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Process: Upholstery With Spruce Home


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(Animation by Julia Pott; Music by Eric Beug featuring Dan Bindschedler)

At the end of the quiet wooded street I grew up on, there once stood an upholsterer’s workshop called Brownie’s Upholstery. The workshop was a landmark for me well into my twenties. When I was likely no more than four, my father took me to Brownie’s to visit the cheerful and bearded man while he reupholstered a chair from our living room. Although I never knew exactly how it was done, I was always fascinated by the fact that this chair used to look a certain way one day, and totally different upon its return. While Brownie has since passed on, and his workshop is no more, the crushed blue velvet armchair and ottoman have held up for the over twenty-five years since their recovering.

Today, I’m proud to say that I understand a great deal more about the artful process of upholstery thanks to my opportunity shooting with SpruceHome; a team that “brings an updated approach to upholstery.” Amanda and Lizzie, two Austin, TX based gals, are combining a long tradition of skills with a savvy design eye. Like many in the Process series, there is so much fascinating effort that goes into their work that it’s difficult to distill it down to just a few short minutes.


SpruceHome have made a business not only upholstering vintage chairs, couches, and headboards, they also go so far as to make their own pillows and lampshades featuring the same vintage and designer textiles that they use for their furniture. Additionally they sling vintage wares such as lamps and tables to go hand in hand with the things that they make and re-envision. Part of their philosophy is that anyone can have the updated look to suit their home, without having to buy all brand new things — although everything they sell looks brand new.

Amanda and Lizzie both make mention of the fact that upholstery shops in their town are not only few in number, but very dated. Upholstering furniture is likely not thought of as a budding industry these days, and with the pneumatic staple gun being the most advanced tool since the early 1900s, it’s not hard to see why. While most upholsterers may still live in the era I remember from my childhood, Amanda and Lizzie represent a new breed of talent to an industry long overdue for a makeover, or re-covering as it were.


Bless their hearts, SpruceHome is generous enough to offer a giveaway of one of their famed Willie Pillows (as seen to the right). All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below on this blog post. At 11:59:59 p.m. ET Wednesday May 19, 2010 we will pick at random one lucky commenter.

(We apologize in advance that this sweepstakes is only open to U.S. folks over 18. Void where prohibited. Download a PDF of the full Rules and Regulations.)

Update: Congratulations to Mantragems, winner of the SpruceHome Sweepstakes!

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  • BeljaysFeltnArt

    BeljaysFeltnArt says:

    Wow. Love the fabrics these guys use!!

    6 years ago

  • oldpitchic

    oldpitchic says:

    I miss Austin. I would love to put a Willie pillow in my SPED classroom in Breckenridge, CO. It would make me smile daily! L

    6 years ago

  • gildem

    gildem says:

    Re-upholstery is a true art and Amanda and Lizzie do it really well!

    6 years ago

  • CharliesApt

    CharliesApt says:

    How cool is that pillow!!

    6 years ago

  • thecraftpantry

    thecraftpantry says:

    Stunning! Thank you for sharing!!!

    6 years ago

  • Iwannabe

    Iwannabe says:

    WoW!!!Amazing and so much hard work!Love your re-designs!!!!

    6 years ago

  • uncorked

    uncorked says:

    I have been a fan of this shop for a long time- these girls are amazing! Am wondering if they usually work together on the same piece- just fascinating!! Glad to see this craftsmanship is still alive in Texas!

    6 years ago

  • krilo

    krilo says:

    Man, I would LOVE to learn how to upholster. I wish I could find a class or something in my area.

    6 years ago

  • danielabesso

    danielabesso says:

    cool video

    6 years ago

  • leishaopeno

    leishaopeno says:

    You ladies inspire me to dust off my staple gun and air nailer!

    6 years ago

  • seragun

    seragun says:

    Beatiful items

    6 years ago

  • BellezzaJewelry

    BellezzaJewelry says:

    Love the Birdcage chair and the Willie Pillows!

    6 years ago

  • kissadesign

    kissadesign says:

    I have always had great admiration for upholsterers! When done correctly the workmanship is simply stunning!

    6 years ago

  • NotYoMommasHandbag

    NotYoMommasHandbag says:

    While I would love to try my hand at upholstering...I am not sure I have the room, but the process sounds interesting...smiles.

    6 years ago

  • marymary

    marymary says:

    So inspiring!

    6 years ago

  • StitchnStudio

    StitchnStudio says:

    Love the Budding Tree Pillow.

    6 years ago

  • ModernEden

    ModernEden says:

    Amazing video, really inspiring, thanks Etsy! (P.S. I LOVE the Willie Nelson pillow. Pick me! Pick me!)

    6 years ago

  • lollerpops

    lollerpops says:

    love those bold fabric patterns! + willie nelson = <3

    6 years ago

  • tabii

    tabii says:

    Love the pillows. Funny.

    6 years ago

  • Allehkinz

    Allehkinz says:

    I want a Willie pillow!!! :D

    6 years ago

  • linzojaye

    linzojaye says:

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Willie Nelson is my husband's favorite!! It would be a great birthday gift for him. I love this group's creativity; so funky, eclectic and beautiful!

    6 years ago

  • GinnyBeeLoves

    GinnyBeeLoves says:

    Loev it! Love it! Love it!

    6 years ago

  • rileyitup

    rileyitup says:

    My Grandfather aka "Dumpster Diver Dan" used to take his finds and do the same..great memories of him turning someone's trash into someone's treasure. Thanks for sharing your love of this craft!

    6 years ago

  • mkatien

    mkatien says:

    LOVE IT! Pretty please pick us to provide a loving home to this fab willie pillow!

    6 years ago

  • paperholiday

    paperholiday says:

    Oh man, I need one of those hanging lamps!

    6 years ago

  • KatGoGreen

    KatGoGreen says:

    When I saw this giveaway on Etsy's Facebook post, my jaw dropped. The Willie Nelson pillow has been on my list favorites for months & months, but has sadly been sold out. I suppose I fancied myself the only etsy shopper who knew of this little treasure...a true gem, just like Willie.

    6 years ago

  • eclecticarmadillo

    eclecticarmadillo says:

    The blog about SpruceHome is very interesting to me because at age 15 I began a 20 year journey into the world of furniture reupholstery. Once in a while I have a little hankering to get back into it-especially when I come across an interesting old piece sitting rather forlorn on a curbside. If it looks like the girls are working hard in the pix, it's because they ARE working hard!

    6 years ago

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa says:

    When I was in high school, I decided to make something for my mom's birthday or Mother's day, I don't remember which. I found an old chair that was gorgeous with carved wood and everything but the seat busted was out of it. I found some vintage fabric and hid everything out in the shed in our backyard. For weeks, I snuck out there, trying to figure out how to reupholster it. I did an ok job and my mom was super surprised (you can still sit on the chair today). But man, watching this is really like seeing the masters at work. I'm so impressed by their workmanship, their sense of history and the rad taste they have (how cool is that chair!?). Beug, this is one of my favorite Etsy videos yet!

    6 years ago

  • GinnyBeeLoves

    GinnyBeeLoves says:

    Love it! Love it! What treasures you create!

    6 years ago

  • TwistedCrystals

    TwistedCrystals says:

    This is fantastic, thank you for sharing with us :)

    6 years ago



    I love the pillow! I'll be crossing my fingers until the 19th!

    6 years ago

  • WorkingGirlVintage

    WorkingGirlVintage says:

    ohmygosh! i'm enchanted by the willie nelson pillows.

    6 years ago

  • mtraub

    mtraub says:

    Can the giveaway be for an apprenticeship? SpruceHome, I swoon.

    6 years ago

  • shaens02

    shaens02 says:

    That is AMAZING!! I would love to learn how to do this. Thx for sharing this video with us!!

    6 years ago

  • BetaBoutique

    BetaBoutique says:

    oh, i tried to restore one chair i found in dumpster recently but it is really much harder than one can think. those girls are so professional and seems that really loves their job, thats awesome.

    6 years ago

  • katiearms

    katiearms says:

    Beautiful video Eric, as always! I'm dying to learn how to do this.

    6 years ago

  • CreoleSha

    CreoleSha says:

    had the pleasure of interviewing this two gals sometime back - love their work!!

    6 years ago

  • DawnJosephine

    DawnJosephine says:

    Fabulous Fabrics! I also agree with BetaBoutique...I once purchased a chair from the Salvation Army that I thought I could restore. I appreciate the art much more now, as the chair sits in my garage, unfinished!

    6 years ago

  • mrb03002

    mrb03002 says:

    I love their design aesthetic, they've been one of my favorite sellers for quite a while. :)

    6 years ago

  • maenad25

    maenad25 says:

    We are big Willie Nelson fans in my house! Fingers crossed!

    6 years ago

  • fosterbk

    fosterbk says:

    I've been a Farm Aid supporter since 1985, and Willie Nelson pillow would be a welcome addition to my office:)

    6 years ago

  • marlarkg

    marlarkg says:

    Wow. The time and artistry that goes into each piece just blows my mind.

    6 years ago

  • UntamedHeart

    UntamedHeart says:

    Would love to learn how to reupholster. It's nice to see people who are involved in preserving a dying art. BTW...would love to win a Willie pillow for my mother in-law!

    6 years ago

  • Tiah

    Tiah says:

    Very inspiring. I found an amazing vintage couch at an auction that needs some love. I think its time! And the Willie Nelson pillow is the best.

    6 years ago

  • merrittgade

    merrittgade says:

    I love Spruce Home, reupholstery, Austin, AND Willie Nelson!

    6 years ago

  • caitlinfrates

    caitlinfrates says:

    Oh! Oh! I want to WIN!!! It would make my week :)

    6 years ago

  • PjLand

    PjLand says:

    Amazing work and craftsmanship! I love the pillows!

    6 years ago

  • nickandnessies

    nickandnessies says:

    Love those pillows! How fun :)

    6 years ago

  • JPicatti

    JPicatti says:

    What would Willie do? He'd lay his head on a pillow with his own head on it and then trip out about it because he enjoyed some green earlier.

    6 years ago

  • maggiemaevintage

    maggiemaevintage says:

    I've always been fascinated by what a piece of material can do to make a whole new look. I've done a few amateur things... but it is a true art. love,love....

    6 years ago

  • anneblam

    anneblam says:

    Love the cute pillows!

    6 years ago

  • aisle3studio

    aisle3studio says:

    unique fabrics!

    6 years ago

  • saltyoat

    saltyoat says:

    i took an upholstery class at spruce and had so much fun! so happy to see them featured!

    6 years ago

  • PapercutKitchen

    PapercutKitchen says:

    Oh oh oh, I'm pretty sure I NEED a Willy N. pillow! They're fantastic!

    6 years ago

  • sajcameron

    sajcameron says:

    Such beautiful and inspiring work! Thank you for sharing your process.

    6 years ago

  • jenjo74

    jenjo74 says:

    I love all this stuff - but the Willie pillows take the cake! :) Great article and thanks for sharing!

    6 years ago

  • AvaLoos

    AvaLoos says:

    I really enjoyed watchin two people work in harmony to make something so beautiful. Practice does make perfect, and all their hard work looked effortless! I would be honored to have any piece made by SpruceHome, and yes the Willie pillows are FAN-TAS-TIC! Thank you for sharing such an inspiring video :)

    6 years ago

  • donandangie1

    donandangie1 says:


    6 years ago

  • shopgoodgrace

    shopgoodgrace says:

    *Love* SpruceHome! So generous of them to share their process ... I've always been fascinated with the upholstery process. :) (And a giveaway, too?! wow!!)

    6 years ago

  • drhaun

    drhaun says:

    Amazing! I love it, always impressed!

    6 years ago

  • mykonos

    mykonos says:


    6 years ago

  • littlejex

    littlejex says:

    It is the same in my town... very few upholstery shops. I love being able to change the fabric on a chair to give it a new look.

    6 years ago

  • cronopia6

    cronopia6 says:

    oooh great work!

    6 years ago

  • voleurdebijoux

    voleurdebijoux says:

    suprrfabb!! lovelove

    6 years ago

  • RedPlanet

    RedPlanet says:

    oh it is all so fantastic!!

    6 years ago

  • LittleCeleste

    LittleCeleste says:

    Very impressive! I've been wanting to reupholster my wing back chair - its wonderful to see how the professionals do it!

    6 years ago

  • HandmadeMenagerie

    HandmadeMenagerie says:

    I'd love to lay my head next to Willie's

    6 years ago

  • polkadotmagpie

    polkadotmagpie says:

    Love watching the process!

    6 years ago

  • HoneycuttMade

    HoneycuttMade says:

    great video! I would sure love a Willie pillow!

    6 years ago

  • Butterflycreationsca

    Butterflycreationsca says:

    Great stuff guys keep up the good work.

    6 years ago

  • ladyfarmerjr

    ladyfarmerjr says:

    No one realizes that upholstery is an art. There are technicians who can recover your furniture, but an upholsterer with an artist's eye is a treasure. These gals are fab. Love your stuff!

    6 years ago

  • quesarahsarah

    quesarahsarah says:

    i really like these! nice work

    6 years ago

  • greetingswithlove

    greetingswithlove says:

    It's a great viedo! I love your work!

    6 years ago

  • embot9000

    embot9000 says:

    this video was mesmerizing! I have such a soft spot for true crafts men/women! Amazing! Thank you for sharing! & yes please I love me some throw pillows & Willie Nelson *swoon & sigh* ~Emily

    6 years ago

  • mazuli83

    mazuli83 says:

    Lovely :)

    6 years ago

  • SewOnAndSoOn

    SewOnAndSoOn says:

    Beautiful! I've got a wing back chair I was just going to make a cover for, but I might have to try my hand at upholstery.

    6 years ago

  • lovliday

    lovliday says:

    very beautiful work!

    6 years ago

  • robotinbloom

    robotinbloom says:

    *gasp* Beautiful!!! I love the fabrics, I love the hip elegance.... Wonderful!

    6 years ago

  • KiraFerrer

    KiraFerrer says:

    Very impressive work! Great video, thanks for sharing your process!

    6 years ago


    ELSLOW5 says:

    beautiful upholstery!!! and I LOVE the Willie Pillows!~!~ my aunt is an upholsterer! her shop is keeping all my fingers & toes crossed that I win the Willie pillow.... hmmm might be hard to knit... :^D

    6 years ago

  • kelzabel

    kelzabel says:

    i second an apprenticeship...beautiful work, ladies.

    6 years ago

  • kelzabel

    kelzabel says:

    i second the apprenticeship...beautiful work, ladies.

    6 years ago

  • mbetz08

    mbetz08 says:

    Keep Austin craftsy! I love this store, and would love this pillow!

    6 years ago

  • kiley2010

    kiley2010 says:

    Adoring that fabric and color of chair!! Yall made my sofa pillow covers and they are beautifully well made and get constant compliments - I scream out "Spruce!" immediately so all know where they came from. P.S. I could live in yalls interiors boutique.

    6 years ago

  • RescuedOfferings

    RescuedOfferings says:

    I live and work just down the street from the Spruce girls. Sometimes, I just like to park in front of their shop so I can look in the windows. There is always something beautiful, inspiring and creative to see. Love the fabrics they use, and the work I've seen in person is wonderful with perfect detailing.

    6 years ago

  • GourdCountry

    GourdCountry says:

    Upholstery seems to require so much knowledge and effort. It also seems to require a good deal of hardware that the average crafter wouldn't have access to. I'm not surprised that the art is dying. On the other hand, it is awfully depressing that people just throw whole pieces of furniture away because they can't spruce it up.

    6 years ago

  • amymahmud

    amymahmud says:

    I've had Spruce Home saved on my favorites since I joined etsy! Love their items- great seller to choose for a feature!!!

    6 years ago

  • opendoorstudio

    opendoorstudio says:

    WOW! I love this! so nicely done! I have always wanted to try this. Looks like it takes patience and you two work so well together! I wanna head to Austin!

    6 years ago

  • 1AEON

    1AEON says:

    ni-hahahahha-ce, NICE!! thanks fro this cool story!

    6 years ago

  • SuchAPrettyDress

    SuchAPrettyDress says:


    6 years ago

  • StarRedesigns

    StarRedesigns says:

    Pretty awesome looking pillows! I am hoping to dabble in some re-upholstering art myself.

    6 years ago

  • sleepyking

    sleepyking says:

    I really enjoyed reading and watching this. Thanks for sharing :)

    6 years ago

  • cwardjones

    cwardjones says:

    FABulous video, FABulous chair, FABulous Sprucetts. Just today another friend walked into my house and commented on all my BEAUtiful upholstered furniture! Thank you ladies for making my life pretty!!!

    6 years ago

  • tinywhales

    tinywhales says:

    What beautiful work!

    6 years ago

  • 6catsart

    6catsart says:

    there are so many fabulous materials for upholstering these days. love the lampshade picks.

    6 years ago

  • ebantle

    ebantle says:

    the Willie pillow is hilarious!

    6 years ago

  • TheQueenOfQuiteALot

    TheQueenOfQuiteALot says:

    One of the most fascinating videos I've seen........ It's nice to see how they take something drab and make it look fab ! very cool :)

    6 years ago

  • Feille

    Feille says:

    Beautiful creations. As a matter of fact, upholstering is on my list of things to learn in this lifetime. As soon as I can find someone to apprentice me, I'm all over it!

    6 years ago

  • awineberg

    awineberg says:

    I have been trying to get Willie on my couch for years. Now is my chance! Pick me pick me!

    6 years ago

  • misseffie

    misseffie says:

    This is wonderful! I've just started reupholstering old chairs I've found with fabrics I bought from Etsy sellers. I'm definitely not a professional upholster and this video was really nice to see to get tips on how it should be done. I love the idea of funky or fancy old chairs reupholstered with modern interesting fabrics. What inspiration!

    6 years ago

  • recycledwares

    recycledwares says:

    loved seeing how the upholstery was done, thanks for sharing the process. i can see why your work is admired, because of your beautiful fabrics and color choices.

    6 years ago

  • krtwood

    krtwood says:

    Yay! I love this kind of video :)

    6 years ago

  • AmyMayDesign

    AmyMayDesign says:

    Wow that craft is Labor Intensive! And they do a fantastic job, beautiful stuff thanks for sharing:)

    6 years ago

  • naturallyinspired

    naturallyinspired says:

    Love that pillow! painting with fabric

    6 years ago

  • eowynjesse

    eowynjesse says:

    must. have. willie pillow.

    6 years ago

  • amythitran

    amythitran says:

    Whoo hoo! The Willie pillows are AWEsome!

    6 years ago

  • breadandroses

    breadandroses says:

    Hat's off to SpruceHome! I've done simple reupholstery projects and have gained great respect to those who have mastered more complex techniques. Thanks so much!

    6 years ago

  • ModishVintage

    ModishVintage says:

    I love Spruce Home's chairs and pillows, they find the most unique vintage fabrics to match their chairs.

    6 years ago

  • replicca

    replicca says:

    I spent a summer upholstering church cushions, a laborious task indeed - congratulations on turning this craft into a personal mission and finding your happiness in it!!

    6 years ago

  • DNAGallery

    DNAGallery says:

    I love the Willie and I trying to teach myself to upholster. It is an art form thanks for sharing you guys!

    6 years ago

  • YesterdaysMemories09

    YesterdaysMemories09 says:

    Upholstering is a fascinating skill, especially to someone who can't do it. Thanks!

    6 years ago

  • Parsimony

    Parsimony says:

    I really think those two ladies need to be my BFFs... call me! Y'all are awesome! =)

    6 years ago

  • retrolabs

    retrolabs says:

    Wow, such fun to watch this video! amazing work. i would love to learn this craft. thank you for sharing.

    6 years ago

  • Parsimony

    Parsimony says:

    by the way - that chair is soooooo fabulous!!! Thank you so much Etsy and SpruceHome for the inspiration!

    6 years ago

  • pipandollie

    pipandollie says:

    Beautiful!!! I want everything. Thanks for sharing

    6 years ago

  • vertuta

    vertuta says:

    what a wonderful coordination of working sounds with the music! the chair is marvelous of course!

    6 years ago

  • Lavatican

    Lavatican says:

    I loved that video. Thanks for all the work that went into that. The furniture is beautiful. Wow.

    6 years ago

  • StudioCherie

    StudioCherie says:

    Fantastic work on that chair. It's so nice to watch someone doing it right. Thank you for all of the time and effort that went into making that video.

    6 years ago

  • KarylA

    KarylA says:

    I'd have to redo the entire rest of my living room furnishings to match any one of those pillows but it would be so worth it!

    6 years ago

  • galanight

    galanight says:

    cute pillows!

    6 years ago

  • mollyannemake

    mollyannemake says:

    I hope I win! Pirates rule :)

    6 years ago

  • editionbw

    editionbw says:

    I have upholstery skills envy! Awesome makeover!

    6 years ago

  • LovMely

    LovMely says:

    i have the perfect place for the willie pillows :)and i love the settee they are placed on. awesome work!

    6 years ago

  • tommysgirl

    tommysgirl says:

    Loved the video! and music! You make it look so easy, but it definitely is an art, and hard work. Thanks for posting this!

    6 years ago

  • bamboobaby

    bamboobaby says:

    Absolutely exquisite work. Thank you for the video. Great! Super fun. I've always wanted to use those cool curved needles that my mom used with such great desterity. Beautiful.

    6 years ago

  • GulfCoastCottagePDF

    GulfCoastCottagePDF says:

    Yay for upholsterers!! My family owns a busy upholstery shop- and this is where I honed my skills as a seamstress. The best thing about reupholstering furniture is always having something new to work on. The worst thing is seeing so many pitiful discarded pieces of furniture that still have great frames or shape- you feel like you need to save it all! Great job girls- beautiful shop!

    6 years ago

  • theplushiefoundry

    theplushiefoundry says:

    oh my, i really do love the chair in that video. my mom's an upholsterer, and she works the same way. :D p.s., i'm drooling over your industrial sewing machine, ladies. -plushie

    6 years ago

  • paramountvintage

    paramountvintage says:

    wow, that is incredibly complex. what a skill and art! and the tools are just amazing!

    6 years ago

  • tonpia

    tonpia says:

    beautiful AND reasonable. like it!

    6 years ago

  • buffalump

    buffalump says:

    That chair is amazing! I am in love with the updated Chinoiserie style fabric and it looks as though the hand of it is lovely as well. Oh, and Willie would fit right in around my house, too!

    6 years ago

  • gogovintage

    gogovintage says:

    As a person who upholsters furniture. I am excited by your process and choice of fabric prints. Thank you, gogo v

    6 years ago

  • PassionFlowerVintage

    PassionFlowerVintage says:

    Awesome!! I love the Willie pillows :)

    6 years ago

  • LilaJo

    LilaJo says:

    Loved it! I need to get a chair :)

    6 years ago

  • pocketcarnival

    pocketcarnival says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    6 years ago

  • kevballart

    kevballart says:

    Not sure what it is about chairs and seating and furniture in general but I am quickly realizing the obsession I have. You ladies are awesome! Keep up the great work. Will definitely be signing up for the next class you have open.

    6 years ago

  • atelierpompadour

    atelierpompadour says:

    I adore that shop! these girls make an amazing work!!

    6 years ago

  • lunahoo

    lunahoo says:

    Wonderful video, i love this chair!!

    6 years ago

  • ikabags

    ikabags says:

    Stunning! Thank you for sharing!!! I adore that shop!

    6 years ago

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery says:

    Interesting to see the process, I've never tried upholstery I always thought it looked really difficult!

    6 years ago

  • Iammie

    Iammie says:


    6 years ago

  • krize

    krize says:

    What a great idea to recycle, I love this video and the things they make!

    6 years ago

  • Supergrover

    Supergrover says:

    I really wish I wasnt afraid of my staple gun!! lol Your work is amazing! The Willie Pillow is hysterically awesome BTW. Id love to give one to mom for her birthday... she constantly had "her willie's" records on replay when I was growing up..xmas in my family isnt complete without ♪Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons ♫ as its soundtrack! lol Keep up the good work!

    6 years ago

  • moonangelnay

    moonangelnay says:

    Wow! Such lovely designs! Love the pillows!

    6 years ago

  • savvyscribbles

    savvyscribbles says:

    My college son is buying his first piece of vintage furniture, a chair, that he has hopes of restoring. I just sent him your video. Thanks so much for sharing. I'd love to know if you know of other sites that he could learn from. Unfortunately, he has no one to pass this down to him and is in need of some hands on learning.

    6 years ago

  • suttree

    suttree says:

    I have loved watching Spruce emerge and grow on Etsy. I enjoyed seeing your process and I will be reviewing the video to learn a few tricks for myself! This is a lost art and so important that yall have picked up the gauntlet! BTW - great film making and music combo. Love!

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    I tried my hand at upholstery this past September in a class in New York City. I made a beautiful ottoman which I am VERY proud of. For those who think it they might like to try an upholstery class, I will tell you it is HARD work and not for the faint of heart (or hand). I decided to stick with quilting! Hats off to these ladies for bringing back some wonderful pieces and fabrics!

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  • FlattailFarmFancy

    FlattailFarmFancy says:

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    Sprucehome, your work is amazing and beautiful, I love the color combinations! I can only hope to be this amazing with my creations. My parents used to upholster and I think it is so cool. It takes great skill to have the piece turn out perfect.

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    dekama3 says:

    I'm proud:)

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    Great work! It must be a very rewarding career to do something you love so much and everyone gets to see the outcome of ALL your hard work. Please keep doing what you LOVE and the creativity juices flowing! Maybe one day YOU BOTH will own an ulphostery school, where you can keep the tradition going! I love your work!

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  • RedbirdGreen

    RedbirdGreen says:

    It's all so beautiful! and those Willie pillows are just so much FUN! My spouse is a musician and woul get such a kick out of this eclectic item ;-)

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  • UNAshop

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    Forgot to say, what a great workshop! and love the fabrics and prints and how you combine them :) Go girls!

    6 years ago

  • Clee

    Clee says:

    With our focus (I hope) on recycling and upcycling, maybe there will be a resurgence of reupholstering, either traditional or in the Spruce Home style. I'm still waiting for the day when I can get my 1960's curved sectional couch re-done.

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    Very inspiring to see how furniture can take on a new life with an update of fabric and some TLC.

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    What beautiful fabrics you've found for your creations. I love several of the pillows (including Willie) and the lamp shades. They're great! The giveaway is a great idea.

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  • ALRadz

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    What a great video. There is something truly rewarding about completing a process to make something old new again. My grandmother - who lived through the Great Depression - said that things that were easy to do weren't worth doing, that it was the struggle that made you unique. You gals are great.

    6 years ago

  • UniquelyYours89

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    You have a true gift in what you do. Congratultions on finding your calling!

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    How inspiring! I've always wanted to know how that was done, and seeing this video makes me want to do it myself! Definitely the coolest how-to/process video I've seen in a long while. And AWESOME paint/fabric choices for the finished chair, I love it! :) My favorite item in your shop has got to be "The Zen Chairs" which make me want to grab a book and take deep breaths - perfectly named, for sure. :) Xo, Anna

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    I would love an apprenticeship too. I'm going to attempt a diamond tufted headboard and upholstered bed soon, although I probably won't be doing it the way the professionals would. Since upholstery is a dying art where did these ladies learn? And how can one pick up those skills?

    5 years ago

  • sierraml75

    sierraml75 says:

    You girls are so inspiring to someone like me whose always doing projects but get stuck on the upholstery part! Any classes in the future?? Amazing work-Cheers!

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