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Process: Ziptie Rings by Metalnat

Oct 3, 2008

by metalnat

The studio of Natalia Gomensoro, aka Metalnat, walks the line of serene organization and cluttered potential. Natalia grew up in Uruguay and comes to jewelry with a background in design and architecture. She got started making jewelry in 1994 and studied with Latin American jewelers before moving to Brooklyn. In this edition of Process, we get a chance to see Natalia resize one of her rings cast from a zip tie.

Natalia’s work has an industrial feel to it. She uses materials that you wouldn’t expect in jewelry like cement, rubber O-rings, and magnets.
Process is a new Etsy video series that features the intimate relationship formed between Etsy sellers and the handmade items that they create and make available to the world through their online shops. Process is not to be confused with a How-To video, as each video is intended to show each seller’s unique artistic voice through the process by which their items come to be.

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round necklace
round necklace
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