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Real Weddings: Friends and a Farmhouse

Aug 28, 2014

by Abigail Chance handmade and vintage goods

Abigail is a creative activist, writer and facilitator. She dreams of living in a rustic farmhouse with her partner, Israel, their rambunctious dog, two cats, and an ongoing assortment of fermentation and gardening projects. She and Israel blog about their adventures and sell their vintage finds at Mainely Gentlemen.

When we started discussing getting married, Israel and I knew we wanted a simple celebration that focused on intimacy, intentional community, and good, homemade food. We love hosting dinner parties, so we decided to rent a beautiful farmhouse in Downeast, Maine and invite fifteen of our closest friends to stay with us for a three-day weekend in October. The goal was a casual fall fête with friends, family and us as the hosts.


Both Israel and I work in creative, educational fields, so we were on a tight budget when it came to wedding planning. Most of the items we brought to the farmhouse were things we made ourselves or found at thrift stores. We enjoyed the challenge of sourcing decor – some of our finds included plates, mason jars, and champagne coupes; Israel found my Edwardian-inspired dress and velvet jacket at a local vintage store for less than $100.


We also scoured Etsy for months looking for ideas, and we were able to find a lot of items that fit both our budget and our taste. We started by ordering custom invitations from Detective Pinkerton. Bellatrina Jewelry made our matching engagement rings, and I found a dress by Coralie Beatrix that was perfect for pre-ceremony cocktails and lawn games. Israel’s green suit came from Temporal Outfitters, and he also got a rooster pin from A Magnificent Mess. Our adorable owl cake toppers were from Morgan the Creator, and our bride-and-groom champagne coupes were from Aesthetic Dalliances. We also decided to forego a guest book and buy rustic alternative cards from Moonflower Nature Art instead.


The Friday of our wedding weekend, Israel and I packed up all of our finds and headed up the coast to Addison, Maine. We were the first to arrive at the farmhouse, and we got there just in time to catch the sun setting over the water. We knew right then and there that we were in for a glorious weekend.


The afternoon of the wedding, I quickly put on some red lipstick and ran a brush through my hair while my friends helped me get into my dress. I wore an heirloom pearl necklace around my wrist to honor my grandmother, who couldn’t make it to the farmhouse. The ceremony itself was beyond words – it was a circle of loved ones who each brought something to share: a blessing, a song, a reading, or a photo. After we went around the circle, Israel and I somehow managed to (tearfully) get out our personal vows. My best friend Dena officiated while carefully monitoring the rising tide behind us. For that hour, time stood still.


We spent the rest of the night preparing food together and sitting around the long, crowded table sharing a meal. There was also contra dancing, homemade herbal liqueurs, and Belgian ale that we sipped by a fire under the stars.

All photographs by A Love Supreme.

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