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Seller How-to: Craft Fair Tips

Sep 29, 2008

by katydiddy handmade and vintage goods

You have spent many frenzied hours preparing your art and craft items for the craft fair, but does that mean you are really ready to make as much money as you can at the event?  Probably not. As creatives, we tend to focus on our art and forget about everything else. (My house could fall down around me while I’m in the zone and I wouldn’t notice.) You went through all that time and trouble to participate in a craft show, and I want to make sure you get as much out of the experience as you can while you are there. It’s not just about what you sell at the show, it’s about the contacts you make and how you use them.

Craft shows are great place to network and market.  Here are some easy tips to make your next craft fair/show pay-off for months after everyone goes home.

Display is important.  Dedicate some creative energy to your display.  You want to stand out in the crowd. This is especially important if your artwork is currently a popular trend and you have lots of competition. If you sell jewelry right now, you know what I mean.  At the majority of the shows I have attended, I see the jewelry laid out flat-sometimes on black velvet or in white bins at almost every table. What if you bought cool, retro mannequin heads and used them to display your jewelry? I know I would make a beeline to a table full of faux heads to check out what’s going on.

Have a free drawing.  Ask people to drop their business cards into a hat and raffle off a prize.  Instant list!

GET MARKETING MATERIALS!  I can’t tell you how many artists don’t have any information about themselves out on their tables. What if I don’t want to buy today, but really like your stuff? How will I ever find you again?  You absolutely must put out business cards. Business cards don’t have to be expensive. You can even print them out from your home computer; just make sure you give people the opportunity to find you again.

Make flyers about trunk shows or any other venue (such as Etsy) where people can buy from you in the future.  If you have catalogs bring them.  Create a portfolio of your work and have it out for people to look at. You might get some special orders. I download digital pictures onto my laptop of past work and have a slide show of the work running on it during the show.

More on marketing materials…Every product should have a tag on it with all your contact information. I just use my business card, hole-punched with a ribbon.  This gives both the buyer and, if the item is being purchased as a gift, the recipient your contact information.  The recipient may want to collect your work, but won’t be able to if there isn’t a tag.

Use “gift with purchase” promotions. Everyone loves to get gifts. For the holiday boutique I am participating in this year, I created special, creative gift tags.  Each customer gets a free set with the purchase of any item. Of course, the back of the gift card has all my contact information.

Set-up future sales. Once you have attracted clients to you with a great display, you need to capture their information. Have a guest book out and invite people to sign it and tell you what they think about your art. Make sure you ask them to check a box saying they would like to receive mailings from you. The book will give you an idea of what people like about your art and you will have their contact information. Create a snail mail list and make sure that you send out cool invites every time you are going to be at a show. Include a discount coupon on the postcard; that way you can track how effective your mailing was. For an even nicer touch, make sure you send out a thank you note, right after the show, telling them how glad you are that they stopped by to look at your work.

Network with the other artists and crafters. Make friends. Even your “competitors” are potential clients. Gather the business cards of everyone who is participating at the show and send a friendly email to each one within a week of the show. Tell them how much you enjoyed seeing their work.  If you remember something specific about them or their work, mention it. Tell them a bit about yourself and tell them to contact you if they ever need anything.  This is also just plain nice!

If you follow these few simple steps, you should have a nice list of clients, potential clients, friends and business partners in your possession. Now you must use this list to make it pay. Set up a schedule to touch base with each person on a regular basis. Send them invitations to all your shows, send them your monthly newsletter or just drop them a line or a note telling them you are thinking about them.  Have fun and be prosperous!

Further Resources
Katy offers The Craft Show Worksheet through her shop, and if you want more information about networking and marketing your arts & crafts business, sign-up for katydid designs free monthly ezine, The Well-Fed Artist, at

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Craft Apron - Craft Show - Festival - Fair - Bazaar (Light Pink and Green)
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Red and Orange Mosaic Business Card Holder for Desk or Counter
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Portafaglio Bottone hand stitched leather Wallet Feral Empire
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Business Card Holder - Ruby Red


  • sillylittlelady

    sillylittlelady said 11 years ago

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    dogties said 11 years ago

    Awesome! Good to know.

  • adorkable1

    adorkable1 said 11 years ago

    I recently made a treasury for stuff to help with craft shows!! :) Looks like we are on the same page. Oh, instead of a slideshow on a laptop, I bring a digital picture frame :)

  • wookwoodworking

    wookwoodworking said 11 years ago

    Great points! Craft fairs are so much fun to do, but I always forget something! Thanks for the article!

  • paisleybaby

    paisleybaby said 11 years ago

    Great timing for this article - I have four craft shows coming up!

  • margarette

    margarette said 11 years ago

    a lot of great tips! i am going to use them!

  • ElenaMary

    ElenaMary said 11 years ago

    I like the free drawing idea...will do this at the 2 fairs I am in soon...a great way to have a mailing list too!

  • OceanGrrl

    OceanGrrl said 11 years ago

    thanks! i love all of etsy's useful information.

  • DinnerTimeChimes

    DinnerTimeChimes said 11 years ago

    Great ideas for fun business card holders included with this article, I agree that's a must have for every show!

  • FluteTeacher

    FluteTeacher said 11 years ago

    This is helpful. Thanks!

  • KaleidoscopeKorner

    KaleidoscopeKorner said 11 years ago

    so helpful and i just have to say..its lovely to see syg up there with her wonderful aprons!!!

  • cloud9designstudio

    cloud9designstudio said 11 years ago

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  • matilou

    matilou said 11 years ago

    oh, i love syko !!! I bought a scarf from her and my son loves it !!!! beautiful display too :D

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  • prittyaht

    prittyaht said 11 years ago

    What great help! We are off to our first craft fair this october and can definately benefit from veteran tips like these. Thanks.

  • Morockincreations

    Morockincreations said 11 years ago

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    art2theextreme said 11 years ago

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    GeneriOnline said 11 years ago

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  • katydiddy

    katydiddy said 11 years ago

    I'm so honored to have my article here. I just marked down my Craft Show Worksheet from $15 to $10 to celebrate. Thanks for reading my article and for all your kind words!

  • ClaudiaLord

    ClaudiaLord said 11 years ago

    The guest book and thank you notes are great ideas!

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    haycorns said 11 years ago

    what a great article, it's just what i needed to know! syko's display was darling, i loved it!

  • TheBloatedTick

    TheBloatedTick said 11 years ago

    I'm the only Alt. girl in an upcoming craft fair filled with traditional crafts so I have been focusing more on my display this show than at any other time. People who aren't familiar with Alt. Crafts sometimes can't see themselves purchasing bowls made from carnival tickets but a good display can encourage sales. Thanks katydiddy for reminding us how important marketing ourselves is.

  • Studio618

    Studio618 said 11 years ago

    Some wonderful and useful tips. It's so true about display. I learned the hard way. :(

  • InspirationPoint

    InspirationPoint said 11 years ago

    Wow you have some great info here-thanks for sharing! This is especially great since I don't naturally tend to promote myself, but I need to-I'm going to be in three different sales this year!

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    soulyyours said 11 years ago

    Thanks for this! Craft/Art Fairs are an amazing way to feel in your element among other artists, network, and meet absolutely amazing customers!!!!

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    ocbabyDestash said 11 years ago

    Fabulous article!! Doing your first (and second!!) Show can be so overwhelming and scary! These are some great creative tips to get you off to a great start! Thanks so much, katydiddy!

  • sandicakes

    sandicakes said 11 years ago

    Fantastic. Shows can be fun however you do need to generate interest. Great tips.

  • pillowtalkoptional

    pillowtalkoptional said 11 years ago

    i saw a gorgeous jewelry display at a craft show last weekend — the seller used branches to display her necklaces. it was BREATHTAKING and so innovative.

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    cozyblue said 11 years ago

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    Pinka said 11 years ago

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  • UrbanAdornments

    UrbanAdornments said 11 years ago

    Shows are a great way for customers to connect a product with a friendly face! Booths allow customers to pick up business cards and flyers you wouldn't normally be able to distribute on such a vast level. Plus its alot of fun!

  • willowwalkerdesigns

    willowwalkerdesigns said 11 years ago

    Great article! A lot of neat ideas and must have practical items. My favorite's the portfolio. In the summer I do up to two shows a week. Yes, my jewelry is (ack, gasp) in black trays with black velvet and velcro, BUT not all are flat. Unfortunately there are a lot of good reasons I do so. They don't blow over or take up a lot of space, ease of set-up and tear-down, safe transport and I don't need a U-Haul to get there. I also combine them with other displays too, so maybe I'm not quite so bad! Until I find MY perfect solution I'll stick with my black velvet. But I'll keep looking for a better way!

  • beadlady5

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  • thimbleworks

    thimbleworks said 11 years ago

    This is good to hear. My mom did a lot of craft fairs when I was little and I remember there was something magical about all that creativity in one place. My sisters and I are doing our first show this year. My mom's advice was to sell some little treat along with our craft items. Does anyone know if people still do that?

  • makemesmile

    makemesmile said 11 years ago

    Great information. Thanks for the tips! I only do 1 fair a year, it's not a craft fair but a fundraising fair. I find it helps to have a work in progress on site if your craft allows it. So I knit, in the more quiet moments of the fair. It always draws people to my table. =^x^=

  • KellysClayCreations

    KellysClayCreations said 11 years ago

    I think my favorite part is the thrill to have people tell you how great your stuff is. In a sad mood, do a craft fair. even if you don't make much money it is a great way to see your customers and get feedback. and to thimbleworks, i gave away cookies at a small fair and people loved it. my sister had the idea and made the cookies. sweetheart.

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    Great ideas! I especially like the digital picture frame. I was going to use a portfolio but the frame is much more compact and modern. Plus, you can update your photos with ease.

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    Fantastic article and perfect timing! I just did my first show and felt so unprepared with my display, though it had some good elements it just didn't draw people in. And beads are tiny! You have to draw people in to look at them! Now I have better ideas for the show next month, thanks to this :)

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  • TheYarnMarm

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    So, here's the list of possible things to draw folks to your booth for now and next time: 1. unusual display props (even mannequin heads) 2. outstanding table cloth 3. cookies or food on the table 4. display goods electronically with a slide show from computer 5. set up a drawing for a free prize and use the entries for a future customer list (and/or a guest book sign in with contacts) 6. offer a freebie - like gift tags with your contact on it - with a purchase 7. get business cards and a sign made up 8. sit and knit or craft while waiting for visitors to come Got it!

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