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Process: Sustainable Wooden Jewelry by PrasseinDesignStudio

Sep 26, 2008

by objecked

Process is a new Etsy video series that features the intimate relationship formed between Etsy sellers and the handmade items that they create and make available to the world through their online shops. Process is not to be confused with a How-To video, as each video is intended to show each seller’s unique artistic voice through the process by which their items come to be. 

Seattle native Shawn Taylor of prasseindesignstudio is sharing her process of making a wooden wrist cuff with us in conjunction with our themes of woodworking and jewelry making.

As a designer, Shawn works with architects designing spaces, and she applies her knowledge of certified wood and recycled materials in a way that makes her designs both safe for habitation and easy on the environment. Shawn is very passionate about sustainability and has partnered with ecohaus, a sustainable urban building supply company based in the Northwest.

While ecohaus attempts to reuse all of their materials in one way or another, the shipping crates that carry their bulk materials often break in the warehouse and then have to be chipped up to be effectively reused in other building materials. Through her relationship with this building supplier, Shawn has inserted herself into that ecosystem to prevent some of the more exotic woods from being destroyed by upcycling scraps into stunning yet minimal wooden accessories.

Shawn was kind enough to take me to the ecohaus branch in south Seattle, where we met Elliott Kopet, her friend and knowledgeable sales associate who led us through the warehouse, sharing various places for Shawn to scavenge for reusable scraps of wood. Shawn’s passion for wood was instantly revealed by her ability to accurately identify a variety of different woods all with varying degrees of weather damage. After gleaning what she could from the scrap pile, we continued to Shawn’s home wood shop in north Seattle where she transformed a piece of scrap lumber into a magnificent wrist cuff. The piece, Nature’s Barcode no. 1, highlights the sustainably farmed certification stamp that was burned into the wood itself, sharing the story of its origins. As stated in her shop announcements, 25% of Shawn’s sales from the Natures Barcode series will be donated to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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East Indian Rosewood Ring
East Indian Rosewood Ring
Tree of Life Wood Ring
Tree of Life Wood Ring


  • nicole6697

    nicole6697 said 12 years ago

    This was a lovely story - very inspiring: both as a personal inspiration for myself to look for alternative ways to gather materials for my own craft, but also as what Etsy can stand for. This made my Friday evening.

  • weirdwolf Admin

    weirdwolf said 12 years ago

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse of how this gorgeous work is made... Re-purposed tulip wood, I love it!

  • dogties

    dogties said 12 years ago

    Amazing items! Great work!

  • lizroca

    lizroca said 12 years ago

    Great video and beautiful jewelry.

  • uncharted

    uncharted said 12 years ago

    beautiful bracelets

  • amnashop

    amnashop said 12 years ago

    stunning, thank you for sharing!

  • emcee

    emcee said 12 years ago

    amazing and inspiring!

  • Diffraction

    Diffraction said 12 years ago

    I love seeing how other people work! Thanks for sharing!

  • stephaniegibson

    stephaniegibson said 12 years ago

    I found this video very inspiring. Thank you for putting it together. Shawn's work is beautiful.

  • Slowshirts

    Slowshirts said 12 years ago

    Wonderful camera perspectives, I enjoyed seeing every step of her process, great video!

  • expressyourself

    expressyourself said 12 years ago

    thank you for sharing!Very nice work!

  • katelynjane

    katelynjane said 12 years ago

    Such a great idea for Etsy Vids! I love seeing or knowing about the process everyone goes through, this is great!!

  • BlackStar

    BlackStar said 12 years ago

    beautiful work! i love the new series~

  • mpaperarts

    mpaperarts said 12 years ago

    Beautiful! Thank you for exposing!

  • polarity

    polarity said 12 years ago

    totally inspiring- Shawn's work is beautiful and meaningful- I just had to grab up a pair of earrings!!

  • reiter8

    reiter8 said 12 years ago

    Love to see trash turned into treasure - nice!

  • silentlanguages

    silentlanguages said 12 years ago

    wow-- thanks for sharing this!

  • SYFjoolz

    SYFjoolz said 12 years ago

    Fabulous video... very interesting and the results are stunning!

  • westcorinthstudio

    westcorinthstudio said 12 years ago

    So glad to see a focus on sustainable and recycled wood sources! Woodworking can be eco-friendly...

  • WingsDove

    WingsDove said 12 years ago

    Shawn goes through a thoughtful and considerate process when choosing her materials and reusing them, producing lovely simple designs.

  • LiteArt

    LiteArt said 12 years ago

    I did not imagine that it was possible before.

  • nectorgirl

    nectorgirl said 12 years ago

    It's amazing what you turned that decking plank into. Beautiful way to use those woods... SUPPORT FSC!

  • Cattoo

    Cattoo said 12 years ago

    Beautiful, I love wooden jewerly as it seems to go with every outfit :-)

  • jodieflowers

    jodieflowers said 12 years ago

    awesome work!

  • woodmosaics

    woodmosaics said 12 years ago

    I like the source of your wood supply.

  • curlyfrysc

    curlyfrysc said 12 years ago

    Yay! A Lefty!

  • solidio2

    solidio2 said 12 years ago

    super-cool video prasseindesignstudio we also salvage wood for our frames and belt buckles. we take it one step further and salvage whole trunks from trees that were cut down and destined to become firewood or mulch. We take the wood back to our shop, slice it up and dry it ourselves. It's great because you never really know what your getting!

  • Beadeviled

    Beadeviled said 12 years ago

    There's definitely something different about the feel of wood against your skin -- I appreciate it so much more than metal.

  • smallwhitepebble

    smallwhitepebble said 12 years ago

    I wish I was minted, I'd buy the lot! Great to see such good work going on and I had no idea pallets were made of such lovely materials (I don't think they care in the UK!) Wishing you many, many sales : )

  • alpha1001

    alpha1001 said 12 years ago

    Loved the video, but was left wanting in that you finished the bracelet and never showed it to us!!!

  • arielsdad

    arielsdad said 12 years ago

    Good job . thank for sharing.trash for cash

  • WhyCreations

    WhyCreations said 12 years ago

    Great to see your work and your dedication to recycling to make beautiful jewellery.Keep up the good work.We need alot more people like you.

  • betweenthelinez

    betweenthelinez said 12 years ago

    Your work is magnificent, and your eye for finding such stunning pieces of wood is amazing. I'm still reeling from the fact that Asian companies are using Purpleheart wood for shipping crates! But, I guess without their doing so, we wouldn't be treated to the vast array of eyecandy you have to offer. You're doing such a wonderful thing for our planet and body adornment, as WhyCreations said, keep up the good work!


    SANDYSAYLE said 12 years ago

    very Cool wooden jewelry!! great recycling shawn!!

  • woodendoll

    woodendoll said 12 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. You have beautiful jewelry!

  • 2Blue

    2Blue said 12 years ago

    Gorgeous work. Thank you.

  • Merryjo

    Merryjo said 12 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I wish I could have seen the finished and dried product in the end. Also, how much do your bracelets sell for? Really like the concept!

  • zJayne

    zJayne said 12 years ago

    Just seeing this.. wonderful!

  • yanitla1687

    yanitla1687 said 10 years ago

    Where can I buy these pieces?

  • trykoza

    Vitaliy Trykoza from oakwoodwork said 7 years ago

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