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Real Weddings: Under $10,000

Oct 20, 2012

by alexandnika handmade and vintage goods

Alex and I were drawn to each other from the start. We met in high school and remained friends (albeit slightly awkward ones) for six years until we finally told each other how we felt. Looking back, both of us had an unshakeable sense that we would be together one day. Our love is bigger than us, beyond us. And in the winter of 2010, the time was right.

18 months later, we were engaged. We had six months and less than $10,000 to plan our wedding. Luckily, we also had a lot of loving family and friends who were willing to get creative. We wanted everything to be simple, meaningful, and fun. Planning our wedding and bringing it to life with the help of our community was one of the most fun things we’ve ever done.

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All photographs by Tim Coulson.

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