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Real Weddings: Love in New Orleans

Sep 22, 2012

by Foxandharedesign handmade and vintage goods

Fate brought James and I together when my housemate went to Spain for the summer and decided to sublet her room without consulting me on the new inhabitant.

Initially I was upset about living with a guy I didn’t know, but he turned out to be not only the best roommate I ever had, but the love of my life. Our very first conversation was about jazz and the city of New Orleans, and that summer held many more late night chats about anything and everything. We had our first date the week he moved out, and have been inseparable ever since.

Within 10 minutes of getting engaged, we decided on a destination wedding in New Orleans. James lived there after attending school until Katrina forced him out. Over the years, we’ve been back many times and consider it a second home. Since our family is spread out all over the world, it was a perfect excuse to share the city with them.

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All photographs by Sean Flanigan.