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Real Weddings: A Doughnut-Filled Day of Love

Jan 26, 2013

by lynnyoder handmade and vintage goods

When the big day finally arrived, it was a moment we had been planning for eight months. Were these months filled with easy decisions, minimal family influence and uncontrollable laughter? No, that’s not what wedding planning is; however, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

The most important thing for us was to make the wedding an event. We wanted to spend time with our guests for multiple days, because one night is just a nicely dressed gathering. Many days – now that’s a party! We also decided to really focus on the details, because that is what makes the wedding memorable.

Check out the details from Seth and Lynn’s wedding – which include a doughnut forest, gorgeous handmade details and a colorful candy table – over at Etsy Weddings!

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All photographs by Celeste Duran Photography.