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Make Your Own Masterpiece With the Rijksmuseum

Feb 13, 2014

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

Last year, the Rijksmuseum — the Dutch national museum dedicated to art and history — launched the Rijkstudio, an incredible online portal that not only allows users to browse 150,000 masterworks in their collection, but encourages them to use high-resolution downloads to create their own works of art.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Rijksstudio, the Rijksmuseum is holding a contest for the best design using an image from their collection. Anyone can enter, and the winner will get €1,500 in prize money and the chance to have their item produced and carried in the Rijksmuseum atelier.

To inspire the entrants, the Rijksstudio partnered with five Etsy designers to showcase the creative possibilities. Take a peek:

Norwegian Wood’s lingerie set riffs on the colors and motifs of Johann Spitzmacher’s c. 1660 to c. 1670 cabinet.


Jacob Merkelbach’s photograph Portrait of a Woman by Paizel is just one of several works that inspired PuurAnders’ floral pieces.

Tovicorrie’s calfskin clutch takes its cues from an elaborately patterned pair of trousers in an early 19th century portrait of a Javanese court official.


Details from this striking 17th century portrait of a little boy are paired with LAPHILIE’s signature swarming ants in this series of plates.



Aert Shcouman’s White-throated toucan is re-imagined as modern geometry by Oelwein.


Want to make your own masterpiece? Explore the Rijksstudio and learn all about the contest.


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