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Read Between the Lines of a Beach Ball Frenzy

Jun 3, 2011

by kilas handmade and vintage goods

I can live without coffee and I can live without strip malls. But good design and clever typography — that’s something I must have in my life. In my humble opinion, design is one of the most creative forms of artistic expression and I can’t get enough. Welcome to inspiration station and pulling up this June is independent designer Aubrey Stalnaker. She’s created a beachy typographic design that’s currently taking over our Twitter background as part of our ongoing Twitter Artist Series. If you look closely enough, you might just see the perfect message for summer. As usual, the design is available as a free download (available formats below). But first, let’s talk process and inspiration with the Detroit native.

Your work often includes a lot of patterns and shapes, which I totally adore. Where does that inspiration come from?
Everyday observation mostly. I can be wandering around, notice a sandwich and be completely inspired. I snap photos and document reoccurring objects or situations. I am also just drawn to things in repetition.

Tell us about the design you made for Etsy’s Twitter Artist Series.
I’ve been so anxious for summer to get here! I made a list of summer activities and landed on beach. From there, I drew letterforms in the shape of deflating beach balls. It is intentionally abstract so it can work as a pattern or on its own. If you look close enough, it reads, “Let’s have a ball.”

What would you say are the biggest challenges facing designers today?
Finding and maintaining their voice. It’s easy to take on work that you end up having no control over. Remember, there is no shame in saying no. Waiting for the right clients and collaborators is worth it, especially for your creative soul!

How do you currently market yourself as a designer? Does social media or offline networking play a large role?
No set method really. I’ve found that striking up conversation and reaching out to people I am interested in working with is successful. Building relationships with people offline has been far more fulfilling than social media for me.

You grew up in Detroit, what’s something people would be surprised to know about the Motor City?
Detroit is a true gem. It is full of talented people, good stories, and solid music. The Bronx Bar has one of my favorite jukeboxes, and Mudgie’s serves the best blend of coffee I’ve ever had from a local roaster. There are a lot of surprises. Go explore it!

What’s next for you?
My two best friends and I are in process of starting a studio, ARM. We have a laundry list of projects on deck for this year. I am also working on a line of hair bows and lunch bags that will soon fill my Etsy shop.

Pick up your free mobile or desktop download of Aubrey’s exclusive design below and be sure to check out her Etsy profile, work, studio, Flickr, Twitter and sweet mixes.

Download for iPhone / iPod Touch
Download for iPhone 4
Download for iPad
Download for 1280×800 Desktop
Download for 1440×900 Desktop
Download for 1920×1200 Desktop 

1.  Pick your device above and save the image to your computer. 
2.  Sync your device and click the photo tab to include your pretty new wallpaper. 
3.  After syncing, view the photo and click the lower left button to use as wallpaper.
4.  That’s it! Now show off and tell all your tweeps to follow @Etsy.

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