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Rock ‘n’ Shop With Lenka

Nov 9, 2009

by daniellexo

Australian singer-songwriter, Lenka is best known for her single, “The Show,” which gained her worldwide popularity. Lenka’s music is synonymous with a whimsical, crafty visual style, almost always created with her partner James Gulliver Hancock and can be seen in her album artwork, videos and stage sets. After majoring in sculpture at art school in Sydney and performing with Aussie film projection indie rockers, Decoder Ring, Lenka sees the visual aspect of music as having the utmost importance. Lenka has become known for her live shows, which create a world that quickly became known as Lenkaland — filled with child-like motifs and fun, flirty vintage clothes. It was natural for Lenka to be a fan of Etsy, so today she’s here to share her Etsy picks. She’ll also be sharing her latest singles and music video and sharing more of her favorites in Etsy’s interactive chat room, the Virtual Labs, on Thursday, November 12 at 6:30 p.m. ET. This means it will be 10:30 a.m. on Friday in Sydney. Mark your calendars!

I have always been a craft kid. I remember making fabric-covered books as a 9-year-old and I still enjoy embroidery, Fimo and papier-mache. But I’ve always loved entertaining people and making music too, which kind of took over as a career choice. Now I try to mix the two together! And my personal style is definitely influenced by my inner “craft kid.” Selecting these items for Etsy has been really fun for me as I love and appreciate all the other craft kids out there!


SALE Mod Flower Necklace

I have one from her just like it; my boyfriend bought it for me! By MushkaDesigns, $37.50.

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Black Skeleton Key Hand Embroidered Wall Plaque Hanging Art

I love embroidering and I love simple silhouette imagery. By Samskiart, $40.

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Deluxe Mixtape Pouch – Love Songs

I love this — it’s the cutest thing ever. And I miss cassette tapes! I’m nostalgic… By BraveMoonman, $50.

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Nesting Doll Owls- Set of 3 – Forest Spirits

Absolutely beautiful. I love owls and I love knickknacks! By SavageArtworks, $47.

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Brass Solo Flight Bracelet- Customize your Swarovski Crystal Color

Very sweet jewelry, lots of cute bird pieces — you can never have enough! By threebirdsdesigns, $19.

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Birds of North America Collage Audubon Painting Colorful Graphic T-shirt (S,M,L,XL,XXL available)

More birds! I loved the old educational wildlife posters we had in Australia and this reminds me of them. By isotope, $20.

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Mushroom Tea Set

You could pretend you’re Alice In Wonderland drinking out of these. And they’d go well with my mushroom set pieces. From Hindsvik, $40.

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Set of Two Retro 70s Embroidered Mushroom Linen Towels

Again with the mushrooms! I have some vintage tea towels and I love them. These ones are just adorable. From estateofmind, $10.

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le loup / the wolf necklace

Sweet, old-fashioned, strange animals — right up my alley! By PetitesCuriosites, $44.

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Boho Flora Green Dress Crochet Sleeves

Great vintage dresses! Can’t get enough vintage dresses — I usually wear them on stage. From LoveItShop, $48.

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Zumba the monster necklace

I love laser cut stuff and I am diggin’ monsters at the moment — goes well with my Trouble Is A Friend imagery (watch the video below!). By Mariska, $24.

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Don’t forget to join us on Thursday, November 12 at 6:30 p.m. ET (10:30 a.m. on Friday in Sydney) in our Virtual Labs for a chat with Lenka live from the Etsy Labs!


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