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Real Weddings: Vintage Charm

Aug 25, 2012

by etoth handmade and vintage goods

Once Jon and I agreed to have a wedding, we made a few solid decisions about what the day would be like.

First, we wanted our wedding to be fun. Jon and I are pretty awkward and goofy; any attempt to have a serious or romantic wedding might have come off weird. We decided why not be true to ourselves and skip the formalities?

Second, we wanted to get married in the yard of the home where we met, grew up, and fell in love back in Durham, North Carolina. When you get married at home there’s no hotel manager to kick you out at 11, so you can dance all night long. Another perk? This home boasts the most idyllic, Eden-esque garden on the planet. Unbeatable! Lastly, we wanted our wedding to be pretty.

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All photographs by Oh, Darling! Photograhy.

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