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Process: Woodgrain Bike Frames

Rob Pollock has been a panel beater his entire life. As a kid, he started learning auto body repair in his father’s shop  in Auckland, New Zealand, jumping on an apprenticeship right out of school. Eight months into his apprenticeship, the shop was short painters so Rob lent a hand and has been priming and painting cars ever since. “I like repairing cars, I’ve done it all my life. The painting is just a little bonus to the finish because you get to see what you’ve done,” said Rob.

Applying these skills to bikes came from Rob’s youngest son, Aaron. He had been itching for Rob to woodgrain a bike frame for years and finally convinced him to give it a go. The finished frames had what Rob called, in his Kiwi accent, “the shit hot factor.” Thus a father and son custom bike business was born.

Music is courtesy of QuarterAcreLifestyle, which was formed by Aaron Pollock on drums and brother Cameron on bass. Fellow Kiwi Tony Masterantonio rounds out the trio on guitar. Seattle based filmmaker Riley Morton has a passion for travel, wilderness, and the 1986 Mets. You can find more of Morton’s work at his website.