating pad for a gift.

  • moonstr

    moonstr said 10 years ago

    wish i could gone, i was at work.. thanks for announcing in in thee etc forum!!!

  • BluCille

    BluCille said 10 years ago

    GREAT frog dissection knit! Way to introduce anatomy to kids without the "ewww" factor.

  • littleredbear

    littleredbear said 10 years ago

    I missed it!! love the satchel!

  • LazyTcrochet

    LazyTcrochet said 10 years ago

    Excellent host. Well-played!

  • extremecraft

    extremecraft said 10 years ago

    Thanks, y'all! It looks like the folks at Etsy might actually have me back! I'd be honored!

  • TheTinyTragedies

    TheTinyTragedies said 10 years ago

    Dang it, I can't believe I missed something that is so entirely up my twisted alley :(

  • bijoutery

    bijoutery said 10 years ago

    Great selection of some really cool items! FurWillFly's stuff is always fun and unique :)

  • nectorgirl

    nectorgirl said 10 years ago

    Love the ache steak and the catnip tampons!

  • kachingdesign

    kachingdesign said 10 years ago

    They are great! It's hilarious.

  • 4TheSparrowsNest

    4TheSparrowsNest said 10 years ago

    I LOOOOVE craftyhedgehogs' items!!! Her knitted critters with little fuzzy guts make me laugh. They're so cute!

  • CraftyHedgehog

    CraftyHedgehog said 10 years ago

    Oh wow! I come home from a kinda yuck day at work to find that this awesomeness has been going on. What an honor to be included with such incredible items and sellers - thanks, Garth!

  • Sinta

    Sinta said 10 years ago

    Love this ^_^ Very funny. Hrm, might get some catnip tampons for my kitties.

  • seedandsprout

    seedandsprout said 10 years ago

    Thanks for this! Love to see people using humor in craft. Would have never found some of these oddities if it weren't for this. Makes me want to step out of the box even more with my own designs!

  • bijougirldesigns

    bijougirldesigns said 10 years ago

    Man! I keep missing! It's right at my kids dinner time! But I'm THANKFUL for the storque updates, or else I'd really feel like a loser...

  • abbydid

    abbydid said 10 years ago

    Who does not need a giant, classic maggot or a plush pollen? Answer: we ALL do.

  • melanielaforce

    melanielaforce said 10 years ago


  • tylr

    tylr said 10 years ago

    The kitty catnip tampons are so funny!

  • nfall2rt

    nfall2rt said 10 years ago

    awesome! love the frog:)

  • mandinka

    mandinka said 10 years ago

    I heard someone was talkin' about us over in the labs! Thanks Garth!

  • theshancan

    theshancan said 10 years ago

    haha wow!!im in there!!

  • somnambulant

    somnambulant said 10 years ago

    The catnip tampons are stellar!

  • jodieflowers

    jodieflowers said 10 years ago

    I wish I was there! Sound fun!

  • sacredoak

    sacredoak said 10 years ago

    lol this is great!

  • pixiepotions

    pixiepotions said 10 years ago

    the skull plates are soo needing to live at my house... but i have to say those tampon catnip toys are so freaking hilarious!! Can't wait to send the linky to people :D

  • Fireseed

    Fireseed said 10 years ago

    Extreme indeed!! I especially love the Sir Franklin Satchel, French Maid, Blackest Metaller and knitting in biology - now why can't they use THOSE in labs!! ;o)

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