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Roman Holiday

Jul 11, 2012

by carolineduke handmade and vintage goods

Caroline Duke is a freelance editor and writer by day, newspaper gal by night, and style blogger by the wee hours of the morning. She created GREEDY GIRL in 2006 to share with the world the shiny things that catch her eye. In 2010, Caroline began the GETAWAY GIRL series to appease the ramblin’ woman within. She plays house in Oklahoma City with her newsman boyfriend, Joe, and their pug-kids, Luke and Margo.

No film inspires the desire for a grand city escape like 1953’s Roman Holiday — at least for this aspiring vagabond. Vespas, vino, gelato, Audrey’s adorable pixie cut: who doesn’t want all that in an Italian adventure? Throw in a newsman like Gregory Peck’s Joe Bradley, e perfetto! So, how would I spend a perfect Roman holiday? I’d follow Princess Ann’s lead: “Sit at a sidewalk cafe and look in shop windows; walk in the rain! — jave fun and maybe some excitement.” With that in mind, let’s roam.

[1. White wedding chain earrings from HookandMatter; 2. Vintage Brownie Kodak camera from hindsvik; 3. Samba rosa glace round vintage sunglasses from MODvintageshop; 4. 1940s dress from DearGolden; 5. Mid-century modern orange geometric silk scarf from villa15vintage; 6. Sunny handmade leather flats from chevron.]

A sweet vintage sundress and sensible flats make for an easy day of roaming around from one sidewalk cafe to the next. Eat! Drink! You’re in Rome! Pick a spot in a piazza. It’ll be perfect for people-watching and sipping cappuccino or vino bianco.

[1. JS121 pure silk blouse from JulyS; 2. Pocket shorts from nicolelebreux; 3. Tie-up headscarf from ChiChiDee; 4. Vintage Italian wooden platform sandals from GaletaVintage; 5. Vintage European Italy map print from missquitecontrary.]

Save plenty of time for wandering through museums and markets (so much art! so much shopping!), but keep your ensemble light and airy. It can get humid!

[1. Neon linen small purse from GenevieveSavard; 2. Feminine leather journal from SusanGreenBooks; 3. Neon geometric square ring from cyclicalind; 4. Pink raincoat from karmologyclinic; 5. Gray lace shirt from nivule; 6. Vintage umbrella from threadoverheels.]

Don’t forget to pack a raincoat and umbrella. You won’t want to miss out on a rainy stroll past some of the city’s historic palazzos and fountains.

[1. Cross shirt blue stripes from tsifcaonline; 2. Harry drab olive waxed canvas bag from sidneyandsons; 3. Seashell perfume spray from themefragrance; 4. Beach blanket from BsugarB.]

You’ll never be able to mark everything off your “to do” list but when in Rome, so be sure to pack your beach essentials and head south to Positano for the weekend!

Whether you are planning an Italian getaway or simply bump Roman Holiday to the top of your DVD queue, enjoy the trip! Ciao!

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4 Featured Comments

  • FlowerLand85

    Sara Max from FlowerLandShop said 4 years ago Featured

    I live near Rome and I often go to the city, to see streets and monuments in a so famous film is a great emotion for me! Rome is magic in summer nights!:)

  • fbstudiovt

    Laura Hale from FoundBeautyStudioArt said 4 years ago Featured

    Ah, to travel on a whim! Love it, though I'm sad beyond words that the vintage brownie camera has sold. You've inspired me to take a quick trip north to Montreal and play carefree tourist!

  • OliCreations

    Francesca from OliCreations said 4 years ago Featured

    This just made me want to go back to Rome, like right now! It's true that the summer nights are magical there... And I love the yellow flats, I wouldn't mind those, even just for strolling around here in Torino...

  • wheatleypaperworks

    M Wheatley from wheatleypaperworks said 4 years ago Featured

    I spent some time meandering the streets of Rome a couple of years ago and this story brings me right back...the light; the shops; the food; the history. I'm grateful to have rubbed shoulders with the Romans.


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